2014 Kia Soul review – What Car?

2014 Kia Soul review – What Car?

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1fBCZIl Do the Kia Soul’s chunky looks mean it is a spacious little family car? Read the full review: http://buff.ly/QF8P1M What Car…



thomas delobel says:

Good review

Sept2020 says:

Unrefined? Noisy? something doesn’t seem right with this review. If the
noise level is fitting for the class( as you have said) then why say that
it is noisy in the first place? Also, the refinement has been improved in
this newer model. Go look at all the other reviews. They all mention better
& satisfactory refinement. Looks like a CONFUSED review by whatcar. Very

Kevin Cranston says:

I really enjoy your reviews.

david dykeman says:

Your roads look pretty good to me. Have you seen the roads in Buffalo NY? 

drei9 says:

i never understand y reviewers say “steering is PREDICTABLE” if you are
driving a car, you don’t want your steering to be UNPREDICTABLE. LOL.
that’s y i never put much attention to these so called experts. best way is
to test drive the car yourelf. first time i have owned a kia. i have to
admit i am impressed. my kia forte SX almost 4 yrs now and still drives
like a brand new. not a single mechanical problem.

armourdaddy805 says:

this baby is too tough for a brit

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