2014 Kia Forte5 review

2014 Kia Forte5 review

The 2014 Kia Forte5 has two new powerful engines including a 201hp turbo.



Brandon Friesen says:

Zak will you do a review of a new VW Tiguan?

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

I wanted to buy one, but the crash tests are horrid. Kia totally failed on
safety and I’m very disappointed, since I would have bought this car

supercooled says:

Go test drive it to really guage tbe quality of the cabin and ride quality.
You will be pleasantly surprised by it. 

Skyler91 says:

Nice to see you back after 1 month of absence xD

Brian Goss says:

I think its funny how KIA little wagon Look way better then the Chevy Crus

NHawk2112 says:

Kia needs a car in this segment that is more performance oriented. The
Forte5 with the turbo is close to what is needed but for the cost id rather
go with say a Fiesta/Focus ST or maybe a Civic Si. Now if the Forte would
get a bit more power and a limited slip differential (looking at you too
Ford) then it would get a lot more of my attention. Still though,
looks-wise the Kia is pretty good. On looks alone I would take this car
over say a GTI

Yao Xiao says:

like the regular grille better

Warren Frazier says:

Good Car but dont get a flat tire. Kia Does Not make a spare tire for the 5
Door YET. And not much the little tire repair kit can do for you when
something cuts the side wall of the tire. Bad move by Kia

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

did a trade in for this, hopefully all goes well lol.

zxbc says:

Good review, but please fix the audio and make the intro part stereo in
future videos.

NguyenMao says:


doanster says:

Does this car have some sort of limited-slip differential?

Matthew H says:

good job on the car but still no independent rear suspension

Mod Matt says:

Excellent review. To me, looks like KIA copied the design and formula of
the Ford Focus ST and I believe the independent rear suspension can be
found there as well for similar pricing. My hard earned money would go to
the Ford with the larger and more powerful 2.0L turbo I4 over this KIA
Forte hatch.

MrKikoboy says:

Not sure why everyone thinks low sidewall tires are so great – crappy ride
and I haven’t seen anyplace yet that doesn’t have crap roads for the most

patricial1231 says:

I went to Kia and they didn’t have any. Where can you get one in the US?

Scott Campbell says:

audio is lower than normal, aside from that.. great vehicle review. thanks

Scott Campbell says:

zach, I can’t hear u man.. what’s up?

Wooly Creek says:

Wish Kia-Hyundai had a Diesel in all or most of their cars with a manual
transmission that was available in all trim levels. For now it seems
Volkswagen is the only company to offer a Compact car with a TDI in North
America… Why can’t the US and Canadian market be more like the European

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