2014 Toyota Corolla LE ECO Test Drive Video Review

2014 Toyota Corolla LE ECO Test Drive Video Review

With the redesigned 2014 Corolla, Toyota has injected style where previously there was none. They have also added a lot of room inside the cabin. Add into th…



Robert cacao says:

my 2006 xb gets 22- 26 combined… i want the corolla for better mpg… 

Chi Leung says:

Chris probably forgot to turn the eco mode on. 

AlexandDad1000 says:

We get 40-44mpg on a highway trip in our 2014 Corolla S Plus CVT at

80srockerable says:

I dig the dash in these corollas. Like back to the 70’s. Nice looking

Anonymoose says:

My family car is a 2015 toyota corolla le and im getting around 41 mpg and
i have filled the trunk up and it is pleanty big 

im1greatman says:

The thing that bothers me the most about the Corolla is the terrible crash

qwerty12345470 says:

$23,000 is a bargain. I usually put $20,000 down payments on my cars,

Unapologetic Geek says:

great review. subbed.

liddlebopeep says:

Those ally rims should be available on the other trim levels.

Patrick Wright says:

The newer corollas are better than the newer civics I hate those. The best
civic was the 7th generation 2001-2005 hands down

I2esistanc3 says:

2014 Civic EX is way better gonna pick 

agente180 says:

thanks for a good presentation. well spoken. it helped!

lexusfan100 says:

what about that LED headlight..i heard it comes standard. autobytel did not
talk about it and their views

Jesus Faith says:

I’m surprised at how much lower the Gas mileage (Real world vs advertised)
is on this model…the non-eco versions gets just about the same MPG and
its cheaper. 

Joel Peñaló says:

-_- how people don’t fall asleep behind the wheel when driving this

LowWageTeacher says:

got mine a month ago. been averaging 39 mpg on a 30/70 city/hiway driving.

chiassonchiasson says:

Corolla is a great economy car but a loaded one like this tester doesn’t
worth it. A more basic one is hard to beat on value and real world mpg.
When testing, they floor it and “beat it” to see the limit of the car. Not
a great way to achieve mpg, especially with a CVT, wich is desing to be
driven smoothly – thus the hate from enthusiasts ! By the way, the guy is
mistaking on some points. This CVT doesn’t have a sport mode. It’s
Valvematic, not Valvetronic (BMW equivalent). And yes the steering wheel is
leather-wrapped in this “loaded” model. Apparently not great leather since
the guy complain it’s not.

Garyx24 says:

132 hp @ 6000 rpm, 128 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm sad for nonhybrid is sad……
140 hp @ 6100 rpm, 126 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm ECO one still sad…
CVT being standard= lets see a couple years from now how reliable it gets

David Halifax says:

“Compact” cars in general are getting bigger compared to just 5 years ago.
That is the reason for the emerging sub-compact category.

luke miller says:

Designs I like the older ones

Speedysnail9999 says:

Can someone from autobytel please do a review on the 2014 nissan sentra?

Ivan Vojt says:

I noticed the cheap console lid at the auto show.

Ivan Vojt says:

Front seats still suck. 2nd row is great. Decent trunk room. Looks fine.
Meh engine numbers.


Another junky econobox

InsuranceRipOff says:

I remember my friend bought one and his family very lucky with it.

InsuranceRipOff says:

I did not noticed a lot of additional room in cabin. Similar to previous
one. But generally guess it is a good car, without some extra luxury.

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