2014 Kia Soul Test Drive Video Review

2014 Kia Soul Test Drive Video Review

The new Kia Soul might still look the same but the car is indeed completely new: growing a bit larger, getting more refined, and becoming more sophisticated….



faheemthedream2007 says:

getting sick of all these car companies trying to make the windows smaller.
i have the Toyota Scion XB and i’m spoiled with the amount of space in the
car and the views I have. i want to be able to see clearly all around me,
so far nothing has windows as such as the Scion XB..which makes me sad :(

John Carraway says:

For one extra mpg, I certainly don’t want the start-stop system.

Bob Keilitz says:

I have had it with this guy. Chris, do a review. Your sarcasm is not
necessary and lacks professionalism. You made an airport run where you
were going to pick up more than one person with luggage, and you didn’t
plan ahead to take a different vehicle? The Soul is really a two person
car, with room for two more for lunch runs or other quick jaunts, with room
for groceries in the back. Review the car for its intended purpose, not
for something it isn’t designed for.

Eddy B says:

I like the noise of the turn signals, its not annoying like other cars it
sounds pretty good. 

RainbowCharade says:

why no diesel in US??

Roblox Fede says:

Chris you should really try the Kia Sorento It has a LOT of space and your
3 year old could see trough the window and it has many space so your kids
can stretch your legs and you could fit up to 7 kids in the sorento and
your wife/roomie/companion would be very comfy so would you.

Keith Esquire says:

This is probably the WORST review of a vehicle in the history of the
tube. I am going to report this as not SPAM, but SHAM to Zuckerberg and
his cronies. I want this reviewer to be punched, very hard with my fist.

Preston Weiters Jr. says:

3/29/14, there’s only but so much you can do w/these tin trap minicars; I
had plenty of them as commuter cars until I wised up & got a real car. I’ve
got my 12 y/o 8cyl. Caddy I bought new; my next car will be the Chrysler
300srt8, 470HP, rear drive…..VROOOM!

Minseok Shin says:

This reviewer is just awesome!!!!

Ivan Vojt says:

The major fail on this is the Fuel Economy. You can lose that cargo tray
and cut a sheet of plywood and lay the carpet cover on top to get some
depth in the cargo area. I would have dumped the cargo tray and put in a
multi position parcel shelf like the PT Cruiser had. The PT rocked for
Costco runs.

hawkrider88 says:

I thought the review was fine. However, the photography and lighting
poor. Several times he was referring to the interior and you couldn’t even
see inside the car. If you left the cargo cover at home and stacked the
lugguge to the ceiling you could probably get it all in. Granted, seeing
out the back might have been difficult. 

Hoon Lee says:

I need to get some insights in detail. What i am getting is what i can also
see myself just by looking at the car.

Keith Esquire says:

This guy is a douche.

GerryStilton says:

Thanks for a great review Chris! 

mollymarley says:

Fianlly in the dealership and my wife and me went to test drive this.

The car is top heavy. hard to be sporty even though Kia upgrades the engine
of this. However, the optional all wheel drive system will be big hit for
this car.

The big disappointment is the fuel economy. It is even worse than some of
SUVs with AWD. Other than this, it is very solid choice of bunch. Interior
rocks for the price. The test drive soul had leather seat and found the
quality is just fantastic. (My f150 ltd leather wasn’t any better)

Sept2020 says:

the reviewer…. very annoying.

Herbert Boxman says:

I would love to grow up to be something like you one day, with a nice
family and reviewing a different car every week, great review by the way!

dave dunn says:

Very unprofessional off the cuff review. 

dave dunn says:

This guy is awful. As the review goes on he gets worse n worse

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