2014 Kia Sorento Review by Motor Trend Automotive Group Member IntelliChoice

2014 Kia Sorento Review by Motor Trend Automotive Group Member IntelliChoice

IntelliChoice, a premier member of the Motor Trend Automotive Group, and Kia Senior Product Strategy Manager, Steve Hirashiki, tell us why the all-new 2014 K…



Joe Molinaro says:

This is why I always say that this is the Mighty United States of
America…how mighty this U.S.A. of ours is????…We…our government in
Washington and mainly our Bankers and industrialists…they went all the
way earlier in the 2000s to discontinued the mighty Oldsmobiles and the
Pontiacs….????…to bring the Kia to the United States???…HA…keep it,
Korea…I still have the Chevrolet…but this proves that Kia or Chevrolet,
both are highly profitable for our bankers and industrialists, and this
proves that we control Asia’s companies, which they are more “US” than
them…and Asians should kiss our butts , for giving them a better
life….BEST QUALITY???not at all…NEVER EVER…I won’t give up a mighty
Corvette for a Supra…I won’t give up a Volkswagen for a Corolla…I
won’t give up a Mercedes for a Lexus…I BUY ONLY AMERICAN or
EUROPEAN…sorry Asians…

Peak Kia says:

Here’s a video of Motor Trend’s review for the 2014 Sorento!

mistycx2 says:

I <3 Kia and can't wait to get the new Sorento,,, even with the bad luck of
my first sorento dying out on me, I still love them and wouldn't dare of
spreading bad on their company... Can't wait to own the only new vehicle I
would purchase 🙂

Kia Motors America says:

We recommend speaking to our Consumer Assistance team about your Sportage.
Please call 800-333-4KIA

Flexmeister says:

cant wait to get my new 2014 soul with this

Zavier H says:

Bring a diesel and own the segment

Alan Nicholls says:

Lol, I talked to them over a year ago, and they told me to admit it was my
fault. So, I had to lawyer up. And, your company has done everything in
it’s power to delay the case, and ignore it. So, I’m going to continue
spreading Kia’s lack of customer care until your company stops messing
around, and gives me a refund on my lemon. How would you like to make
payments on a car with a blown engine for over a year? Have fun wrapping
your head around that one. Kia, you guys are crooks.

justicebritt says:


Glo nawide says:

I Got my 2014 Sorento SX in Canada 5 days ago, but with surprise I didn’t
found UVO, I called customer service, they telling me that, UVO is not
compatible in CANADA, i didn’t believe that answer, I want to know, how I
can get UVO in my Sorento SX.; as this is nice and today technology of
peace of mind, to get vehicle diagnostics. how KIA can make me Happy to
help me to have this e service in my Sorento SX. Thanks and I will be happy
to have it.

Alan Nicholls says:

I’ve been waiting since July of 2012 for Kia to fix my 2012 Sportage. The
engine failed at 6,500 miles, and they denied the warranty, claiming my
1,100lb trailer was too heavy, even though the vehicle is rated for
2,000lbs. Quit delaying Kia. It’s just costing you more in the end. Kia
will do ANYTHING to cop out of warranty work. I even had a deposition over
a month ago with their lawyers, and still nothing. Great customer service

Kia Motors America says:

Rebooted. Remixed. Redesigned. 2014 Kia Sorento: http://spr.ly/6262wVmi

#KiaSorento #Sorento

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