2014 Kia Soul ! Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

2014 Kia Soul ! Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

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sagat4 says:

Thats why i love Korean manufacturers. They throw many things as standard
that most manufacturers would charge you for

CPBlackopsMW3 says:

Do you still live in Reidsville?

Valdek Waslan Oliveira says:

I know a lot of people will condemn me, but I love this car. I love it. I
like this style of top car and if ever I have the money, sure the KIA SOUL
will top the list. Thank you very much. This version has not yet arrived
here in Brazil. White appeared in photos is wonderful. I will definitely
watch this video a few more times. Thanks………………The camera on
the helmet was too high. I do not know if you’ve seen, but there is a
camera that has glasses and thus we have the real vision of the driver.
Another thing that works is to put the camera next to the head. But it was

Zach Ames says:

Dude are u rich u buy a lot of cars

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

Why do you show clips of the car revving, inside, outside by the exhaust,
and then by the engine and then later on in the video you show it revving
again while being inside the car? Most of the cars aren’t sports cars and
they aren’t meant to sound nice. Especially on the cars where the exhaust
is hidden.

Land Of The Free Media says:

Awesome review Kyle. I definitely liked what +Kia Motors Worldwide did with
the Soul, by not only making it more roomier & comfortable in the inside,
but by making it a little bit bigger & more comfortable, while adding
useful technologies to increase fuel efficiency at the same time 🙂
In addition, do you have any plans to review 2015 K900 when it becomes
– Michael Land

Nathanael R. says:

If my parents got me this as my first car I’d probably start crying like a
baby (too bad I don’t have enough money)

ymxctrails says:

That’s the car that the popular, ultra hot Youtuber Laina sometimes talks

1Stunna2323 says:

Please do a 2014 Hyundai Tucson tour. I’m debating whether to get this or

fvgotch says:

This car should win an award. In the world full of $30K plus family cars,
here is one that can be had for less than $16k base model with ample room
for family of four plus good rear storage space and great warranty
including road side assistance.

Si Figz says:

I may be purchasing one soon! 🙂 Awesome review as always, Kyle!

Brian Brace says:

I have a 2013, liking this new one but I absolutely hate the back of it,
that black thing on the trunk is hideous, puts me right off the car….

mwhite112393 says:

Can’t wait till you get to review the 2015 Chrysler 200!

xxTruckMeanxx says:

v12 sound :DDD

M Ham says:

Geke Cains At least appreciate that hes doing videos for us. He takes the
time to get the cameras set, find the car and review it. What if you did
the same how would you like to hear that? 

J0lker says:

I just realized you have strange thumb :DD

dudelivestrong says:

These cars just complete junk. My parents had a soul and it is JUNK

Jeremy Wong says:

i think Kia should really build something like the trackster as a hot

Zavon Beed says:

I was sold on the roof lol

Brandon Hill says:

The steering wheel looks somewhat like the Fiat 500L Lounge steering wheel.

cuvkiller says:

If only you had a giant hamster suit 😀 great video Kyle!

Kelly Austin says:

Another great review by one of the best. Thank you.

Crown Royal says:

that engine revving though … yikes. 

Automan14 says:

Did not know it has fuel cap release. I had a + soul on my channel. &
believe me couldn’t find fuel cap release.

Roy Rodriguez says:

5 reving in neutral wow ..

M Scott says:

What’s it like being so famous I mean do you get stopped in the street?

Yannick de Vries says:

Damn that are some huge tyres for such a small car! 235/45/R18 0_0

Jonathan Altieri says:

Love this new soul. High quality built. Sounds very quiet now and looks

rskim119 says:

Kia has made this car just about perfect now by addressing the shortcomings
of the last generation.

EverythingGranTurismo says:

Wait… Heated REAR seats?!?

Travis Cyprien says:

I am Just noticing the Gauge Cluster is just like the one on the Nissan
Juke. Wow

Mario dablife says:

what a pos. it just looks retarded. the EXLAIM? LOLLOOLOL did a 5 ear old
kid think of the names? i wonder how long all these electronics will last
like the mirrors and the heated seats. the mirror motor already sounded
like its about to give out

northroad1 says:

I like that more cars are going to floor mounted accelerators

M Scott says:

Hey kyle you should do a throw back Tuesday (next week) and do one of your
dads dealership start ups it would be a really epic throw back.


+Saabkyle04 nice review but do you know that there’s someone that tries to
immitate the way you review cars, I’m surious exactly. +GrandPrixGTPO3

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