2014 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review – Fast Lane Daily

2014 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review – Fast Lane Daily

Sarah Sauer takes the new 2014 Hyundai Veloster Turbo for a spin on some curvy roads to find out if this tiny turbo hatchback is a worthy fun little sports c…



FastLaneDaily says:

Check out our 2014 #Hyundai #Veloster Turbo review!


SuperWHIZZO says:

Looks as tho the jap-pap has only got three main doors this was not
mentioned at all. Style – over- safety ?? 

JaySee5 says:

She needs to learn how to say Hyundai. Hyun-day not hyoon-die.

cilvrado says:

There is no rear visibility in this car.

sina b says:

my name is zara zawa

Erkal says:

my name is zhazahazhghawaaaazghwaa 

bliglum says:

“worthy fun little sports car”… Calling the Veloster a “sports car” is a
bit of a stretch isn’t it?? Hot hatch, yes.. Sport compact, sure.. But
Sports car??? No not really.

tough931 says:

im here because i want to see something diffrent u know, german blonde,
funny and stuff. if i want to watch a great performance review with a
perfect accent i will watch randy pobst, matt farah or chris harris

LordAugastus says:

Scroll down to read some stupid.

hyylo says:

sorry to say but this video needs subtitles 

dansterwerecool says:

ill keep my gti

Shahaaim Ali says:

Bird crap @ 3:20

Carbon Fiber Honda says:

She does her reviews well but I mean seriously, I don’t know how you’re
gonna do it, but you just have to do something with the accent. I’d rather
she speak in German with subtitles. No hate I honestly love the reviews

Dmitri Felbinger says:

I keeep saying it, FLD!!! You need to find another person to do FLD Tours
reviews. Someone more professional who can speak proper English, doesn’t
mumble, stutter or say pointless crap. I can never finish watching any of
the reviews done by her!

Rango Gt says:

I love German accents! 😀 

cilvrado says:

my name is erhmagerd.

륜수성 says:

I’m also a Korean and in my opinion, Jaysee5 looks like an idiot.

XenoX101 says:

Good review. Though if I can make a few suggestions, a few points that
could have been touched on are how it rides (firm or comfortable), the
head/leg room and storage capacity. I would have also liked to see a
comparison to similar cars on the market, for example the Golf GTI & Ford
Fiesta/Focus ST in terms of its performance and comfort, and whether you
think it is worth buying by comparison. Good job though and I look forward
to seeing the next review.

Shanmuga Sundaram says:

Love it. Love the accent..

Marimbondo Zangado says:

You guys are such a prick, I understand what she said, and english is not
my first language, and I don’t speak german. You should respect her,
american people think the whole world is wrong about everything. Who cares
about the corect pronunciation of a korean word, i bet 99% of the viewers
can’t say a single frase in korean. And if i wrote something wrong and you
are mad about it, just ƒ yourself. Xenophobia is not a good thing, you guys
should know that. 

Junaid Akbar says:

the crew needs to do some reviews too, like they did with ford escape,
talking to people about car and driving it around

abdul aziz says:

i feel like anybody should get an Elantra instead 

Marschmellow says:

Sarah Sauer? XDDDDDDDD

Dawid Bartman says:

WOW bird shit !!! seriously !!!??? at 1:05

Bryan Doherty says:

I wish Hyundai would just offer a 4 passenger door model and a 2 passenger
door model instead of 3 passenger doors. I just really don’t like it, like
how this comment is redundant 

Kingsoupturbo says:

Good review from a good presenter! German girls are the best ))

Hunter Manzano says:

Love FLD but I’m not really diggin these reviews. 

Craig Williams says:

should have washed the bird crap off the car before making the video 

vcdrny says:

mmm she left out some stuff about it but still not bad. She has such a
heavy accent and yet she sounds so sexy.

Jeffrey Lim says:

I think there needs more attention to be paid on lighting. Like a fill-in
light in the car. Also I cannot see the presenter’s eyes. Doesn’t feel
good when someone is talking to me and I cannot see the eyes. Choice of
clothes is important too. Maybe can take reference to Bridget Carey? And
small details like bird poo, it’s just not going to do the video good.

Ryan Drake says:

Soooo for under 25k I can get this or a brz… I think anyone who wants a
true sports car is going brz.


Some bird shit on 1:06

RawieRozay says:

No offense but Sarah Sauer needs to tune up her presentation skills or she
needs to go.

MafiaboysWorld says:

As a Veloster Turbo owner I can say that if you guys at FLD only got 130mph
top speed you didn’t drive it hard enough, they easily do close to 140mph.

Ruud Selhorst says:

maybe in the U.S for students the starting price here is 32.99500 Euros =
44.9820835 U.S. dollars, autch

Travis Dumas says:

I LOVE my Veloster Turbo.

It will go much faster than 130, as well. I’ve done 140 at the track, with
more to give from the engine. 

Asim FLayeh says:

I rather shoot my d$&k off than buying this piece of dog crap

Jepimp says:

proud #2014veloster owner! my car was $37990 in ecuador, with that money i
would’ve got a nissan 370z in the states, i wouldn’t trade mine for any
other car, it is the most affordable within its range! here the 370z is
about $80,000. and mine is the FE version, but its not the turbo version!
it doesn’t come to my country! can’t imagine what it would be to drive the
turbo version! anyway, i’m happy with mine.

Simon Hutton says:

I love her hair, stunning. She could be reviewing a potato it wouldn’t


too much hard plastic in this car, i test drove it before, and made me
really sad about that crap plastic quality inside the car.

Moh. S xxyr says:

u said u liked muscular looking car…i guess that is why u liked the new c
class…i think BMW 3 Series made a good elegant design than the merk… 

Brendan Anthony says:

what’s the differential distribution?

Vettejocke says:

It’s been a while since I wanted to see a review on this car, thanks Sarah

Eddie Renfro says:

I have a 2012 camero rs, chrome 20s, trans am spoiler, all the factory
options, I also have a 2013 veloster. The veloster gets way more attention.
I cant go anywhere without someone commenting on it or asking questions.
This never happens in my camero. The hyundia is easier to drive and park.
Much more comfortable, and gets twice the mpg. I love my veloster, and I
think the camero will be traded for a Genesis Coupe really soon. 

ivan guarin says:

I’ve got a red one and it’s my baby. It looks great, drives well and really
good for the price. I’ve had a few problems here and there but their
warranty covered everything, but other than that loved this car!

Erick Rosales says:

I regret buying this car!! Fml!!

Rafael Pena says:

The car has a strong engine who is she kidding ???

tigerbalm says:

Sorry Hyundai, this needs a serious re-design! It’s overly designed with
elements that doesn’t define anything cohesive. The rear is balanced and
sporty, but everywhere else looks too busy and chaotic, which starts to
look unrefined and cheap. Too many lines that start from nowhere and leads
to nowhere! For the love of god, have a single powerful design philosophy
first! It looks as though several designers or teams took a shot at one
part of the car and forgot about the whole!

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