2014 KIA Sorento — Test Drive and Review

2014 KIA Sorento — Test Drive and Review

another honest auto review from an average guy — the 2014 KIA Sorento Crossover SUV http://www.youtube.com/themediamart http://www.youtube.com/thedrivemart …



Huy Trinh says:

We bought a 2013 Kia Rio before my husband got stationed in KS without,
unfortunately, taking into account that the snow there can get up to 3 or 4
ft high so I’m looking into trading it in for the 2014 Sorento after
watching this video. This is the LX right? I would like to be prepared well
in advance before I go up to the dealership so I’m trying to get my
research in order. 

Carlos Pereira says:

Just like i thought this suv is not a good choice.

biglatin24 says:

Do you like Labs?

Danny Nguyen says:

It’s a good car at great value

Kiddomike says:

I give you deer.

jcallwood25 says:

Love your videos. What a great sense of humor and great personality. Also

theMediaMart says:

nature break 🙂

theMediaMart says:

nice ride! you 2013 review of it has gone viral 🙂

theMediaMart says:

The KIA comes in much lower base price of around $24k USD – while the
Traverse starts in the low 30’s. The Traverse is more substantial in feel
and has better driving feel. I’d look at them both and try to make a deal.

Mohamed Tantawy says:

review an elantra gt 2013

theMediaMart says:

I was there for meetings – great city!

Abdulah S. AlAsiri says:

I like your show.. I think you are really an honest guy lol..

Kingdrood says:

I’ll send you a video of my cockapoo and Cockerspaniel

theMediaMart says:


theMediaMart says:

Congrats!! yes – the Sorento is sweet! Enjoy the ride!

VL77V says:

Btw great videos keep up the great work!!!

theMediaMart says:

I bet.

moviegeek65 says:

Yeah get the V6, it’s worth the extra money.

brorowcarwiz says:

Just wish my other ones would go viral haha! btw, just posted a new Lexus
CT video!

TheRam010 says:

Hey tony, you should drive the Sorento with the V-6. That engine is much
more fitting in a vehicle like this. Makes it a real speedracer!

theMediaMart says:

I’m sure there is a bit of an up charge for 7 seats. I’ll check and get
back to you on that

gene978 says:

20/26 CITY/HWY is the 2.4 CYL MPG and 18/25 CITY/HWY is the 3.3 CYL. MPG.
If anyone cares. Tony, when you say Nature Break I thought you meant you
were about to take a leak. But you have more class then an average guy and
you gave us Bambi. Lots of Bambi where I work. Thank you for letting me
keep PUSHING PLAY! Can’t wait for the review of the new 2014 Forte.

theMediaMart says:

thanks! I try to be 🙂

theMediaMart says:

Thanks man!

brorowcarwiz says:

One of my best friends recently got a 2014 Sorento LX– not a bad whip at
all 🙂 Built right here in Georgia!

Steve Sherron says:

You must hire dogs with more enthusiasm!

Enoc Viera says:

What brings you to texas? And excellent review!!

Jeff Mazzoni says:

Greets, Tony. I put up another of my puppy on my channel. Let me know what
you think, as I will bust out our better camera for the next round.

theMediaMart says:

I hear you my friend – proof is coming!

theMediaMart says:

please do 🙂 I’ll send you the details shortly

theMediaMart says:

they will me friend – I’ll check out your Lex video now

theMediaMart says:

get the 6

bennryan2 says:

funny stuff!

pedrof830 says:

A Kia, a deer, Tony has reappeared, in San Antonio my dear! H/K have gotten
much better, but they still need to catch up in driving dynamics, and I
don’t trust the long term reliability of their engines, I need more proof!!

theMediaMart says:


ACS402010 says:

Just brought my new 2013 Sorento home last night. It’s a V6 and it flies.
Awesome car to drive. I think I’m going to be very happy with it.

VL77V says:

Does the 7 passenger model cost more money

theMediaMart says:


theMediaMart says:

ha ha 🙂 nature break — when are you gonna send me footage of your dog?

airtouch01 says:

2.4L for such a massive SUV? Are they kidding!!!?

VL77V says:

Btw great videos keep up the great work!!!

theMediaMart says:

as soon as I can find one 🙂

David Almaraz says:

My wife is looking to trade in her 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander soon, and she
absolutely hates the way the 2014 looks so she is going to switch brands.
She is looking real hard at this Kia, but is it a better value over the
Chevy Traverse?

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