2014 KIA Soul Test Drive and Review

2014 KIA Soul Test Drive and Review

The 2014 KIA Soul is a funky, versatile and hip small vehicle! Another honest auto review from an average guy http://www.youtube.com/themediamart http://www….



Leah Ishii says:

would you pick the Kia soul or Hyundai accent? I’m buying a used car and
glad to see you reviewed the two I was looking at lol 

1956chip says:

Great review. For me this is an example of a car that grows on you, I
remember how I disliked the Soul when it was first introduced and now(with
the right colour of course) I actually really like it. It is very
functional too. And yes I’m an old guy.

TheMrsliferette says:

Great review and fun :)

2phalanges says:

im thinking about the 2011 model. but im worry about the true mpg and its
only 122 horse power which is kinda low. 

jswanson737 says:

Thought your dancing was a little silly, then you said “it’s a low budget
show”, lol, I chuckled. Nice review man. :-)

Heather Barley says:

Nice Dance and Nice Car! 

Mike Ivsin says:

The rodent grew up. Now, where is the e version?

Rita Dallaway says:

Great review, I purchased one last night, tfs

Toy Bomb says:

love your personality

John Wiggle says:

Do you ever give a bad review?

Ainsley Harvey says:

I want a good practical car for comuting to work. is the kia soul worth


i like the new kia soul’s looks

jaxxsunErie says:

Informative and entertaining. Thanks

jayops says:

Can you do a review of the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage theMediaMart? I really
love it’s insane mpg it gets from what I’ve seen! Thank you.

RathOne123 says:

Fun video to watch. enjoyed!

David Rose says:

I really am looking into buying one but the 2013 model but this might have
changed because the 2014 model in black really looks good.

michal03966 says:

Great review! Funny yet informative. Good job!

David Malinovsky says:

It’s a useful, interesting vehicle too bad the fuel mileage is poor. i’d
have to go with the Nissan Versa Note

Bo Vorachack says:

Nice little car

Tim Morrow says:

You could tilt the camera a few degrees to make an uphill push at the end.

MrXanish says:

Kia has been doing great things in a short amount of time. And with the
redesigned Soul they continue to prove that point.

Great review and I’ll keep pushing play, just keep pushing these reviews. 

pedrof830 says:

A wonderful soul doing a review on a Soul, how appropriate!! This is built
off the European and Asian Hyundai I20 which explains its superior driving
and handling, great car for those who need the room but not a gas guzzling
SUV. Only thing I don’t like about it is its standard 1.6 motor, kind of
weak for this size vehicle

kenbefound says:

Another fun and informative review. Thanks Tony!

CopperRed3 says:

Nice review Tony. Watch out for those cars while you’re on the side of the

TheTonycoaster says:

No rhythm…take dance lessons…. Nice review

J1234Marc says:

I like it! Might check one out.

Trey Reid says:

That is a ugly car

CobraTuner says:

Holy fuckin monotone

Scott Campbell says:

looks more like an igloo. nice vehicle review, thanks

Lee Flores says:

I’m really thinking about the 2014 Kia Soul but I’m really concerned about
the low HP on long highway road travel. I don’t have a sporty lead foot but
I’m afraid of hearing a high reving engine noise if I’m trying to perform a
simple passing lane change or going uphill on a long road. 

Moeen Chaya says:

were u in marin ?

Evgeny Kustov says:

I adore every time you say “it’s a low budget show” 😀
You’re doing it super great. Keep it up!

Timothy Bradford says:

Dude i LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos!!!! very fun to watch!! Thanks

NDSautomotive says:

Nice I got to get one of those

george gallacher says:

Nice review!!

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