2014 Toyota Corolla Eco review

2014 Toyota Corolla Eco review

The new 2014 Toyota Corolla has one model designed to get better efficiency but produce more power, the Eco model.



Mac Macky says:

Great new car! I’ve driven corollas 70’s- 2008. This is the best, 2014.

Joe Smith says:

previous generation was much nicer. don’t like the short back of this car.
looks like an old Neon. 

Thomas Devito says:

I personally have never been a fan of Toyota but I did check out the new
corolla last weekend and I gotta say I am loving it. I’m considering
getting one good job Toyota 

Honda Vtec power says:

The Civic s a much better all around car. I owned a Toyota once, it was a
big disappointment.

Eliot Smeliot says:

corolla was my first car (99) that one was ugly and plain…corollas have
come a LOONG way this one is beautiful

LowWageTeacher says:

Had about 7,000 kms now. Averaging 36 – 38 mpg now. Exciting to test this
on a long drive. It might probably make 50mpg.

Aaron Cortez says:

nice car

rimms says:

I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now. I love everything about this car. It is
perfect for me.

pinoyeh says:

The price of this Corolla is on high side. Great video BTW.

pzzle says:

FIRST!!!!!! I HAVNT BEEN FIRST BEFORE!!!!!!!!!! 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherspiz says:

Thanks Motormouth! I love your reviews keep them coming. Especially because
they are Canadian and you do it from that perspective which really helps.

LowWageTeacher says:

average 38mpg on a 70/30 hiway/city ratio. had a best 44mpg once for the
same ratio. not bad at all!

Anderson says:

Great video as always!

GibsonBuck says:

This car needs a 4 wheel independant suspension.

krauser979 says:

I hope next year they give the corolla S the same valve matic system for
more power.

Mahgwa says:

I really appreciate your honest and practical review. Just subscribed. Keep
up the good work, I trust your reviews man.

dave dunn says:

Great vid but the corolla is zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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