2014 Kia Optima Comparison and Review vs. 2013 Kia Optima

2014 Kia Optima Comparison and Review vs. 2013 Kia Optima

Kia Country of Charleston’s GM, Steve Appelbaum details the differences between the New Redesigned 2014 Kia Optima and last year’s 2013 model. Some of these …



santos Ventura says:

Omg I hate the new tail lights

Paul Schraff says:

This car is fucking awesome (^_^) For a 4 cylinder, it is fun to ride and
some kick to it! I love my Optima! It hit 38 MPG the other day on the high
way hahaha gas tank didn’t even move.

Raymond Richard says:

I am a sales consultant at a kia dealer in Cincinnati, Ohio 513-682-2500

TheNightHawk88 says:

The 2014 model has shinier tires, too! ;-)

Mr Cloud says:

yeah, older tail lights were prettier, i hope they will put old ones back.
And too pity warranty is 7 years here in Europe. I’m just kidding for that

ralphtime says:

Them tail lights suck. 

canomalo says:


DerekBondo says:

I’m not sure there is anything “Classic” about this car.

Ed S. says:

Front= Optima 2014
Back= Optima 2013

iAaronHD says:

The rear looks like something from 2005-06.

xboxplayer670 says:

Rear is ugly

Dana Smith says:

I bought my new kia optima two weeks ago,black with camel interior love
this car rides great!

bassistguy says:

I can’t stand the new tail lights.

spencerattack631 says:

more classic look…more distinctive look…lol

Alfredo Cisneros says:

All they did to the new lights was glue on a piece thatt wasnt there
basically its ugly af they need to put the old ones

David Jeong says:

Beautiful car! Reminds me of something from a science fiction movie

Lindsay Zuber says:

Hum…. my new 2014 SXL does not have Daytime Running Lights…

Leo Grey says:

What the fuck, tail lights. You were so pretty.

mephisto1025 says:

That din is so small 

Najhae T says:

2013 all the way

Dana Smith says:

Bought my new kia optima two weeks ago,great car black with camel interior,
love all the options.

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