2014 Toyota Corolla LE 0-60 MPH Review: Does Eco Equal Slow?

2014 Toyota Corolla LE 0-60 MPH Review: Does Eco Equal Slow?

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco get 34 MPG combined. That’s a very respectable and fuel efficient number. but does 34 MPG combined m…



Ara J says:

Mazda 3 is much better ….at 42-43 mpg highway and 155 hp it is obviously
much smarter choice 

kirbyswarp says:

That interior is an absolute mess. Sitting in it doesn’t either because of
how terrible the quality is. I sat in it expecting that the (obviously)
fake stitched dash would atleast be padded/soft.

It wasn’t.

Scott K says:

Great video as always, but I always cringe when I see a new car revved to

juan tafoya says:

Mazda 3 2.5 GT is King

Jonathan Altieri says:

The only reason people would buy the new Corolla, is cause it’s good on
gas, reliable, and has the new LED headlights. Otherwise, it’s a bland car.
Focus and the Mazda3, even a Kia Forte is better. 

Adam Murphy says:

If Toyota could bring back the XRS by putting in the 2.5L engine from the
Camry and 6-speed manual and auto options from the Scion TC, and give it
multi-link rear suspension, Toyota would have my buy. I think this car is a
solid choice right now since it’s not so drab and bland anymore, but the
Focus and Mazda3 are still better. 

Jake Da Snake Productions says:

11.8 n a 140 hp Corolla??? How much does that little shit weigh????

PantherP74 says:

Screw this thing, I bought a ’14 Mazda 3 and it gets the same MPG and has
more power.

Tommy Byler says:


Jonathan Altieri says:

And 11.88 sec 0-60? My 2010 2.5 Fusion can do 8.5 sec. 

hung huge says:

I can’t see any reason for it to be this slow. It’s not good enough on fuel
to be that slow. 

Torrey B says:

Is that the Jaguar V6 S at the opening scenes of the video?

matthebest018 says:

I would go with the cruze diesel.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

What is the point of this video ? If you’re in the market for an
economy/ecological car, then the last thing you’re going to worry about is
its 0 – 60 time.

n777ua says:

2014 Jetta 1.8TSI ….36mpg 7.2 seconds 0-60, underrated “170hp” engine
likely pushing 200hp. A shocking demonstration of how truly behind Toyota
is with every non-hybrid application. 

INUMIMI28 says:

One of the Seven Automotive Wonders: No matter what we say about Toyota, it
always outsales most of cars we says better. 

leadnsteel says:

Toyota has fallen behind the competition. All the other cars get better
mileage and have more power. It’s 2014 and this car doesn’t even have rear
disc brakes as standard unless you upgrade to the s model.

urceyes says:

Slow, noisy, ugly, sorry! 

neil borodkin says:

gargling with mouthwash–I heard it…

Zach Rhoads says:

How bout a Jett’s diesel? 50 mpg highway and a turbo 4

Peporr Villalobos says:

If it is a CVT why it sounds like going through gears?

NayefRS says:

1:08 Fake CF…….Why in the world?


Roman forgot to take off the emergency brake…soooo slooow.

Ivan Vojt says:

Tight front seats.

carpuppy says:

For a second I thought he was driving on the left side

Dungzoo says:

Didn’t you guys upload this one already?

AntsAfan301 says:

It just looks slow… Corollas just have always seemed and felt so cheap

ghd bfb says:

slow, ford focus09+dodgedart based,unsafe,slow, more slow pos of low high
grade selling junk

Ethan Cote says:

Put a turbo in it and call it good. 

Timothy Stumpf says:

“irregardless”… lolz

Baghooli Channel says:

0-60 run: 1:34 

kssnyder2 says:

I find it strange that there is such a large number of people who feel
compelled to complain about how bad of a car they think the Corolla is on

Tomasz Haba says:

Irregardless is not a word. 

skyble03 says:

My 2014 Jetta 1.8 T gets better mileage I got 40 On the Highway and 32 in
the City

Mark Carruthers says:

Cars with the CVT almost always are faster when not in sport mode. I’d be
interested in the difference.

samtoo2010 says:


Skyline says:

ford focus is a fucking piece of shit with dual clutch garbage tranny…
its slower than this.. and super unreliable with little resale value
mazda 3 is good but overpriced and has rust issues here in canada.. low
resale value.

honda civic is better and reliable but still underpowered
corolla is underpowered but more reliable and practical (more legroom,
bigger trunk)
just waiting what elantra has to offer in 2015

Jody Presti says:

A journalist just said “irregardless” All hope is list. 

tmklunk says:


greenviper46 says:

nice review, this color looks good!! at sea level u think may be its around
9-9.5sec? not bad.. 

Kenny Williams says:

What about the Nissan Sentra…I think that it is a great value and their
sport model has some balls…not because I have one…!

kun sambath says:

still a reliable car

Martin Busler says:

irregardless is Not a word in the english language. 

TheTittyboy69 says:

we all got the point earlier that the corolla is slow do a vid on the new
elantra 2.0 and camaro 

bressy munech says:

its havin amother shape then GCC corollas in bahrain-UAE-KSA its different

Oh Luke says:

Looks like kia somehow…

Gerald Weston says:

Your chosen profession involves public speaking every day and you say
“irregardless”?!? Irrexcusable!!!!

the04cts says:

For some reason it bouncing off the rev limiter reminds me of an angry

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