2014 Kia Forte EX Review and Road Test

2014 Kia Forte EX Review and Road Test

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Ariel Cordero says:

Hello Alex! Great review videos. I was wondering…. Kia Forte or Hyundai
Elantra? Or Kia Forte Five or Elantra GT? From what I get on the review
videos… they are pretty similar cars. But which one is better? I’m
planning to get a new car (current one is a 2006 Scion XB) but I don’t like
the 2nd generation XBs that much. Thanks!

Andy Gold says:

Always great reviews! In your wrap up you mention “memory seat”, but i
don’t remember seeing that in the review. Does it remember for multiple
drivers? By key, or by button? Also, nobody reviews this…if equipped with
remote start, can you have the climate control automatically come on to
your settings, and also the seat heaters & cooler? I live where it gets
down to 30°F below zero. Heaters coming on with remote start is a definite

Ariel Cordero says:

I have to make an update. It’s been two days since I got my 2014 Forte EX
and…… I LOVE IT!!!! What a great little car. Well… it’s not that
little. I’m 6’2″ tall and I feel very comfortable driving my Forte. I got
the Aurora Black color with black leather seats. Love those leather seats.
And if you are planning on getting this car…. you have to see it in that
black color. with the chrome accents it really looks amazing. One friend of
mine even told me that when he first saw it he thought it was a Lexus. Must
be because of that Audi designer. It really looks way better up close. I’m
glad I saw this review video before I made my choice. Alex was right on the
money when he described this car as his favorite in the section. I did test
drove the Mazda 3 (too expensive), the Focus (again…. too expensive if
you load it up with features) and the Elantra (very different car than it’s
cousin the forte) and didn’t liked any of those as much as I loved the
Forte. The Forte really feels and looks like a way more expensive car…..
for the price I paid for it. Took advantage of lots of bonuses since the
dealer was liquidating the 2014 fleet to make way for the new 2015 models.
So I saved a lot of money and still got a brand new car that I totally

Haplo says:

The new forte look so bad compared to the first gen.

JumboJellyFish says:

Great Video. Do you think that you could do a chevy cruze?

napster21cg says:

Very nice review!

Chimeng Yang says:

Do the new outback and xv crosstrek

trevine33 says:

+Alex on Autos
Is the HID headlamps low beam only? 

aquateen77723 says:

Very good review and test drive, Alex! This is also my new favorite in the
class and one I might just buy very soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts
on this stylish, sporty little ride!

napster21cg says:

Very nice review!

Toby Michael says:

Any thoughts on the new 2014 Kia forte coupe compared to the 2014 scion TC

OdysseusGarapet says:

i love the humour 😀 

Thabie Melvin says:

Hey Alex can you review the 2013 Kia rio Hatchback of 2014 if you can find
it !! Can you review on with bluetooth!!

John Smith says:

8 inch screen is part of the tech package not standard. Just FYI.

Chen Cao says:

Great video. Alex, could you do a Hyundai Elantra 2014 and compare with
this Forte?

That's a bunch of crapola says:

2014 Forte SX with Technology Package or 2013 Kia Soul + or ! with out the
UVO system…

dave dunn says:

Im not ready to buy a kia or hyundai yet. The depreciation is very bad and
resale, reliability is just not there yet. 

Quentyn73 says:

The rear susp is miltilink or torsion?

Daniel Jones says:

2014 Hyundai Elantra has best resale according to a recent Google search.

JB Choi says:

Isn’t that with P on the button auto parking ? Not a parking sensor, I

matt kan says:

Hay Alex u should review a Subaru sti.

Ted Roberts says:

Thanks I am looking for a new midsize but a fully loaded Fusion or Malibu
costs to much but this Forte looks good to me.Very helpfull video thanks.

mrvico001 says:

Alex, can you review the new 2015 kia Rio hatchback please? Thanks!

Abe Jensen says:

Very nice review. I was considering one of these and this helps

Landrew0 says:

Reclining in the trunk is an overused gimmick.

lanell2004 says:

Which is better kia soul or kia forte? 

Nick M says:

Hey Alex you have provided a great review which was professional and
unbiased. I’m torn between two cars the 2014 Kia Forte and the 2014 Mazda 3
could use your help seem both your reviews and you have a better
presentation than the sales men. Would like to know your take on the two
thank you in advance. 

Bill Meador says:

What about the crash test rating? I like the 2014 KIA Forte too but the
crash test rating is lacking in certain categories.

Franz K says:

Finally the same horsepower as my 2005 Mazda3 to make it competitive for
consideration. My Kia salesman told me I could get 6spd manual with the
larger engine in the intermediate EX trim…ONLY IN CANADA?? 

Adil Chakir says:

Best reviews ever

frankevich says:

Another first rate review Mr. Dykes. Now how about a review of the Chevy
Sonic LT with 1.4L turbo and auto trans? This model is priced right and,
we believe, very popular, and also has many sensible attractions (like the
turbo, auto trans, and 15″ wheels.) Many thanks. 

Eric H says:

Hi Alex, love your reviews! I was wondering if you might be testing the new
2014 Mazda 6 sometime soon…?

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