2014 Jeep Cherokee vs Toyota RAV4 vs Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V Mashup Review

2014 Jeep Cherokee vs Toyota RAV4 vs Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V Mashup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Jeep Cherokee and the new Toyota RAV4 and the current Ford Escape as well as the Honda CR-V all compete for the same custo…



CanadaCraig says:

‘Only ten minutes’ is about as long as many test drives last. And a lot of
people are deciding whether or not to buy in that time. So maybe every
review The Fast Lane Car does should start with a ten minute test drive to
get first impressions before spending any more time. Actually get out and
talk about it before driving any further. Just a thought. 

Peter Bartolo says:

the Jeep is one ugly sob ….. Toyota (with different colour) and the ford
are better looks wise

Richard Fournier says:

I thought Jeep/Chrysler and ram where bought out by fiat. No longer
American, unless you mean they are built in America still!

shane g says:

Damn . Ok the new jeep cherokee is ugly as all hell. The interior looks
cheap. Bug wing headlights and for 26,000 bucks all u get is fwd and a
wimpy 4 banger with no turbo? wow. Unreal. O and it’s a fiat not a jeep.
Mmmmm. I’ll take the escape hands down. Great interior. Fast.good
looking.sporty.great options. That’s why it’s 36,000. It’s worth it. O and
it’s a full american car not a company that got bought by a foreign
company. Yes I went there. 

shane g says:

First off there not mid size cross overs. There compact crossovers. escape,
compact,mid size would be edge, then ford explore would be full. Ugh guys
come on. 

DroneSeekr says:

Jeep cherookee just got uglier

cjmcebdb bandit says:

I would like to say that I am a woman not a man, cause people assume I am a
man. I personally think that the jeep wrangler (without added hydrolics)
(sorry bad speller), is a really good choice for minor off road, maybe the
others just good for winter situations???

jamie smith says:

Had jeep Cherokee as a hire car in Florida for 2 weeks. I wanted this car
so bad and when I saw one I ran to get it.! They had escapes and RAV4 but
the quality of interior of the jeep was a lot higher, automatic gear box
was very smooth and economical, on a long round trip of 600 miles I got
34mpg. Overal In the two weeks clocking up 1300 miles I got average
27mpg… Had a lot of adjustment in the seat, good all round vision. I had
the 2.4 latitude, and i tell you when you wanted to go u would go…! If I
could afford this car in UK I would have it no questions about it. Loved

xdduong says:


Jeremy Good says:

Toyota and Honda are out of the lineup, because they are Japanese pieces of
shit, and The Cherokee, I gotta admit, looks more stylish, but my mom’s
Escape can do better than that with 34 mpg highway.

Nitesh Joshi says:

what a biased review – TOYOTA XLE against Ford Escape Titanium? Also look
at the “reliability” factor and Honda is WAY ABOVE any of these and second
being TOYOTA, when buying a small crossover – safety, fuel economy and
reliability score 95 out of 100 points ….Jeep and Ford may look good but
score way less on reliability factor …if I see the resale value Honda is
top notch

242HP says:

$28K is a lot of money for a FWD only SUV (the Cherokee). Personally, I
don’t care for the front end design of the Cherokee at all. Those narrow
lights at the top are more about design than function. If they gave
adequate light, Jeep wouldn’t have had to put another set of lights
directly beneath them. As a former Honda owner (2 Accords), I agree that
they are very reliable cars, but (yawn) nothing to get excited about when
you drive them.

wyatt says:

what about the Nissan pathinder

Eugen M says:

Ford and Chrysler all the way! ;)

Cristina Mendoza says:

+Manuel Mendoza 

Jeremy Good says:

The Ford Escape ain’t no fucking crossover. It is a midsized SUV!

Shamnon M says:

So I got my Subaru WRX with 268hp and get the same mpg as a CRV for the
same price? And I have basically the same room inside? And my turbo
charged WRX can actually go around curves without tipping over? Crossover
= crossover a crack in the sidewalk but nothing much else. It’s the
idiotic “I want to sit up high” stupidity that people think makes them
safer. Why the hell does anyone want move the center of gravity up but
gain no important ground clearance? IF you need AWD, get a Subaru with a
boxer engine and get your center of gravity and your ass back down closer
to the road! My humble opinion :)

teecuzbruh says:

I’m a lookin’,,,and ford ain’t gittin’ another dime of my money. 2004 F-150
I own,,,F-150 must stand for finance-150 years with the one end to the
other repairs that had to be made

Ibrahim A says:

toyota is super ugly as ugly as the honda CR-V! next is cherokee but Ford
Escape is the best looking car and way more comfortable than toyota that
brings pain to my back. i have to mention that honda and cherokee are very
comfortable and solid cars. i dont know where to put toyota but it is
always bringing pain to my back so i will let it there where it belongs to
… painful riding car …ugh

jeason gagnon says:

Just staring at that hat the whole time! Go Steelers!

