2014 Hyundai Veloster Review and Test Drive by Heather Tyson for the Car Pro

2014 Hyundai Veloster Review and Test Drive by Heather Tyson for the Car Pro

Heather Tyson for the Car Pro Show gives an up-close look at the 2014 Hyundai Veloster. For more straight talk & honest answers about everything automotive a…



alltypesofgames says:

$24,000 for this? I don’t know the fr-s is close to that price and that car
is something to be fear at. I’m thinking of maybe buying one but I’m not
too happy about it.

baby Ice says:

yeah were i am… for a entry lvl one that 2013 end of year sale.. there
29000… hmmm… sadface.. but i guess thats me wanting a auto.. tho… 

Cesar Torres says:

How about reviewing the Veloster that is not the Turbo? Everyone reviews
the Turbo model but my budget only allows for the regular one.

legaladvocate71 says:

Complaint was filed in the Circuit Court of the city of Roanoke, Virginia ,
suing Hyundai Motor America as well as 27 auto dealers, case no. CL14-68,
Abdul-Mumit v. Hyundai Motor America, Inc. Among various counts for relief
, the lawsuit asks for “the full purchase price of the vehicle including
all collateral charges and incidental damages ….[and] treble damages.” On
February 18, 2014 this case was transferred to the Los Angeles Central
District multi litigation case under Judge George H. Wu, case 2:13-ml-2424-GW,
the “Hyundai-Kia Fuel Litigation.” This case, a fraud and truth in leading
case, lists 583 plaintiffs, all by name, one by one.

Rico Haney says:

I agree with skwon9642 get the turbo it’s really worth it. if you want to
see a video on the base model Motorweek has a good review of it. However,
they also recommended the turbo. Good Luck!

skwon9642 says:

hey cesar, there is only abour $4000 difference between the regular and
turbo. i also considered buying the regular one before purchasing my turbo.
I would wait and save up. in my opinion, the turbo is what the veloster
should have been in the first place. i can’t imagine driving the regular
one after owning the turbo. if you spread the $4000 in payments its not
much more per month. its definately worth the extra money. heck, you can
probably find a used turbo for the price of a new regular. good luck =)

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