2014 Kia Forte Koup

2014 Kia Forte Koup

This is the redesigned Kia Forte Koup.The Forte coup and sedan have the Hyundai Elantra like design to them if you like that.The coup now comes with the opti…



letyourheartdecide1 says:

I prefer by far the design off my Koup sx 2011 

Danny says:


ron Raro says:

visual was much less sports, not liked how the previous…

kronosdb says:

The new Kia Forte coup and sedan are based off of the Hyundai Elantra coup
and sedan vehicles.

nomeinteresa nada says:

Its horrible , Kia koup 2011 is too much better desing

VBsurfer88 says:

I’ll stick to my 2013 Kia Koup

jessibellxo says:

front end looks like a rio :/

caddyls says:

i dont like the rims or the head lights, everything else looks nice.

kronosdb says:

The new Kia sedan and coup are based off of the Hyundai Elantra sedan and

77rxpharmacy says:

Gone is the aggressive styling. This one looks more sophisticated albeit
rounder around the edges. Love it or hate it. To me, it looks more
universal. As in it has a look that more people can love whereas the old
koup looked appealing to younger bargain shoppers. This new design
philosophy is part of peter schreyer’s efforts to make Kia a recognizable
brand. Good effort indeed. If I was ever in the market for a FWD value
sports coupe I will take a long look at this one.

George Navarrete says:

Ugly ass car

Neil GoodKnight says:

inside looks very FAT dashboard and body shape

istrike95 says:

Kia rio koup 2014

E. Thafussa says:

UGLY ASS CARR !!! this is the same reason why i sold my 2010 kia and
switched to European… what a waist

Jared Gray says:

I own the first generation Koup, and in my opinion, the new body style
sucks!! Lookz like everything else on the road!! They should’ve done LED
taillights on all of the gen 1 Koups too!!

Kia SZIC Opole says:

Co powiecie na prezentację Kii Forte Koup? Co o niej sądzicie? Jakie jest
Wasze pierwsze wrażenie? 

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