2014 Kia Cadenza Review – Kelley Blue Book

2014 Kia Cadenza Review – Kelley Blue Book

The Cadenza is one of the biggest, most expensive Kia cars to date. Given the brand’s frugal roots it’s natural to wonder if a large, luxurious Kia kinda mis…



Elisi Camost says:

How the hell is this only near-luxury? This is luxury big time!

Charles allen jr says:

No one is laughing at Kia/Hyundai anymore. They are big time and no is
embarrassed to drive them anymore. They are legit.

Coyote Man says:

See these paid mouthpieces focus on the fluff and the silly stuff to
confuse the buyer. So you really don’t know what you are getting.
I’m sure it’s a good car but you can’t tell by the reviewer. And that’s the
idea. Add confusion so the buyer becomes clueless.

Steven Jordan says:

it is about challenging the luxury you know (ive memorized their slogan). i
have rode around in one (it wasn’t the cadenza, it was the soul) and i
loved it.

Charlie Lee says:

change the badge to K or sth. that ll increase selling ur products

Newton Kia says:

#KBB review of the #Cadenza 

SANYUR says:

Sports Sedan’s, it’s Acura TL or Nissan Maxima

Nicole Underwood says:
John Saylor says:

Nice car

zungaloca says:

I likes the ilde one 🙁

Jayp says:

KIA just needs to change their badge to just the “K”. I see everyone
swapping out the badge for the K and every KIA review mocks the KIA badge.
I am still not convinced the cars longevity lifespan would meet that of a
Honda or Toyota. Therefor with the price of the Cadenza, it might be worth
buying the Acura TL over it just for the reliability

Ahmed Shahreer says:

It’s a good looking rig but again 42000 for a KIA ?! I think that a bit to
much make it more like 32000 and would happily get one.

shafta99 says:

nice looking car. saw one yesterday. but I wait till I drive one before I
judge it.

demayonnaise says:

Who cares if it has a Kia badge? Car media perpetuating the brand worship
is what keeps it going – regular joes are going to love this car (I’ve
driven one). Get this instead of a “luxury” brand, unless you’re so worried
that people judge you by the car you drive. For 42k this thing comes with
just as much as stuff as a 50K+ German car.

Ny Essien says:

i have one and it is amazing

Briggleton says:

damn kia has really stepped up its game, take away the name and look at the
facts. This car kicks ass

Benjamín Valenzuela says:

Yoou wouldn’t, this is based of the Azera rather than the Genesis. The
k9/Quoris is based of the Genesis and Eqqus platform.

CarEnthusias Ber says:

Cadenza comes with Sporty Paddle Shifters ; )

omar khan says:

What do you have to say about the legendary 1993 Nissan MAxima SE? Ever own
a nissan maxima sir?

yyyy2999 says:

If someone had 42k to spend, i dont see why anyone would spend it on this..

mistertee says:

is it weird that i kind of want this car? i’m usually a german car guy and
very badge conscious. i feel so confused right now… micah? help?

Heathishness says:

I think all that fake wood on the dash kind of ruins it. Looks cheap and
not very well thought out.

ladyvee7110 says:

Nice looking car inside and out.

Micah Muzio says:

There are always a ton of Nissans at the track days I attend. 370Zs, GT-Rs
and such. Btw, I learned to use a manual transmission in a Datsun 280Z
(technically a Nissan).

thinking500 says:

The Azera, 300, and Avalon look good, but the Cadenza looks desirable.

Paul Ho says:

There’s always traffic on the 22.

halabi97 says:

I understand that, but for the same money I can get a genesis, so why would
I buy this/azera over a Quoris/genesis?

weirdshibainu says:

Nice car and who cares if it says KIA? Honda and Toyota used to be viewed
as “cheap Japanese” cars. I would propose that if the price or new models
get close to 50K, Kia should have a separate luxury brand line like Toyota
did with Lexus. The Equus is a very nice car, but I think the Hyundai badge
works against it.

omar khan says:

Absolutely beautiful vehicles. Adept handling for a four dour sedan, bumpin
4 speaker bose audio system (factory stock). Yes minor problems here and
there, but overall a really nice vehicle. Unfortunately, the new maximas
dont seem to hold the sporty edge as they once used to. Now how many
nissans have you raced or dragged with at a race track with your s2000
(superb car btw) ?

CarEnthusias Ber says:

and the cheap maintenance of a nice and luxury car. this is perfect car to

Mohamed Humaid says:

Nice review. I like the point drawn at the end towards expanding life
options. However, I have to strongly disagree about claiming the Cadenza
the most expensive Kia to date. That title would crown the Kia Quoris.
Isn’t that sold in the US? Even if so, still. It doesn’t mean the car
doesn’t exist!

halabi97 says:

It’s a great car but why would I buy this over a Hyundai Genesis?

Micah Muzio says:

I own a Honda S2000 but it’s set up for track days so I really only drive
it to, at and from the race track. Otherwise I’m in press cars or on my

luxurykid666 says:

Does anyone know what car Michah drives?

Anthony Cuda says:

I’ll probably never be able to afford a new one and the Hyundai Elantra is
pretty much where I am at price wise but if I could afford the cadenza I
would buy it! Names don’t matter to me, i’d take this over a German car any
day due to reliability.

cb7pwn says:

Omg KEYLESS ENTRY!?!? WHAT!?! Thats amazing!

Micah Muzio says:

Sadly I’ve never owned a Maxima nor driven the 93 SE. I’m guessing you have
some experience. What’s your opinion?

Ebenezer Davis says:

like it

Philly 76 says:

I think he drives Honda old sporty car i forgot what they call it

Subaru Guy G LO says:

sure and if you got an iphone for 200 you would happily get that too …

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