2014 Toyota 4Runner First Drive & Review

2014 Toyota 4Runner First Drive & Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Toyota 4Runner is one of the last remaining old school SUV’s. In other words, it still is a traditional body on frame vehi…



im1greatman says:

Toyota makes some really cheap, overpriced vehicles.

Brando T says:

Ford F150 is much better. More power and it’s American!

William Allen says:

I don’t really like Toyota’s, but have always had a think for 4Runners,
especially the old 2 doors. 

Eddie Walters says:

Test drove a 2014 limited yesterday. Coming from an FJ cruiser that shares
the exact same engine, I just was not impressed. It’s a good looking full
size SUV IMO but for nearly 50grand still to much plastic wrapping in the
inside and the engine left my wanting more. It doesn’t take bumps as good
as you might expect and engine noise is similar to that in my FJ, pretty
loud at times. Going to go look at the JGC and Explorers now. 

Turboslang says:

I do not see point of gasoline engine in suv instead of diesel engine. Its
poor on mpg torque and price of diesel fuel is somewhat lover.

iqmygift2u says:

I’m a 4 runner fan, but comparing my 05 LTD to this newer version of the
LTD is really a joke. They have taken ALL the features like downhill
decent, 4 lo, the ability to raise or lower the vehicle, and the 8 cylinder
version and turned the LTD to a Sunday mall vehicle. besides the fact its
horrifically ugly and underpowered, they even put 20″ low ride tires on
their flagship vehicle. 90% of 4runner owners agree with me here, and
hopefully they re design and re think their marketing soon, or Toyota may
become the blackberry of the auto world…..

turbohokie1 says:

How is this a “review”? You guys just drive around yapping your jaws and
you don’t give hardly any useful information to the viewers. For example
you failed to mention that the front have independent suspension and the
rear is a solid axle. Do you think that information might be useful to the
viewers? Why do your reviews always suck balls?? seriously, you guys are
terrible. That fat dude is always trying to be funny and he has no clue.
How exactly does this review help the viewer make any decision on whether
this is the right vehicle for them or not? You guys really suck.

HowsaBowsaYowsa says:

I used to be a 4runner fan, I had a 2004 Limited. But after that I got the
2011 Highlander….sorry 4runner fans, Highlander is so much better for
drivability, handling, soft ride, quietness, and beautiful interior that I
don’t miss the 4runner anymore. I don’t go off roading so that is one
reason I don’t miss it. Highlander is really cool on the interior with its
features and screens. I thought my 4runner was nice, Limited version, but
Highlander is even nicer. I think 4runner looks better on the outside
though for overall shape.

aky19832001 says:

Toyota needs a new engine & tranny for that line SUV drop in a v8 with an 8
speed tranny, keep the body on frame. The body isn’t bad. I’ve had some
time with the 2014. It was just that the engine seems very under powered
for the body. The transmission wasn’t responsive, and I didn’t feel
confident that the 4runner had enough torque or HP for that weight to go
off roading ( were not talking about extreme off roading either) 

Bammo956 says:

Such a crappy review, all these “expert” car reviewers suck, they attempt
humor and fail, they don’t give any highlights of the vehicle that the
potential customers should be aware of

TheGooeyOne28 says:

4Runners haven’t been cool since the 3rd gens. Love my 1988.

Robert cole says:

Still driving my 98 limited with 270,066 miles. 

Jeff Bailey says:

F-150 is a Truck…say it slowly…truuuckkk. 4Runner is an SUV…S U V….
So they’re…different…understand EIKICHI?

Jean Noisette says:

My next vehicle ;)

bougelaal says:

This truck is so boss!

My03Tundra says:

Don’t trust Nathan with the camera! 

congausa1 says:

love Toyota trucks!

Tonko Tennis says:

I love it

superstarr34 says:

I have a 2012 trail edition and let me tell you it’s not lacking in power
what so ever, i’ve had my 4runner for 8 months now with almost 3000km of
offroading, never had a problem with power to weight ratio, the v6 has good
low end torque. pulled a 4000 pound camper once and i hardly felt
it(compared to my ford ranger). the build quality, in the trail edition
anyways, is excellent. nicely equipped. very satisfied with my purchase

Tech Defender says:

I wish the highlander had the 4runner limiters front looks way better 

autoinject says:

Still think the ’99 era 4Runners were best looking…. these thing look

bougelaal says:

Toyota is trying to appeal to the younger buyers! Thats why they made it so
aggressive looking…and I LOVE it. I’m 22. Never thought ide own a toyota
as my first car but shit this thing is dope! The sr5. ..not the limited.

Tim Lucas says:

Ok, if you’re gonna talk about 3 different front-ends on a car, it might be
useful to show them in the video! I know you have a lot editing to do, but
if that didn’t cross your mind as you were filming or, then I don’t know
what to tell you ….A better camera man?

Walter Klimek says:

Best suv you can buy. Jeep grand Cherokee, Ford explorer are not reliable,
not good with resale. 38 Years in America and 0 problems for the 4 Runner.
The style is also refreshed and has a strong stance against other suv’s.
Very well explained video hope for more details on your next video review.

rojs7 says:

Tried Limited version for test drive, seats for driver are to small and I’m
not fat, Sport suspension felt to hard for me, room in the second row are
much smaller than in highlander, ended up buying highlander. 4L V6 is to
small for this vehicle, highlander with 3.5 V6 works better in
acceleration, definitely needs V8. Looks good the Limited version, but
needs some changes

Sabastian Drakes says:

Wow… they’ve made it even more hideous than the previous model. Didn’t
think that was possible.

shinichiBLUE says:

want this so bad lol

towncar16 says:

i like how they are the same size as the 96-02 4runners my fav gen plus
these lol 

fernando montano says:

Toyota should make all of them the same in terms of look! The limited looks
beautiful in white.

Tim Joseph says:

Here’s good news to those looking for a 2014 4Runner. The 4Runner is
celebrating its 30th Anniversary by giving huge discounts on all 4Runner
models. It’s a good thing since they don’t sell that many though, and
making a 30th Anniversary Edition 4Runner would cost so much to make

Sleepy Panda says:

Haha Corvette making a pass at 5:02

LightRanger says:

You mean like they’ve gotten with the program with their best-selling
unibody Highlander? Moron.

joshuaglen91 says:

My family has owned the following 4Runners: 1999 Limited 4Runner (totaled,
rolled at 170,000 miles) 2006 SR5 4Runner (still own it, 73,000 miles) 2013
Trail 4Runner (just bought it) These are great vehicles, and we have not
had any problems with these. Routine maintenance and they last. I liked how
the 1999 and our current 2006 4Runner have 2wd, fulltime 4wd, 4wd hi, and
4wd lo. But our 2013 Trail only has 2wd, 4wd hi, and 4wd lo. Great rigs
that still come with a rear locker.

MrThat70svan says:

Toyota has had more recalls than any of the American company’s !

MrNicholg says:

They still put one in the Prado for some markets, but it’s severely
underpowered. This thing is really only a gap-filler at this point. The
Hilux Surf has been cancelled in other markets.

colton phillips says:

I love it

INUMIMI28 says:

You guys have to remember this car is based on Hilux, first car ever to
reach North Pole

WiryOak . says:

Poor you, everyone else digs it!

Gerald Davison says:

I owned a 1990 4 runner limited and omg that thing would just not quit!!!
but I had to part with it =/ they are amazing SUV’s and I would recommend
them to anyone who wants a beast of an SUV!

nyak63RUS says:

It’s not a pussy, it’s a machine.

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