2014 Toyota Corolla First Drive Review: Cute but not Sexy?

2014 Toyota Corolla First Drive Review: Cute but not Sexy?

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Toyota Corolla is all new. Gone is the stodgy rent-a-car replaced by a sleeker and more dynamic vehicle according to Toyot…



tpcrb says:

Mazda 3 is much nicer, roomier, better value and more fun to drive.

Hussein Radi says:

this car is too small. Nessan sentra is way bigger and better MPG.

IcemanSam650 says:

Saw one driving down the street today and the front end looked great!

camshaft53149 says:

Nice car, corolla has always been nice but nothing special. I still wish i
had my 2003 Corolla. Even though it was an automatic I still loved it. 

69Phuket says:

Paint it pink/blue/yellow…Voila: Bangkok Taxi!

rachaeldg4 says:

Getting it tomorrow! So excited!! 

rskim119 says:

Test drove an S Plus and came away disappointed with the steering feel.
While improved, it still felt too light and loose. Another downside was
the poor front visibility due to the sloped windshield and surprisingly
high dash. Most other things were good, however.

Ricardo Estrada says:

2013 is better.

guru gara says:

no matter what people say about corolla is nothing it’s still the best
selling car and best car manufacturer in the whole world, im not a ricer
who tries to race everyone

LowWageTeacher says:

was aching for a mazda 3 but ended up with the corolla le eco. been very
happy with its performance thus far. getting a 39mpg average on a 30/70
city/hiway daily commute to work. had a best 44mpg when traffic was good
and a worse 28mpg after a 10km crawl during an accident near a bridge.

venigmatic23 says:

Looks like a Civic…

Cullen Edward Crowder says:

I like THE Ford focus better,

Jonathan Cabrales says:

OMG this was shot next to my fathers Ranch.

I-5 South, Get Off on Coronado Ave, and go Straight onto Hollister st.
GO all the way to the end and our ranch is there!!

San DIego Rocks!!

SLAYER Buster says:

i like my 2013 corolla s .. dont seem to like the new look of the 2014 but
i do like the interior of the new 2014 corolla 

Abdulrab Alkadi says:

if i ask you. from all the cars you’ve reviewed under the price 20G what
car would you buy?

TheDarthEmperor says:

Very ugly interior.

yugantha ranwala says:

plzz do a review for Allion 2014

Kenneth Liu says:

It was a stupid idea that the 2014 Corolla added a CVT transmission. I
don’t drive CVT’s.

whiteliketar says:

i’ll never forget my 1992 corolla – get 267,000 km before i sold it. i
drive a lexus is 350 now but it was the corolla that got me into the toyota
family. you’ll never forget the corolla if you buy one. the perfect first
car for a young person and todays corolla is pretty sophisticated.

Ling Jin Li says:

If you really want to target the youth, bring back the supra :)

Mayank Agarwal says:

got goosbumzz..so luxurious n beautiful than before..! wat a Drastic
Change…now i dn like my current toyota corrolla…

Gregory Perkins says:

To save legroom the front seat didn’t have to be reclined so much

Gilbert Arciniega says:

The 2014 looks really COOL! Very stylish compared to the older ones (which
are WAY boring). The only thing I just don’t like is the same ol same ol
name.. Corolla. Everybody HAS one Toyota Toyota Corolla Corolla

CalyptusCity says:

I wasn’t sure about my new car, t like this new design, but definetly i
don’t like the interior. So i am going to buy the new Mazda 3 2014.

msanchezym says:


Xavier Mangubat says:

I saw this car on the road before and the LED looks a bit purple…

Noom Arm says:

Nice car! 555555555555

Acura rlx sport hybrid sh awd says:

Nice stylish sedan

Alvaro Santillan says:

Review the car as to what it is. Its not a BMW m3, its a corolla suppose to
be reliable. You guys always compare entry cars to high end ones. Bad

Jason99942 says:

People in this segment are looking for reliability and fuel economy. It’s
great bang for the buck car. A – to – B with little fuss for years and
years to come. 

richiewill says:

hmm he is right about your hands on the plastic window ledge

David Russell says:

Trashota Crapolla sums it up.

Slacker Me says:

First time I saw one of this on the streets I thought it was a Honda Civic.

Addison Ditzel says:

She has no honor

Adnan Aezah says:

That land cruiser……….. <3

Marius Swart says:

Looks a bit high from the wheels, but overall a nice looking package

stevenabb says:

Your brave to have new cars right next to the Mexican Border… ( evil grin

Timo .Wenk says:

i dont like the looks… check out the new mazda3 looks 100 times better

auxmike says:

Chevy Cruz is a rental car don’t big one! Corolla econobox? You’ve
obviously never owned one…

itchyfingers89 says:

corolla drivers are some of the worst drivers in the streets. although
their skills top minivan drivers, they are on par with taxi drivers

mahwish yazdani says:

just got this car and im completely in love! sporty but still not too rough

AgentMoore says:

Carbon Bonds
That was then this is now and “bring it back” doesn’t mean copy everything
that the original had. “Bring It Back” means keep a similar design and feel
but change it to appeal to the current generation of new drivers

tanya sanders says:

I teat drive the 2014 corolla at the auto show and love it that I,m take
this car as an
choice as one of my options on my purchase in November 2014 as part of my
research among the other cars that I,m researching.

heresteven says:

I WILL NEVER BUY A TOYOTA AGAIN. We bought a new tacoma 3 months ago and
the dealer left the oil fill cap off. The engine has dirt inside and they
won’t back up the warranty and replace the engine or the vehicle. You would
think the company would change after the accelerator incident. I have no
trust for this company. I find it to be a shame to the japanese people.

josh oliver says:

proper 6 speed? How fast do you plan on going? Can’t wait for your your vid
whn u hit 160 jackass

uoyuoy444 says:

Not only ugly I got tired of calling a tow truck, Toyota’s suck !

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