2014 Kia Forte 5 Review

2014 Kia Forte 5 Review

Hatchbacks try to meld everyone’s favorite things. They’re small and spacious, practical and nimble, value-packed and affordable. Kia’s latest entry in the w…



Pug In A Mug says:

(2:06) I actually thought he said “affecting it’s thighs and practicality”

DashCam NYC says:

I can’t listen to this guy’s fucked up mouth anymore, thumbs down!

Bryan Litan says:

Kia why u no bring the Pro Cee’d GT!

Oliver Smith says:

Focus ST is better IMO

Bati Tsogtsaikhan says:

Cmon cuth fix yo lithp.

Justin Garcia says:

First!!….. Naw this is dumb

grabir01 says:

KIA is not reliable.. They blow head gaskets and Crack heads.. If you get a
KIA, make sure you get the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty !! lol 

Felix Tran says:

I think for a car this small, the mpg should be a little better than

Wesley Harley says:

Boring, should have used Craig to do this review .and can I have a review.
Of the 2 litre please?

Ricky Vang says:

for a kia :/

Hunter Reynolds says:

Ouch that mpg isn’t that great!

Tony Velasquez says:

Nice little car I’m averaging 25-26 mpg city with my 2.0l is a unique car I
have seen maybe one more where I live makes feel unique lol in a county
where we have million plus people, on Long Island NY

マックス Man says:

kia is good, but screw hyundai

DashCam NYC says:

What is up with this guy’s lisp?!

PussMag says:

Not a hater but a small KIA for $27k which does 24mpg, you must be going
insane to buy it. Get a GTI OR A MINI S

Lomas Ticas says:

Cheap car. And probably less than the suggested mpg. That’s why they have
changed all there engines to meet there lies.


Conner Miller says:

3000 more you could get a fully loaded focus st

FanaticGuide's Video Game LP's and more... says:

The guy who reviewed the car (the person who has the lisp) thounds kind of

TheOhknows says:

a lot of features. More than my 45k car lol. Looks nice too! Good review! 

Darrell Parker Jr says:

TRASH! I’d rather burn my money. He was far to nice to KIA.

trevine33 says:

Are the high beams halogen or HID?

sead garanovic says:

I’d still get the Veloster Turbo.

n777ua says:

$27k? Unfortunately for Hyundai, there’s the volkswagen and Mazda
hatchbacks which both are more dynamic and refined 

Terrance Parker says:

This thing is pretty good looking and it has Civic SI power. 

thesrt8dodge says:

The European Cee’d is much better.

Жараг_Гола Заполненный says:

Заряженный хэтчбэк

yorktmd says:

The Canadian pronunciation of Mazda kills me every single time. 

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