2014 New Toyota Hilux offroad Review



kenzo201093 says:

Esa es 2014? 

Hisham Abdalla says:

tis one and the Land Cruiser pick up is one hell of a beasts!!

mgsblade says:

whats the engine size on this? 2.7?

Blueboy9055 says:

And the tyres!!!

CMH Toyota Alberton says:
barticus04 says:

A 4WD is only as good as it’s driver!

X Danier says:

only and only Toyota hilux

Bob Barker says:

I want one of these in Canada, but they don’t allow them in :'(

MrMinecraftfan1 says:

3L td

Magdi Ali says:

I love this car

Fredy Noa Pino says:

Muy buena 

76tricolor says:

It is not 2014 

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