2014 Kia Sorento EX Road Test and Drive Review

2014 Kia Sorento EX Road Test and Drive Review

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Meela234 says:

Will you review the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport?

Янчaн Джин says:

I would like to correct one thing. The Sorento in the video is not the EX.
It’s the LX. You can easily distinguish them by the taillight. EX has an
LED and LX has a normal one. 

Mejevoli says:

I love how in depth these reviews are. Awesome awesome.

Vincent Chen says:

Actually much more than refreshed. Stiffer structure, better interface for
the infotainment just for 2. I like these, but money I have to spend, would
rather buy a Cherokee, which I did, or even Grand Cherokee as the trim
package moves up price wise quickly. It isn’t your old Kia pricing deal.
The front is the Peter Streyer Tiger nose design. Of Audi and Volkwagen
fame, Peter is turning Kia’s styling and cars around. I had an Optima, and
it was a very good car!

Monte Comeau says:

Voice commands do work for the iDevices with the UVO app

Edgar Abreu says:

Good review; you pointed out several details (hard plastics, but you get
extras) and price against the competition. Made my decision process easier.


it’s the same SAAB 9-x7

Euro Video Productions says:

Great Review Alex! I love that Kia!

KL Cassidy says:

Hi +Alex on Autos. Was wondering if u knew anything about some of the
complains of this KIA Sorento 2014 having transmission n gear issues after
some time? Are they common n true?

sameh h says:

Very good job , great detailed video for the entire vichel

G LO says:

get off the hard plastic comments already! CHeck out the sx if you want
more fluff

Bob Keilitz says:

Hey Alex, serious question for you: When did vehicles of this size and
configuration move away from being an “SUV” to being a “crossover?” I can
see the Rav4, CR-V, CX-5, and even the Venza being called a crossover.
Maybe it’s just me, but I still think of the Acadia, Traverse, Pathfinder,
and Sorento as sport utils. I’m sure it is all just marketing jargon, so
what is the benefit of calling these larger 7-seaters “crossovers?” Just
curious. Good job on this one!

cooldude1985ish says:

Alex, Great Job once again…I regularly watch your videos. Question
though, can we compare this crossover to something like an Acura MDX, which
is though a “luxury” crossover, but much more costlier than this and gives
us more or less the same options (like 290 HP & AWD systems).

David Salazar says:

I don’t know you commit all that to memory.

Richard R says:

Does your model have the dual flow shocks? Cause I also had a Jeep Liberty
and my 2013 Sorento EX drives/ rides 10 times better than my jeep ever did
on road. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Jeeps, but it’s like comparing
apples to oranges- those vehicles have different missions in life.

dave dunn says:

These sorentos arent cheao, even the $40,000 sx model has. Hard plastics
everywhere. Kia and hyundai have gotten way to expensive regardless of

boozer74 says:

people may not know this, but the kia grill is called the the tiger nose.
it was designed by peter Schreyer and resembles a tiger’s nose. he is also
the man who designed the audi tt and worked for Volkswagen. kia brought him
over to revive their cars. he is responsible for the newly designed optima
on the roads today. I know this because it was a special program I saw on
one of those car channels on cable.

salobaidi says:

Nice review. How would you compare Sorento to Santa fe?

Alex on Autos says:

I am partial to the exterior of the Sorento but I like the Santa Fe’s
interior more. They are very similar cars since Hyundai and Kia are
more-or-less joined at the hip when it comes to research and development.

Ridhwan Azizan says:

I’ll choose Hyundai Santa Fe rather than this Sorento..

Marcos Viloria says:

How would you compare this sorento with the 2013 Nissan pathfinder? Nissan
is offering better rebates/discounts so it comes to about the same

dave dunn says:

$36,000 for a kia???????????

fvgotch says:

Such a thorough review, thank you.

PussMag says:

if KIA can break down those option that’ll be great, KIA usually have only
one or two options they are about $2200 each.

Turkic Warrior says:

im about to buy a brand new suv type of car, im considering Dodge Journey
(blacktop edition) or Ford Edge. any suggestions?

nastraightsix says:

Class act as always. Thank you again for these reviews!

Alex on Autos says:

Crossovers predated the term really. In very general terms, an SUV is
generally considered to be a body-on-frame style vehicle with a RWD biased
drivetrain, and crossovers are car-based unibody vehicles with FWD biased
drivetrains. The Acadia, Traverse, Pathfinder and Sorento are all
crossovers, but their predecessors were SUVs (Envoy/Trailblazer, previous
generation Pathfinder/Sorento). The Grand Cherokee is a hybrid between the
two, but since it helped start the craze we usually say SUV.

Alex on Autos says:

My preference is for the Sorento but you should spend plenty of time in
both to see which fits your needs best.

Bob Bobington says:

Dull mommy mobile but I like the the front.

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