2014 Hyundai Tucson | New Crossover SUV Review | on Everyman Driver

2014 Hyundai Tucson | New Crossover SUV Review | on Everyman Driver

http://www.everymandriver.com/ – 2014 @Hyundai Tucson Crossover SUV DETAILED Review on @EverymanDriver with @IMDaveErickson Everyman Driver Monthly Newslette…



Everyman Driver says:

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ChewOnAnt says:

cars with front wheel drive is very weird… the drivetrain should be the
rear wheels while the front wheels should be the turning wheels. isn’t that
common sense? same goes for the honda pilot. the drivetrain should always
be the rear wheels!

fanowner12 says:

I rented one of these a few weeks ago in the SE trim, and it was an ok
vehicle to drive, I coasted down a hill without applying gas or brake and
just steering coming down from about 15-20 mph. The car felt too light for
me, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I’d driven a Ford Explorer Limited as
a rental a week earlier, and it felt a lot cooler to drive than this. But
still a nice vehicle around town. 

Acc0rd79 says:

Me and the wife just bought one of these ’14s in limited 2wd fully loaded
with Nav and all. Its for her and she absolutely loves it. I’m very
surprised how far Hyundai has come in the last 10 years. Ended up getting
it for 26,554 from the local dealer in Orlando! Very happy with our

SuperWHIZZO says:

I think these Asian sharks , are about to bite ! Breathing down the necks
of the established players , this one looks like a worthy Nissan Rogue
opponent if they keep the prices keen. p.s. ,,,,,,a few words on the
boring luggage,,,,, How about a transparent set full of colourful
under-apparell ???? Just saying like !!

Bob Keilitz says:

In comparison to this, I’ll stick with my Rav4. More cargo room, better
reliability, better gas mileage, and better blind spot vision.

Everyman Driver says:

2014 @Hyundai Tucson Crossover SUV DETAILED Drive & Review on
@EverymanDriver with @IMDaveErickson #MemorialDay

Bruce Jr says:

wow, that looks just like the 2016 Hyundai Tucson!! *evil grin*

jklvjld says:

It’s a beautiful car! I want a gray one!

Ivan Vojt says:

MEH i’ll wait for the 2016.

Getting in and out of the 2nd row is laughable.

Resistancekiller199 says:

Thanks so much for washing ??????????????????

Ahmed Nabil says:

Is that the same car named “IX35” in other countries?

mhtl48 says:

A lot of Hyundai and Kia reviews coming from you. 

tnosuke0521 says:

Would never drop over $27,000 for that, would instead go with the Mazda
CX-5 Touring with the bigger engine and better gas mileage, that’s if I was
shopping in this class.

Joonbae Choi says:

good review and thanks. I like the style and offroad capabilty and gas
mileage isn’t that bad for gasoline… Diesel (in europe and APAC) offers
much better… 4.3 inch.. what were they thinking of???

oscar mora says:

You’re so handsome, I love watching your videos 

ozzitor8 says:

Quite good of a review. Always like the focus of this channel. Goes to
what’s important to average consumers. But most of all, Mr. Erickson is so
easy on the eyes. Best looking car reviewer in YouTube, hands down.

Meela234 says:

I have the 4.3 screen in my Santa Fe Sport. Took time to get used to the
small screen, but I’m good with it now. As long as my Sirius and
Navigation works, I don’t really care.

gil zur says:

Nice video. 

dave dunn says:

How many times are u gunna review this thing? 

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