2014 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Review — ChasingCars.com.au

2014 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Review — ChasingCars.com.au

Tom Baker from ChasingCars.com.au tests the Toyota Corolla hatchback in Australia: the Corolla is the ‘default choice’ for many in the small car segment. Doe…



Tim Wilson says:

Great road test : thanks.
Im thinking of buying one of these but with the 6 speed manual. Shame you
couldnt have tested it.
Im not a fan of Fords or VWs, whilst they might be dynamically better I’ll
stick with Toyota durability.

kma198199 says:

The american versions interior is actually nicer. The exterior of this
model is actually more understated than the american version. I wish us
Americans had a hatchback though. 

Decipherer says:

Tom, another good review. This particular Toyota Corolla model looks very
nice, and it seems to fulfil the “commuter niche” in the marketplace.
Unfortunately, it is not a car that I would like to drive for 1000 Km in
one stint, like one could easily achieve in a Holden SSV Redline.

ChasingCars.com.au says:

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