2014 Kia Forte Review – Kelley Blue Book

2014 Kia Forte Review – Kelley Blue Book

The 2014 Kia Forte has good looks, cool features, a decent ride and a generous warranty on its side but is that enough to rival luminaries like the Honda Civ…



Ariel Cordero says:

It’s been two days since I got my 2014 Forte EX and…… I LOVE IT!!!!
What a great little car. Well… it’s not that little. I’m 6’2″ tall and I
feel very comfortable driving my Forte. I got the Aurora Black color with
black leather seats. Love those leather seats. And if you are planning on
getting this car…. you have to see it in that black color. with the
chrome accents it really looks amazing. One friend of mine even told me
that when he first saw it he thought it was a Lexus. Must be because of
that Audi designer. It really looks way better up close. I did test drove
the Mazda 3 (too expensive), the Focus (again…. too expensive if you load
it up with features) and the Elantra (very different car than it’s cousin
the forte) and didn’t liked any of those as much as I loved the Kia. The
Forte really feels and looks like a way more expensive car….. for the
price I paid for it. Took advantage of lots of bonuses since the dealer was
liquidating the 2014 fleet to make way for the new 2015 models. So I saved
a lot of money and still got a brand new car that I totally love. 

Wesley Harley says:

Great review Micah but could u do a review On the 5 door or the new 2015
Hyundai sonata

Eric Blevins says:

My driving experience with this car is great. I enjoy driving it, not just
for the features. I’ve got 22,000 miles on my blue 2014 Kia Forte EX with
the premium and technology packages. I rented a Jeta with the 1.8 L turbo
from an airport and it was an okay car but IMO not any sportier than my
forte. It had more torque off the line but passing power and everyday
driving was better in my Forte. I drive it in the mountains and it handles
great and I get plenty of feedback from the wheel. Automotove journalists
sometimes forget that average people like a good handling car but don’t
have the priviledge of test driving everything from a Mercedes to a
Chevrolet. Bottom line, if you sit in it and drive and enjoy it and it
doesn’t break and you can afford it, buy it and don’t worry about what the
“professionals” say. The only person’s opinion that matters when it comes
to the car you buy and drive is yours. 

npo64 says:

I’ve got one. It’s my 2nd Kia and I’m very happy with it. 

Phineas T Birdpocket says:

… Get a Civic.

Sanpedranoazul says:

Nice car, the taillights looks like sunglasses at night!!

Jonathon D says:

KIA has really become a contender in the car market this year. I just
bought my 2014 KIA Forte yesterday and its one of the best cars i’ve ever
had. I’ve had BMW’s and GM’s since i’ve started driving and have to say i’m
very pleased with my choice to try out KIA

Donnie Lee says:

What about warranty?how’s that compared to the Hyundai’s warranty ten year
one hundred thousand mile drive train warranty?

Justin Prater says:

Kia really loaded this car with all the features! 

Chris Wilson says:

This guy seems a little bitter. Driver’s fatigue. 

Power Kia says:

Check out this awesome review on the 2014 Kia Forte!

Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda says:

Check out this awesome review on the 2014 Kia Forte!

Garden Grove Kia says:

Check out this awesome review on the 2014 Kia Forte!

solaide says:

UVO is powered by Microsoft. Watch watch?v=wGXHu2uA400

accordguy0325 says:

After owning a 2012 Honda Civic for nearly two years – I personally want
more than a decent ride. A car that is actually fun to drive with enjoyable
steering and road feel are at the top of my shopping list next time around,
with the Mazda 3 in first place.

LogicWithYou says:

I drive an 8.3 litre corvette Just kidding 🙂 more like a 1.2 liter Toyota.

Ashraf Ezzat says:


TheK24Kyle says:

Eh. Iike this car but I think I’d rather have a civic for the resale and

José Carlos says:

Great Reviews!!!

suomiauto says:

The Jetta is a great car to drive like all VW. It’s sporty enough to go
trough hairpin turns with speed and comfortable enough when you just want
to cruise around.

Bob Keilitz says:

“An average looking car, filled with sweet features.” Wow, what a concept!
Very glad to actually see someone actually embrace it in a review!

Oscar Perez says:

In America a 2.0l engine is still pretty small. And the gas fluctuates
between $3.20 to 3.80 a gallon here in Houston,Tx

radsqd says:

Finally a reviewer says what 90% of car buyer thinks.

MCAReview says:

The video you are referring to is 3 years old. KBB is giving us the up to
date new information about the Google powered system which was announced by
KIA in January 2013

Spencer Allen says:

So the Volkswagen Jetta IS or ISN’T fun to drive? I’ve heard mixed opinions.

Albert Mah says:

hey its the maserati ghibli……

ODST Löwe III says:

The music in this is AWESOME

Don Juan says:

I thought MS made UVO, not Google.

Troy V says:

A generous European sedan made in Korea at an American price tag. Can’t go

igeekone says:

Looks like they still need to work on quality. 1:52 it shouldn’t be falling
apart so soon.

solaide says:

I guess the termed “powered by” is used in a loosely version. The truth is
that UVO run Windows Embedded Automotive which is a microsoft owned
operating system. The change announced by Kia was to use Googles eServices
rather then the microsoft services they were using before. Its like using
google maps vs bing maps on your windows computer. In the end it is still
powered by Microsoft.

johnathanqkr says:

Why do they keep saying ‘including destination’ after saying the price for
the car?

MCAReview says:

This is a video about the Kia Forte and it’s a Google powered system. Look
it up and read about Google’s partnership with KIA.

Mark Isacs says:

It’s nice the Americans can still drive 2 litres & above engines & carry on
polluting the planet gas prices must still be cheap.

Jose Andrade says:

I would like it if you reviewed the hatchback version.

Darien K says:

Was interested up until the A-pillar molding came off, makes me wonder what
else could come off over time

Estirvana says:

hatchback looks nice

Shobin Drogan says:

the old cerato in my place is called the forte, the new forte is called the
cerato in my place Dafuq?

MCAReview says:

Yes. Saying powered by is the wrong term when being technical. They are
trying to push the name Google for recognition to attract those who are big
fans of google services. Since they have the new “partnership” the just
want to use the name Google in their marketing as much as possible.

fakebrake says:

Nothing wrong with the forte. I bought the 2014 ex with the premium pkg.
and really like it. I payed 21000. Test drive one and if you don’t like it
there are plenty of other cars out there to choose from.

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