2014 KIA Forte Sedan vs Chevy Cruze Diesel 0-60 MPH Mashup Review

2014 KIA Forte Sedan vs Chevy Cruze Diesel 0-60 MPH Mashup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 KIA Forte and the Chevy Cruze are direct competitors in the new car market place…or are they. In another fun and informa…



ethan adkins says:

cruze is 46 not 36 highway

Easy E-Man says:

Hey TFL when are you guys going to do the new 2014 Kia Forte Turbo, Koup or
5?? I think it would be a great match up for the Fiesta ST.

froochie123 says:

0-60 in 11 seconds. Great Job Chevy. You really know how to make shit on

forrest225 says:

Cruze needs emissions stuff removed and a straight exhaust, along with a
smoke tune lol. 

Edmund Ala says:

Y’know … all these people bashing on these cars because they have
“better” cars … makes me wonder … Why the hell are you watching this
anyway ?

andrew donohue says:

they rev these things up, really? my 2000 GTP would blow that forte off the

Leon G says:

i hope “clean” diesels dont catch on in the us and stop getting more
momentum in the rest of the world

Ryan says:

Now is it worth it to spend more on a diesel cruze over the turbo one?
Regular gas is $3.30, premium is around $3.70, diesel is still $4.00. So
you are spending more at the pump and for the vehicle just to get a few
more mpgs? 

Brian Schwinderman says:

I love these two guys….they are a trip to watch! :-D

D'Travyun Moore says:

Forte better

Sachi WI says:

The only vehicles Government Motors can produce are those designed and
engineered in Europe. So much for keeping the dollar here – #Fail
Buick Regal is the other GM car I was thinking about

Raymond Johnson says:

Sorry Dude the Cruze was the first of the economy cars to step into near
midsized room on the interior and the rear seats are not tight you guys are
fat! Also i love the fact in real life this car gets near 50MPG on the
highway not 46. Finally it is smart of an American company to use all of
it’s global resource to provide the best product. That is smart! Any one
would realize that unless your a tea bagger. Finally the plastic in the Kia
is hard too it is not a Cadillac or BMW.

Dylan Juhnke says:

They got the mpg numbers mixed around at the beginning 

Andrei Pop says:

I strongly recommend you get your fact straight next time. You rated the
Diesel as 24mpg city, 36mpg highway. EPA ratings for the Cruze Diesel are
27 city and 46 highway. Nice try. Heck, even the 1.4L Turbo Cruze is rated
for 26 city and 38 highway. You took the numbers from the 1.8L Cruze, which
has the lowest fuel economy.

Try again.

Gregory Perkins says:

I’d rather have the cruze. I hhhhhhhaaaate the forte style and kinda like
the cruze style

pat bis says:

The seats in the Kia is PLASTIC! The Cruze is Leather, REAL LEATHER!

PopCopyManager says:

Numbers are wrong, the diesel is rated at 27 city and 46 highway. This is
the shittiest car channel on youtube, I wish it would stop being
recommended on my feed. Bunch of dolts.

Barobran92 says:

I had a 2014 Chevy Cruze Turbo (non diesel) for a rental car for a week a
bit ago, and I loved how solid it felt, but I would for sure take Forte
over it.

andrew donohue says:

me thinks $25,000 is allot of money. apparently our money is worth nothing

Tim LeGresley says:

Hey tfl I watch a lot of your videos a good idea when you do 0-60 runs is
show a list of comparable cars with similar 0-60 times at the end, would
show were the car really stands in market! Just an idea

XMaverick1 says:

I’ve never had the Diesel version of the Cruze, but I have had a 2011 Cruze
LT and loved it. I miss that car so much and it has so much power. Gotta
love that Turbocharger.

uoyuoy444 says:

If you never drove a Chevy Cruze than you should not comment . I thought it
was just another cheap American car NOT SO ! I drove the 2013 LTZ I was
shocked at what a fine car it is.

