2014 Skoda Octavia vs Hyundai Elantra

2014 Skoda Octavia vs Hyundai Elantra

We put the all-new Skoda Octavia through the ultimate acid test, a face-off with the Hyundai Elantra.



bannajirocks says:

i would pick up Skoda Octavia for being a better car.. but look at that
Hyundai.. its atrociously gorgeous ! love that coupe like roof.. 

Kunal Dbarma says:

I have seen so many Elantra in Bangalore Roads.. Its awesome car.. whatever
you guys comment below.. I will always choose Elantra over Octavia.. Its
look is just.. no words.. where Octavia feels like I am in 3 decades back..

bannajirocks says:

there is no reverse camera in Ocatvia !! WTF 

Daniel San says:

JESUS! Can these stupid car reviews from India stop?
The Octavia has 9 airbags, the Hyundai has 6….

bung k says:

Daniel san who say skoda is german

TheHandsome Jack says:

The Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI is truly a drivers car. Its the best car you can
get within 20 lakhs and which offers sheer driving pleasure. If anyone of
you are thinking about buying it get it without a second thought. And if
you can afford it, get the Superb.

Umaid Dhadwal says:

ovtavia is better dan any car in its segment elantra is nthing in frnt of

Roshan Dash says:

Dude How much did the hyundai guys pay u for your miserable review…u
muppets need to stop reviewing cars looks uve sold ur self out shamless

Karthik ramki says:

i have not seen one elantra in Bangalore roads. I don’t know who is driving
this car….Octavia, the legend..I really like the fluidic design of
Hyudnai but I wouldn’t compromise on built and performance over design any
day especially for a car over 20 lakhs

Kunal Garg says:

What a fake review, Octavia’s MFD is enough to beat elantra in the case of
features & this idiot is saying elantra features a lot then Octavia

Uday Kadam says:

what nonsense are we talking about mr.jamshed patel – how on earth can you
pick the elantra over the skoda. Just bcoz of the price and some iffy niffy
features – you cannot pass on such judgments. The skoda is a bullet and a
dream to drive – the dsg gearbox is a much better option than anything
being offered in the segment. Im appalled at your observations about the
interiors – firstly its a personal choice and secondly the skoda feels
clearly like a car from a segment above and the quality is right up there
with the likes of audi. it definitely feels much plusher and rich than the
confused Korean – the review sounds like a paid one right from the start
and i was not disappointed when you chose the elantra. Skoda Octavia is a
legend – the 2.0 tdi and the 1.8 tsi engines with the amazing gearboxes and
ride characteristics plus the luxury feel of the car is segment best!!! And
about the FE – please dont misguide people – the 2 liter mill from Skoda is
one of the best combos of FE and performance – so please dont talk about
the FE in this comparison at all!!! PEOPLE DRIVE THE CARS AND DECIDE FOR
YOURSELF – SOMEONE WHO IS SPENDING 18+ lacs definetlty needs power and rear
seat comfort – dont compromise with a 1.6 liter engine in the hyundai –
even the rapid or vento will beat the elantra in straight line or in the
“in gear accerlations” tests – and yes this isnt even an exaggeration.

Vijay Jayaraman says:

Though I would I have picked Octavia even before looking at this video, I
think he has given a fair verdict…Octavia is definitely the pick of the
two for a driving enthusiast….But an average Indian who wants to flaunt a
stylish car that gives him reasonable driving comfort, space, features, VFM
and good after sales support, Elantra is the pick….

Daniel San says:

I hate these fucking crappy reviews!

only in crazy India haha…

A Skoda is very different from a shitty Hyundai?!? Hyundai is a cheap scale
brand, Skoda is german, so seriously…

Madhusuthanan S says:

please review 2014 Chevy Cruze vs Voks Jetta

Sam Pradeep says:

Hyundai’s marketing media it was. Well he is capable of comparing a Hyundai
Eon with a space jet in his next review. And it shows how cheap the
magazines reviews can go. In fact the Hyundai looked like their low variant
eon from the front on one of the scenes n he dint mention that lol..
interiors dont look different from verna or eon.. These are one of those
funny failure reviews.

abx says:

Chevy cruze is much better than hyundai and if u want more from a car then
go straight for octavia

Thaer Abu T says:

How stupid!! should we expect comparing a hyundai to lambu next?

Avi Oberoi says:

This guy is present in one more video that is somewhat same, same script.
That video has around 200 views no likes or dislikes and only one comment
that is mine.

Piyush Chopra says:

which 1 is better? Hyundai Elantra or Chevy Cruze? 

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