2014 Kia Optima Turbo Test Drive Video Review

2014 Kia Optima Turbo Test Drive Video Review

For a few years now, Kia has steadily been improving its line-up all the way from the entry level compact car all the way to the top-of-the-line Cadenza. The…



A Stiener says:

Nice car with good features but for over 35K $ ahh no thanks.

MrJosheaFilmz says:

Audi: Peter Schreyer, you are not welcome.

Jason Honingford says:

No way you get over 25mpg though.

gamestopreownedgame says:

I like it’s look but the reputation of this car brand is…

Coyote Man says:

Like I keep saying I wonder when these “unbiased” tester will run out of

Kevin Edwards says:

Only a fool would drop $30k on a kia

Mark Simon says:

I tried 2013 in TX Style equipment which is top package here in Croatia.
Unfortunately they offer it only with 1.7 diesel engine that develops
136BHP. And the price here is ridiculously huge… Almost $50G for that car
I tried… But that’s Croatia…
I read here you all complain it looks nice but it’s still a Kia… Ok, here
in Croatia we have a joke that Kia is a car for life, because you can’t get
rid of it when you want to sell it. But I witnessed a testimony from a guy
that owns a towing service for 30 years and he said he towed anything you
can imagine. All premium brands regardless to the price… But he never
ever towed a Kia or a Hyundai 🙂 Hard to believe but the guy is legit. 

Ɗαnƴεℓ ❼♫♪ says:

I have 2004 Grand Prix now, but I want this car. I’m also looking at the
2014 Chevy Impala. Kia is calling me though.

robert Last says:

Ok jason, I hav 2013 limited yes I do get OVER 30 mpg on highway, the 13
does have auto hold as well, just not sport mode, I may upgrade in 2015
when it will be completely redesigned

tillallareoneluv says:

Kia has come a loooong way. 

dbsshadow says:

for those of you that have the turbo , what is your average mpg? i have a
2014 lx model and i do 19mpg.

Trenton Sullivan says:

are the headlights for the SX LED

Howard Johnson says:

The ONLY thing i don’t like about the new Optima is that turbo badging by
the side front fender. I’d say get rid of that. But it’s a great looking
car with the power to match. It has a more boxy look compared to the 2012
model I have. But definitely looks more aggressive and sexy. Would I trade
in my 2012 for the 2014 SX Limited? Hells to the yeah!!!!

OKC FAN says:

How can they possibly make this car any sexier

Joonbae Choi says:

Good review thanks

Robert D says:

Mmmmm, how much did this review got paid from kia, ppl are forgetting
something real important, this is a kia, it looks nice but thats it. Lets
just see how many of this cars will be on the road on the next 5-10 years.

Howard Johnson says:

I have a 2012 optima sx and I love the new front fascia of the 2014. 

Allen Zhang says:

that steering wheel is just orgasmic..

Aphroditiify says:

kia is a nisse faken car

Patrick Buchanan says:

Is this supposed to be an independent review? i like how at one point he
says “we’ are competing in the mid-size sedan market. Through rest of
review he talks about how “they” did this and “they” did that. Watch
review again and realize it’s just an ad for Kia.

Ivan Vojt says:

37K screw that. At least the roof isn’t sloped as badly as the Sonata so
2nd row head access is decent. 25.x MPG Combined isn’t bad on the Turbo.
Watch out for the insurance rates BTW.

I’d still get the Accord over this. That 10yr. warranty better be followed
with a on time maintenance history per the owners manual otherwise a dealer
can deny your warranty claim.

Fernando Hernandez says:
mathgeekphysics says:

Very nice car :)

Taraji Ward says:

Am what on kia 2015 k900

Robert Cowan says:

Not everyone wants Audi road feel in the steering. Some of us don’t mind a
slightly numb steering feel. If I wanted Audi steering feeling then I
think I would buy an Audi.

Anthony V says:

at 3.16 great work going THRU the stop sign without completely stopping.

Saint Michael says:

i always liked this car

GRAFHC says:

A true “watch fan” would know that watches don’t have “faces”, people do.
Watches have dials.

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