2014 KIA Soul DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

2014 KIA Soul DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

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Everyman Driver says:

2014 KIA Soul DETAILED Drive & Review on @EverymanDriver with

mountainhobo says:

Yet another review of a nice utilitarian vehicle that turns out to be a
review of the yuppie toy version of it with unnecessary 18″ wheels (hello
punishing ride), leather, infinity speakers (give me a break, this is a
$15K base car, why go ghetto on it?), and other doodahs.

froochie123 says:

if you’re 6’4 and get stuck in the back seat of any car your group of
friends or family hates you.

MrOrthogonalization says:

I decided to go with the RAV4. The 2014 Soul has been out for 4 months but
the dealerships refuse to carry anything but the base Souls because they’re
trying desperately to unload their 2013 inventory. I love the Soul but
just can’t wait anymore for them to pull the trigger. You snooze, you
lose, Kia.

Grimlock1973 says:

Really like the new soul but wish it had awd as an option. Wife and I live
in northern IL and the winters are brutal here.

rskim119 says:

The woman didn’t add much value to the review of the car. I would drop

Jonathan Altieri says:

If I were to buy one of these, I’d buy one with the tech and hid lights. 

Kim-Tam Nguyen says:

Dave, thanks for your review video.
I love all of your video. but I don’t like having Melisa in your video.

Steve Miller says:

Great review, like always! Seems Kia’s really gotten the interior changed
for the better! I don’t agree with the Alien color Kia used being ugly, but
the Alien 2 color that they offer on the new Soul is a lot better of a

palebeachbum says:

Kia is doing an amazing job with their vehicles, but the one area they are
really sucking is fuel economy. They use this new GDI technology, which is
suppose to improve MPGs, but somehow the Kias still suck on gas.
Unfortunately the fuel economy champs right now are some of the most
appliance-like to drive (i.e. Accord and Altima.

ChipzsTube says:

I want this car so bad.

bl0odymadnes says:

Is there any leather inside the interior?

Mark McCoskey says:

Out of curiosity, which vehicles in this segment DO get better MPG? Thanks!

CJ VN says:

For a “DETAILED” review, I’d have liked more info on the
ride/driving/handling aspects of the new Soul. Also, I’m a girl who enjoys
cars that drive well, and I hesitate to say this but on behalf of girls
like me, I felt Melissa’s extensive comments about “hamsters” and “makes me
want to dance,” etc., (without much info on how the car actually drives!)
were somewhat embarrassing. 

Can Ozmen says:

I like doxy cars. 

Steve P says:

how did you get a “latte brown exclaim”, because its NOT offered by kia or
I’m missing something??

Doug N. says:

I like the Everywoman input. Especially on a vehicle like this that will
appeal to women.

Scott Tobkes says:

I think the gas mileage is understated due to the overstated numbers put
out last year.

jessie gomez says:

Does the “base model” have the push to start button?? 

n2n4n says:

Gizmo is the name of our dog

Conrado Colcol says:


Ivan Vojt says:

The combined MPG is the FAIL of this vehicle. I can overlook the cargo
area and lose that divider garbage under the carpet.

muddlemann says:

yay regular unleaded gas!!

supercooled says:

This car looks GREAT. Too bad Kia did not give it an AWD option.

Good review Dave.

Matthew Alban says:

You’re hot =)

Don Juan says:

Is it me, or is that gas mileage still pretty bad? My V6 Escape (2010, AWD)
gets about 24-25 around the city, and 29-30 highway.

Kia of Cherry Hill says:

Great review, guys. We’ve got plenty of ‘Gizmo’s’ in stock. :)

dvolada81 says:

Great review 

Dan Jones says:

The Soul is a cute car with great features.

supercooled says:

I saw one just a few hours ago on the road. The back is really small (from
the outside). It’s very taut? Again, just wished there were ‘more’
premium features on this car like AWD, automatic rear hatch (up/down), etc.

Mike Smith says:

GAS mileage is TERRIBLE PERIOD for a 2014! It should be getting at least 45
MPG on HWY! Most toyotas and Nissan get 40 MPG last year!

Harold Allen says:

Dave is the best care reviewer on the internet. I always look for him when
I want a car reviewed.

Don Greenwood says:

Too bad you couldn’t find the Soul you wanted, we have been rolling the
Soul+ and Soul Exclaims as fast as we can get them on our lot….and of
course, we have many Base Models with standard and automatic transmissions


Some people don’t like to have their keys on their pants while driving . So
if you leave the smart keys in the car when driving you can forget about

Kainj1000 says:

There good cars but have horrible resale value

Wooly Creek says:

The 2014 Kia Soul looks a little more European than I don’t know the nicer
Korean/Euro blend but that more pure European look is nice I hope in 2016
not much will Change because I think I want to lease either an ! of these
or a Jetta TDI. At the end of the lease when I’m 18 I’ll buy it. The cool
thing is here in Minnesota I’m starting to notice more of these. It’s a
hate love relationship I have with the new Soul. And I’d have to agree with
Melissa about the name Gizmo since it’s like that cute and ugly fairly high
tech experimental car. Since Peter Schreyer (I assume) designed the 2014

Court Mojo says:

wow so this model is around 27 grand!!!!! good lord

SunsetSupermanRMB says:

$2600 for a sunroof seems a little steep


I like the new design though I would never drive a car with the word KIA on
it. It just doesn’t have that “coolness” factor. Too bad Toyota did try
hard enough to market their XB because XB has better styling and was more
practical. Can you fit a 70 inch boxed flat screen? I don’t think so.


Jesus that brown is a horrble color. It doesn’t bring out the bold lines in
this new model

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