DantheManBooyah says:

Let’s see, 2 Americans recommend an American car… hmmm…. 

Eugen M says:

the cherokee v6 wins it for me, I do not get why the japanese don’t put a
better engine on their mid size suv-s

Anoop Mampetta says:

Lol Jeep Cherokke is crap. And FYI honda crv also gets 31 mpg in hwy and
you deliberately didn’t mention that. This is the most biased review I have
ever seen.

deeny3219 says:

I’ve owned a Chevy S10 Blazer, Jeep Cherokee, a Tahoe, a Ford Explorer and
a Rav4 over the years. All were purchased new. I’m most happy with the
Toyota, least happy with the Blazer. Just my 2 cents.

Jonny Goal says:

Bald fat guy always puts down Toyota.. The fact most people want a reliable
car.. Not just a car that’s sporty. If they wanted a sports car they will
buy a sports car not a Cross over. Id rather have a car that I can drive
and be reliable than sit in the shop all day.

Jérôme Lepage says:

In my opinion SUVs should have a bare minimum of 200 lb-ft of torque. CR-V.
RAV4 and base model of Escape and Cherokee target pure townsfolk. Sad to
see they removed V6 option on RAV4 that made it compete with Escape and
Cherokee. Comparing RAV4 and CR-V to the two others is pretty unfair. They
would compare best with something like a Mitsubishi RVR or a Hyundai

myscrnnm says:

This video was clearly edited by a person who knows nothing about cars. At
7:55, the footage is clearly of the Ford Escape (based on hood design,
headlights, and dashboard), even though they are riding in the Honda CR-V
in the segments directly before and after. Smh.

Cameron says:

I bought the Cherokee Latitude after driving Ford, Honda, and Hyundai. Love
it! After rebates it was much cheaper than the Ford was. Plus the interior
is much higher quality!

Nathan Spence says:

Hey fellas, did yall ask for a chevy equinox? Or is that wrong size for the

Zachary Blanchard says:

You could call the escape a Kugar(how they spell it), that is the European

Elvis Minaya Garcia says:

So and the winner is???????????? In terms of reliability, gas, durability
and looks? I’m sorry guy, but my winner is the Toyota Rav4. 

RoadTripVidz says:

Another stupid Comparison. Jeep is on such a higher level than the other

Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas says:

20/14 jeep cherokee vs toyota rav4 vs ford escape vs honda cr-v mashup
review modelos 200/15 con classe todo tereno castel

Oingo .Boingo says:

I like your insight.08:26 small quibble. All have good in all crash
categories except the CRV which has marginal and the RAV4 poor in the small
overlap front crash likely due to their older designs. I had yet to form an
opinion on the importance of the test but since the IIHS thinks it matters
I would want to ensure my new vehicle has a good rating as it is a family
vehicle and typically kept for 13 years.

Ibraheem AL-Balushi says:

Why Forester subaru was not there?
I think you don’t want jeep to loss

neruaxidz says:

lol. this is so funny. 2 jeep white fanboys, paid by jeep to do a review. 

Ken Ishikawa says:

did he just say “quality American product”?? Too bad Jeep is an Italitan
car company, Fiat completely owns all of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep now. Maybe
all those people that dislike American cars might give Jeep a shot since
it’s Italian now.

Adrian B says:

Nathan’s shirt says : the whore’s boss lol

Junaid Akbar says:

why not add in the cx-5 to the comparison. 

242HP says:

I really don’t know why or how you are calling the Ford Escape or Toyota
RAV4 “mid-sized” crossovers. Ford’s Edge and Explorer would fall into the
mid-sized category, not the Escape. The Toyota Highlander is a mid-sized
SUV, not the RAV4. The Escape and the RAV4 are both compact SUVs (or

jtan2010 says:

jeep sucks. trashcan with four wheels

Dylan Thompson says:

After 2012 the CR-V actually has a proactive AWD system. Its an electronic
clutch system that is constantly sending power to the rear wheels and front
wheels unless cruising at highway speed. From a standstill, the vehicle
will actually always start off in 4WD. That combined with electric braking
distribution actually makes it a decent off road experience. I’ve gone in
some nasty places with a CR-V, and it has gotten me out with ease…

I live in Prince George, British Columbia too, so we have snow for 6-7
months out of the year

Jgizzy -redacted- says:

“more….stanimaaa…more * grrrrrruuuuuhh!! *” 8:41 

im1greatman says:

Jeep is in another league but they need to work on making it more reliable
for sure.

Thắng Bùi says:

ok. toyota rav 4

MNRick041 says:

I work for a dealer that has Honda and Toyota stores near each other, I am
around CRV’s and RAV-4’s all day. Last summer we got a 2013 Escape
Titanium in on trade, I took it out for a drive and a few weeks later I was
at a Ford dealer buying a 2014 Escape for myself. The RAV4 is “OK” but
that is all it is. The CRV is not even that, it is like cake without
frosting. The Escape deserves the best rating in the small SUV category.

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