2014 KIA Cadenza First Drive Review

2014 KIA Cadenza First Drive Review

( www.TFLcar.com ). The 2014 KIA Cadenza is new near luxury sedan that could have been built in German a few years ago. It is no secret that KIA head designe…



Ali Sayfi says:

you are indeed very funny

Jeff Gowsell says:

Nathan i love ur reviews get back to me

inevahdie says:

this Jeremy Clarkson wanna be tries too hard to be funny, and fails every
single time. Roman is much better reviewer

Michael Byars says:

People saying premium can’t be done by Kia because, well, its a Kia are
stuck in the past. Kia, like Honda, started off as a throw away car, cheap,
shit I believe they were buy one get one free when they first dropped. You
know what though, now Honda has a good name. Don’t overlook Kia

Richard Rutledge says:

No. Point blank!

Hesen Tagizade says:

very good

Fuccillo Kia of Greece says:

Earlier in May, The Fast Lane took the new 2014 Kia Cadenza for a test
drive, and to see how the Cadenza stacks up to the luxury market. Took a
look at the video for a comprehensive look at this premium quality sedan.

Cobb County Kia says:
Volnik says:

3:25 “Mercedes, BMW, at least” – aren’t those one of the best when it comes
to that?

Royalorgans says:

I’m 32 year old Bachelor who is about to go back and get a master degree. I
want something with style but don’t make me look old. I want the car that
going to give me a professional, sporty look with many luxury amenities
without being over the top or give the impression that im stuck up. My eyes
were set on the chevrolet impala LTZ (fully loaded) until I saw the Kia
Cadenza. What would you get if you were me? What average the best gas
mileage out of the two? which has best electronics.

Iskren Mihaylov says:

How did you get one with the beige interior? In Canada right now they’re
only offering a black interior?

James Davies says:

Yeah Kia uses sound technology in thier cars, it creates a very quality
build you dont hear noise you hear sound.

sic22l says:

I googled both cars and they have completely different grille’s. So it
probably is aftermarket. Cadenza adds to it rear end and interior (even the
steering wheel!).

CarEnthusias Ber says:


nathan adlen says:

You’ve been in this KIA? Look, I am not selling the car – I just review
them. The KIA Cadenza IS quiet. Wait a few months and try it out for
yourself if you don’t believe me.

상훈 박 says:

Kia badge also means trust.

jazzdude904 says:

Yeah because nobody else around the world needs to build cars except for
people in America (Sarcasm). Toyota innovated the manufacturing of cars
with the introduction of lean production. And yes, you need to say more
because what you said made no sense.

Mxfire1 says:

the fusion is a copy of the optima and this car

bob saget says:

Ford fusion sucks

Erkal says:

this design has been used in Korea for few years, before the fusion even
came out.

eldo59 says:

How many Beamer wannabes are there now?

mouzouki says:

Based on your defensive attitude, I assume you drive a Kia. “Still” is the
key word in my comment which is used as a function word to indicate the
continuance of an action or condition, in this case the poor quality
reputation of these vehicles. No matter what they build and how shiny it
looks, the Kia badge will scream cheap and poor-quality. I hope this helps.

aram442 says:

the smartest comment. i bet they would make engine noises in a few years

kens97sto171 says:

You are not going to get a fully loaded Maxima for $35K it’s close though
about $38-40K A base model Maxima is actually lower than the Cadenza at
$31K. and gets 19/26MPG. Lexus is gonna be WAY more money. All are good
cars, just have to pick which you like better. One additional thing. The
Cadenza is built here in the USA. and has a better warranty.

Tom Anderson says:

but u see urself driving a fcuking toyota, ford, gm or honda… when u
drive a Bugatti then laugh.. 😀

aram442 says:

its not quiet. I’ve been in some kias and they make lotta noise

FrancineRA1970 says:

Nathan looks like George? Uh, I don’t think so. Not unless George resembles
an ape or bear.

sleepybird09 says:

The hell. Where can u get a fully loaded Lexus for 35k?

MEALTeamSix says:

I’m curious about Kia and Hyundai in general about where they’re going. It
seems to be in the right direction, but I’ll give these cars a few years to
see the reliability factor before I dump my money on a Kia/Hyundai.

aram442 says:

you can get a M-Benz e class with that price

nathan adlen says:

My pleasure, thanks for watching!

Skott62 says:

I wasn’t impressed. The interior was unimpressive in looks. It didn’t look
like luxury at all. Nathan said it was fairly quiet inside but either the
camera guy had the window open or it is not quiet. I heard a lot of outside
noise. The exterior looks decent but not what I consider eye catching.
Nothing against Kia but I wouldn’t buy this car. Just my humble opinion.

note2owns says:

Its hard for me to look at this car and see luxury. I guess getting a
glimpse of the word KIA will have that effect….

jazzdude904 says:

The first car was invented in Germany by a man named Karl Benz…… But,
if you listen to any six sigma instructor or operations management
professor, they will tell you Toyota is the best automaker hands down
because of the quality with which they hold and the actual production of
the vehicles. I am not saying that nobody can outshine Toyota, I am just
saying that Hyundai and Kia are not on their level yet.

TL M says:

I’m gonna dream about this car.

jazzdude904 says:

Go with the Avalon. You’ll be glad you did.

okiedoke says:

i hate KIAs, but i gotta admit this one looks beautiful

sojux42o says:

lol.. G37 sedan base starts at $37k and gives you the same “surfaces” as
the G37S. It is pretty easy to negotiate that to under $32k. You can
negotiate a loaded G37S to under $38K. These are prices for new car by the
way. If you buy a G37S for $51k or a Maxima for $42K you should shoot
yourself for not “getting some education” and blowing all that cash. And it
is very possible to get soft touch surfaces in this price range, such as a
Volkswagen CC or Acura TL, both have better materials than G37

Cuseball121 says:

Wow, front end is a complete ford Taurus copy, back end looks like they
literally stole the whole thing from Audi. Kia up to there old tricks. Fuck
Korean cars.

Noah B says:

taillights look like audi a6

Sasha's Boyfriend says:

fuck tesla.

way2westcoast says:

Peolpe dont mind spending big money on toyotas or Kias in many other
countries as they are good cars.its just an american thing where we have to
rename brands to sound luxurious

yelp1000 says:

This is the least expensive car that has stop and go cruise control.

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