2014 Kia Forte /Cerato ( 2013 Kia k3 ) Test Drive

2014 Kia Forte /Cerato ( 2013 Kia k3 ) Test Drive

Kia’s Valuable 3, K3. Compact sedan. 1.6 Liter, 140ps/@6300, 17.0kg.m/@4850, 215/45R17 0-100 km/h, Fuel consumption Test ( City, Freeway) Front Daytime Running Light, Rear Combination Lamps …



fajeh Mal says:

I like korean car. 

Denis SAGA says:

Жаль что не по русскому говорят

Syahmi Dawana says:

Korean Automobil

Denis SAGA says:

Жаль что не по русскому говорят

SnowBunnieBear says:

what o_O

Duy Lê says:

wow , I can not wait to reach it this car in vietnam. Loved it !!

MrRethdayat says:

looks good to me to. maybe mr president here have to get his eyes checked.

Ahmed Metally says:

that kia not sold in usa in the same time its sold in egypt ????

Presidentovich says:

@TerryFilming If you are a faggot, maybe…

Greg Priester says:

Now that the Forte Koup has a turbo, I wonder if they will give the sedan a
turbo next year?

TNKfreePaul(TNK프리오토) says:

Not yet, maybe next year model will be Turbo..

Jerry Tay says:

can anyone translate what is he talking about? 🙂

no.0221 says:

You gotta trade in your forte for this one.

TNKfreePaul(TNK프리오토) says:

Not yet. Next year model might be a Turbo…

kevinszhere1 says:

If you reject him can I have the date? I am fairly attractive.. by internet

ksearles85 says:

Car is better in every conceivable way … what you said makes no sense,

Presidentovich says:

Heh. The new forte became a car for faggots and females. Nice way to fuck
up a good car, KIA.

SnowBunnieBear says:

noo way lol i like mine way better.. this actually screams ECO box..
atleast the 1st model actually looks sporty..

SnowBunnieBear says:

lol what :3

Aenigmaa says:

Volvo does not have a beeping sound at startup here in Sweden. In fact, no
cars I’ve ever been in do.

iSar Awg says:

is this a 1.6GDi? what engine options are available there in your country?

yuioaa56 says:

왤캐빠름 ㅋㅋ

Doped Koala says:

Wait for the coupe version of this car.

김 준 says:

맨날 디자인 똑같에ㅜㅜ 좀 획기적인거 읍나?

kevinszhere1 says:

god you really are pretty, I normally dislike the preteen look of asian

kevinszhere1 says:

Ok I admit it I lie, i am skinny and pale 🙁

박 박세필 says:


no.0221 says:

Hehe just kidding. Yeah, I agree your Forte Coupe SX look pretty sharp.

Presidentovich says:

Huh? You are the one who makes no sense. The new CeratoForte has joined
the bandwagon it started to look like some renault or even ford. Maybe they
have added some new features but that could have been done without fully
fucking up the looks and the interior of the car.

Mark Chuah says:

got turbo??

TerryFilming says:

It looks good.

mystvearn83 says:

Thanks for the video:) can someone put english subtitles. I don’t
understand Korean

SnowBunnieBear says:

i don’t like it

TerryFilming says:

They didn’t fuck up anything. The physical and inner design is so much more

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