2014 Hyundai Tucson OFF-ROAD Review on Everyman Driver

2014 Hyundai Tucson OFF-ROAD Review on Everyman Driver

http://www.everymandriver.com/ – 2014 Hyundai Tucson OFF-ROAD Review on @EverymanDriver with @IMDaveErickson. Everyman Driver Monthly Newsletter – http://eep…



TikiShootah says:

car companies must dislike him. because he is ROUGH with those car lmao 

AntsAfan301 says:

I’ll give It a 9.. Ppl are hating but that’s impressive. I want to see
Nathan and roman go off road in it too.. With the panoramic sunroof version
of the limited

Romario Sulaiman says:

Dave you should use this track for every off road review.

CrazyLegsMcGee says:

Pretty impressive with the trail starting at the 6:30 mark. That trail is
the kind of offroad I want to do. I didn’t think the Tucson would have made
it lol. Good job!

RubiconTrailOfLife says:

*Did you guys know Hyundai had a 2014 AWD off-road mode? Yeah, neither did
#Hyundai #Offroad #AWD

supersami100 says:

nonetheless good video

Everyman Driver says:

2014 @Hyundai Tucson OFF-ROAD Review on @EverymanDriver with

Najib Mhamid says:


Wells306 says:

How would you say this differs from the 2016 model? Does the Princess Leia
option make a difference?

supersami100 says:

come on dave this isn’t an off-road worthy car let’s be real here. 

Hiblario says:

Why Dave? That’s a noisy pos tonka toy as far as offroading goes. Your
teeth were chattering from every bump. Leave that for the soccer moms to go
get groceries with. Sounded like it was gonna vibrate apart. 

Marco Cordero says:

Hey Dave what about a BMW X3 off road some day? or AUDI Q5 or VOLVO XC60

GSR_Weirdo says:

Bad review. No mention of the interior space or pricing or how the car
feels while driving. 

Josh Comer says:

Better testing that those famous magazine guys if I must say!! Haha they
are to afraid to do that.

Jai Jagai says:

Very impressive.

Symmetrical AWD says:

The suspension travel is revolting, and ground clerence is very poor. 

1guyin10 says:

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. The articulation is as bad as expected, but
that AWD system really does a good job. Its small size helps it get
through some tight spots too.

canukr17 says:

That’s a compact crossover, not a mid size suv

benjamin guillory says:

8 12 – 9

Richard Gard says:

Jaw dropped

Sangmin Lee says:


Abady Max says:

great job tucaon :)

Oscar Holmgren says:


Justin says:

His face at 7:10

Brian Leong says:

A plus plus

Ivan Vojt says:


Sorry Dave.

Robert Jones says:

This isn’t even offroading its like a gravel road

Dustin Diaz says:


IamSinner Bythoughts says:


Arcticarc1 says:

I’m REALLY impress, crazy how it did so well. For a small SUV which the
purpose isn’t off roading..wow. 9/10

Raul Sanchez says:

Thanks for the review 

Peter Watson says:

Great review. 

obvioustrollisobvious says:

im giving the tucson a 5

Kirk Henlon says:

Good job Dave, I was thinking 7

Dvin Azizian says:


cristian garcia says:

If that was Hyundai, imagine what a subaru can do with x mode.

Joonbae Choi says:

9.0 nice SUV and nice driving

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