2014 Kia Optima SXL Turbo Review

2014 Kia Optima SXL Turbo Review

Michelle from Capitol Kia takes you through every angle of the all new 2014 Kia Optima SXL Turbo. http://www.capitolkiasanjose.com/index.htm 2014 Kia Optima …



Raven Lawrence says:

lol i only click because of the girl

Alfredo Ayala says:

sexy legs

Dangrousdave20 says:

Wait this video is about a car? What company is this? Where am i?….

natalie maravi says:

She is hot but seems high maintenance as hell dime a dozen in CA. Problem
with KIA well since I almost bought one SXL went after Mercedes and BENZ
problem is some better trims but come on 35-37k out the door their smoking
serious crack. If LX about 22k what really justifys another $12k for some
sleeker trim. They dropped the ball. rip off price


God those legs are amazing. 

César Bazán says:

Is it as good as she looks?

I mean, as it looks? :)

hemiram1988 says:

Aaaaaaand I’m spent.

TheOutlaw8080 says:

I want to go for a drive!

gymratmagoo54 says:

The car was in the way sometimes.

Elitephoto phoenix says:

OK I want that test drive! and I am soooo buying one! 

Shawn The Great says:

Now that is how you sell a car man I am single and I almost brought that
car watching this video. 

David James says:

all i know is she’s hot! car isn’t bad either… ;-)


I want to give her mixed babies

Carlos Reo-Dero says:

I’d love to drive that………………………… Oh, and I like the car

Coyote Man says:

True she is outstanding from every angle. lol

George Nanouh says:

Guys we all know that we didn’t come for the car review

j4mazinger says:

sensuality legs

Brandon Moore says:

Her husband/fiancé/boyfriend is one lucky guy. Nice car also.

RyuukoGo says:

So there was a car in the clip..

Coyote Man says:

And of course she has a short dress on. lol
No pandering here.

Pun Jabi says:

Two bitter women gave thumbs down.

John Do says:

Author should have disabled comments for this video. They should have known
that comments will not be about the car.

kao lee says:

Huh…wut she say?

R A N O V A T I O rano says:

Sexy lady

Joonbae Choi says:

Best Optima review ever!

KostasLad says:

damn this car is hot…!

mrsrwells1978 says:

i would love to rub the body on that baby

Howard Johnson says:

I don’t know anything about the car or what kind of car it is. The entire
time, I’m just checking her out. Those legs…

Joe .J says:

Wouldn’t it be great if they gave you a hot babe with every car . Then when
they BOTH have too many miles on them you could just trade them in ; ))

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