2014 Mazda3 vs Honda Civic vs KIA Forte vs Toyota Corolla Matchup Review

2014 Mazda3 vs Honda Civic vs KIA Forte vs Toyota Corolla Matchup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Mazda3 directly competes for buyers with the new Honda Civic, the KIA Forte and the just redesigned Toyota Corolla. So the…



Ed Findlay says:

Why didn’t he slap the cheap plastic in the Mazda?

iamanoobiecheez says:

So Mazda 3 1st place and Kia Forte 2nd?

Kingofheavyweights says:

ZOOM ZOOM this is an unbiased review. Stop hating on the new kid on the
block which has the highest MPG and best engine. Skyactive is sound
technology and the car is compact while sporty. Mazda FTW!!!

tpcrb says:

We went Mazda 3.
Nicer electronics, nicer suspension, great reliability and most fun to
drive at a great price.
FL truck and FL car need to use better microphones on all their reviews.

PantherP74 says:

I just bought a Mazda 3 as well, and don’t regret it for a second.
Excellent car.

Adam Thomas says:

Lol. Kia.

eddox94 says:

Damn Mazda ! That’s a lot of road noise !

MrRangerZr1 says:


stop asking me to change my name! says:

Corolla did not pass Small overlap crash test,Mazda got a good rating on
the test.

Brian Arnold says:

I see Mazda flags all over the lot… Ummm… bias anyone? However, having
driven the new Mazda 3, I have to agree that it is the best of the bunch.
I’d take the Corolla for reliability and comfort though. The Kia is
definitely the loser here. 

MrGovenator1 says:

I can see what he means. The Mazda seems like more of a “drivers” car, but
why would you buy it to drive fast? You buy these cars to be economical. If
you were looking for something faster and more sporty. Why wouldn’t you
look at the civic si, mazda speed3, ford focus ST? And how could you pass
up the reliability of toyota and honda in this segment? 

Chris Gryckiewicz says:

i just walked by black mazda 3 5door and it looked great, i even stopped
and truned back to have a better look…. only one thing in the way- i
bought corolla a year ago…. oh well i will wait one year and i will look
for a 1y old second hand. 

Paul Navas says:

I rented a Mazda3 2 days ago and its the second one i have rented. the
worst riding car i have ever driven. Loud and cheaply made and you feel
every little thing on the road. Now as far as engine response i was
impressed and was about it. 

ryobukai74 says:

You need to compare the Honda Civic Si or the EX when you do the comparison
with a Mazda 3. The standard Civic is not a true comparison

Mathew Republicano says:

After that review I felt like I would buy the Civic. Better mechanics and
better drive as he stated.
Mechanics make the car last longer which gives you more bang for your buck
or buck for your bang.

Also I just did some research and the Civic has better safety tests than
all of those cars.

Safety first.

Mazda does look nice
But he looked like he liked the civic the best. 

Omar Alejandro Espino says:

from what i saw mazda has the cheapest interiors

Enmanuel Cruz says:

Hey Nathan would you be able to do a comparison with the new 2014 Honda
civic. It was redone again and updated with better interior materials and
tech features plus better mpg. I just think its unfair to compare all the
2014 compact models to the 2013 civic. 

murat fenerbahceli says:

I will take a Toyota any motherfucking day. Fuck that Mazda crap. 

Ariq Rizqurrahman Fatah says:

What is the best between those car?

FrightfulAccountant says:

Honda engine + Toyota interior + Mazda exterior = Ultimate car ;)

icantw8 says:

Ehh, I’d rather get the Civic or Forte over 3…That’s just my opinion. 

sleepybird09 says:

id take a forte hatchback sx. hate how the new sedan and coupe look. 

SilentHill401 says:

I would love that new Mazda 3 sedan one day, it’s essentially a baby Mazda
6, but I really like the new 2014 Corolla, Toyota really hit it out of the
park with that one. The new Sentra to me looks boring and doesn’t have that
wow factor. And then there is Civic……..Eww, I’ll pass. 

accord491 says:

this guy sells mazda, hes extremely biased!!!!!

Cuseball121 says:

I’m sorry but EVERY car in this segment SUCKS. They are all slow, boring,
badly made, uncomfortable, and not safe. They are purely made to sell to
people that do not give a shit what they drive.

masa50000 says:


armondm says:

The road noise in the Mazda is outrageous.

Sam Hingorani says:

Forget all of these I would go with kia… Honda and toyota have no styling
to there cars and are just dull compared to what’s out there yes they drive
somewhat better and reliably is dying with so many damn recalls every

Elias Sonego Sabaté says:

jajaja always bashing Toyota cars, why cant they just admit that its the
best quality / reliability for your money, (they
are the best sellers for some reason) 😀
And stop saying “its just not that fun to drive” they all drive the same,
if you wanna “feel” the road, buy a freaking Porche! not a Mazda!

Franz K says:

..and I thought the new Mazda3 was also losing the rear independent
suspension…better check…but maybe just the hydraulic steering…now I
have to test the Kia with the better sound matching my old Mazda3 with a
free flowing induction….and now that I have to get a new car Mazda3 is
again at the top of my list ….until its 2.2L 170hp Turbo Diesel come
here….better see if I can get a one-year lease option

Justin Prater says:

Honda need to step up their game! The Civic was definitely the loser
compared to all these other cars.

Zas Zahari says:

Toyota will always less hassle, cheaper service & low fuel consumption

ralphplays says:

Kia and Mazda FTW! Tied!

Htet Oo says:

Hey Nathan, nice review! What do you think is the most quiet ride?

fentom77rj says:

Corolla ! :)

omer saad says:

yo are layer toyota 2014 is 25, 231, 00 $

Cyrus Cain says:

wow can you say BIAS

Raúl Sañudo says:

the thing here is that I want to buy a car I like the Mazda 3 sedan honda
comfiable that is very casual and volswaguen jetta mazda e tenifdo but
never one and not have so much trust me honda ace tiny square behind
volswaguen and I think their are a bit expensive piesas qe recommend me
between these 3 cars and taking intoaccount my opinion


i would love to buy that corolla for reliability and and and and BIAS ALERT

happy543210 says:

This review is not biased? They’re in a fucking Mazda dealership! What do
you think!

!nfringed$oul says:

I Just hate this asshole…. I know he gives great details about the
cars…. but its just his way of doing/saying things that gets me mad…I
wanna watch the review but I cant!!!

Matthew Lenz says:

I get door panel, center stack and other areas where your arm/hands might
actually touch but I don’t understand knocking a car for hard dash
plastics….I can count on one finger the number of times I’ve been driving
and felt the need to push my Dash. And many newer hard/soft plastics look
the same until said push/knock is done. 

opsonization2 says:

wait…did you say Honda, toyota and kia? b/c i might have missed that

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