Dheyaa100 says:

Im an 18 year old and Ive always driven 6 cylinders idk about 4 they’re
weak and rev up high for no reason

TheJ602 says:

Cruze came out in 2009 and its a turbo diesel
Forte came out in 2014 and is a gas engine

Not a good comparison. And btw you are guys are annoying. 

honestman777 says:

I personally like forte style

Jack Frost says:

Kia forte crash test POOR. Good luck will stick with Subaru.

honestman777 says:

Fuck you racist!

mi16t says:

And as for a “korean piece of shit”, The Cruze uses the Opel Astra
platform. The 2L Ecotec diesel and transmission are right out of a Opel. So
now you’re making fun of the very cars you’re defending, euro.

Matt Brooks says:

The reason for the higher price is because the car companies let Roman and
Nathan drive the top-of-the-line models for each car. And technically, even
the base model of these cars are not entry level. Chevy has two cars (Spark
and Sonic) that are below the Cruze and Kia has the Soul and the Rio. Those
four cars are just above the $13k price point.

maxou5757 says:

Clearly have no idea of what you are talking about. VW are great cars and
most of the time they are pretty reliable.

JAKE20fivefive says:

Is that US miles per gallon? My TDI is not new, it had 42,000 miles when I
sold it. I also have the same driving habits with all my cars. That’s what
real-world mileage is to me. It’s something you never have to think about,
you just drive it like you normally would.

Evgeni2em says:

Judging by your other comments, you’re still 16.

GRAFHC says:

? I test drove a 2014 Kia Forte just the other day… there’s no more
plastic in it than any other car on the market. Not to mention, little to
no engine noise or rattle. Why make such misinformed statements? Biased
against foreign cars possibly?

acuras4ever says:

like if you agree the Cruze looks better.

mi16t says:

LOL, you never owned a diesel.


The problem isn’t the back seat – it’s that Americans are expanding lol

9072aaa says:

seems that very few testers take into consideration that diesel costs more
than super premium in some locations. factoring the $ difference will
reduce the mpg diesel advantage.

noduleman says:

For the life of me , I just do not understand the fascination with these
guys with 0-60MPH with compact economy cars!?? I just dont get it. This is
the main theme and focus of ALL their reviews!

Tracepk1191 says:

And that has fucking nothing to do with my point?

Cm22c says:

CR takes money from no company. It’s easy to call them biased, but that’s
just your opinion. Besides, CR likes the TDI. And you’re misreading MT’s
review. I’m on MT’s website as we speak. It’s was a Tehachapi loop in
California, not a mix of city/highway. The 2nd best MPG Cruze returned 40.4
MPG on the same test. That’s not much less than the TDI’s 41.6 MPG. Neither
of the cars even won the comparison, the Mazda3 did. It returned excellent
MPG without costing anywhere near as much as the TDI.

Armesis P says:

GM is really desperate, the chevy cruze diesel was available in asia 5
years ago, with the same power and torque. Old crap

Jacob Young says:

TFL, what is your view/understanding on why the Cruze Turbo Diesel was so
slow at one mile above sea level (vs others have clocked it at sub 9
seconds at sea level)? My understanding (although I do not claim any
expertise), is that the fact it is a turbo will remove most of the
atmospheric pressure dependency for performance.

JackZakowski says:

What do Volkswagen owners know about reliability?

Anubis Ra says:

Indeed they are in 🙂 I just check them and have to say that i value my
life and i go with KIA,since the airbags are much more effective and better
positioned than in Chevy! Chevy got its door almost apart from the car
body!! Everyone here can check the tests!

Cade Milam says:

You are such a dumbass. The Chevy Cruze Diesel only comes in one model.
which comes with the same stuff, and options, as the LTZ Gasoline Cruze.
Get your facts straight.

JAKE20fivefive says:

No, you’re clearly making assumptions. What do you think I was doing wrong?
I was getting roughly the EPA estimates. I’d say I was probably doing
something right.

The Fast Lane Car says:

We fear that’s not correct. A turbo can help compensate for the lack of air
density but it does not negate the fact that the air has less density when
it first enters the engine. While a turbo will force more air into the
combustion chamber it will not increase the air density to sea level

JAKE20fivefive says:

Gees, stop guessing what I did or didn’t do. I did more than what you said
to do. I went for a hour to hour and a half long highway drive almost
almost every other day with the car. Stop telling what I did wrong, or what
I should be doing with a car I don’t even own anymore. The car got 34
mpg,… stop making a big fuss over it.

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