2014 Hyundai Sonata Turbo 0-60 MPH & Hot Lap Review

2014 Hyundai Sonata Turbo 0-60 MPH & Hot Lap Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Hyundai Sonata Turbo is a family sedan with a big difference. It has a turbocharged engine that produces just over 270 HP….



Jason Lattimer says:

Christ! My Grand Marquis is faster than that.

n777ua says:

I think that lap showed that you get what you pay for. Pretty bad body
control, poor steering, and forgettable brakes. All sentiments I’ve had
from driving that car. Hyundai put little to no effort into driving
dynamics of this car – they’re all about selling on a value quotient. The
reason why I’ll pick an Accord or Passat – they both come from more
established brands with more expertise of rolling refinement into a package
that doesn’t feel like a penalty box when driven aggressively. Hyundai just
isn’t there yet. 

The Fast Lane Car says:
Yippie says:

Crap car. Looks dated already even though they tried to rip off the VW CC. 

Daniel Blaney says:

shame they cheapened the look of it since the original 2011 model. The
lower bumper trim (front and rear) is now unpainted vs body color on the
earlier ones.

BassRacerx says:

did this car have premium fuel in the tank? 

John Kim says:

2.0 Litre turbo engine makes 100mph in 8.6? Fukin sucks..

MrVnick1 says:

We had the 2011 Sonata Limited. We loved it a lot, we couldn’t find a
better car than it for the money (back in mid 2010 when we got it). We went
on many road trips and NEVER let is down. 35mpg was great! Unfortunately we
traded it in about a week ago for the new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk because
we wanted to go off roading and the 4X4 is great for where I live.
The turbo engine sounds exactly the same as the 2.4 naturally aspirated
engine mine had. Overall I would recommend the current Sonata, however I’d
tell them to wait for the 2015 model. 


Roman you need a skip barber class or get a stigg..

n777ua says:

Roman, is absolutely LOVE to see you guys get the new 2014 VW Passat 1.8TSI
and do a hot lap. Would be great to see how I stacks up to the Sonata, and
the Jetta.Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Wildman113 says:

There is nothing special about a Hyundai Sonata. Its a cheap Korean piece
of shit thats going to break down and be worth nothing before the warranty
is even over.

Neo Hideo says:

awful car

Andreas Lie says:

Now take the Fusion Ecoboost 2.0T 240hp! 

mmz77 says:

Nice. Please try the accord sport

Anthony Cuda says:

Needs a new transmission! 

BassRacerx says:

i was not expecting that it would be that slow but then again 6k feet above
sea level. im guessing high 6s at sea level. 

palebeachbum says:

Why are you reviewing a car that’s been around since 2011? It’s been
reviewed at least half dozen times already.

Tim Joseph says:

Keep in mind that the 2015 Hyundai Sonata with the 2.0 Liter turbo engine
will have reduced horsepower and torque, due to fuel efficiency
requirements. Hopefully the car chassis is much lighter than the current
generation model.

Ivan Vojt says:

Did Hyundai ever fix the steering on this?

lindsay lucas says:

Normal people take off traction control on a track. Please try it some time

freeman Geiger says:

Amazed it was that much faster than the Mazda. Thought the Mazda would
carry more speed through the corners

Javier Gonzalez says:

I don’t know what’s wrong with that car, i have a hyundai sonata 2012, and
is pretty faster than that one, 0-60 only takes 7.005 sec, in manual
mode,hyundais are good cars,and very confortable,if u want one better check
the hyundai genesis coupe 3.8 lit, have a nice day mother…

Denisceo Lockett says:

Small possibly. Your times could be getting better because your getting
more familiar with the track. Just a small part of it.

shoelover10 says:

Roman, could you get a 2014 Buick Regal GS and test it under these
conditions as well? If you can get the FWD manual, that would be awesome
to see how it rates. Thanks.

WannabeGearHead says:

they need a new landscaper i can’t believe all the grass clippings on the

Enrique A Thiele Jusino says:

To +The Fast Lane Car because you not use the brake and gas pedal to get
best torque in the rev of the Engine power? That trick for best time in 60
and 1/4 miles

Ibrahim Dwidari says:

You should test the altima on that track

Brian Cooper says:

2013/2014 Honda accord coupe v6 – when we can see a review of it? Thank you
in advance for your response.

call911ok says:

Yay BIG Thank you for a track hot lap for everyday cars!!! I am an everyday
man, drives an A4 Cabriolet so this is quite exciting and reasonable than
those Top Gears out of reach insane cars. Thanks! I love them! 

chasedrgc1223 says:

I want to see the Lexus GS 350 F Sport do a hot lap and see how it goes
against the BMW’s lap. 

derry jones says:

Now can we get 60-0,….. and slalom, …… and a Russian stig, ……and
a carwash noise test,…. and crash test data, …….and a is this car
better than a unicorn test…… lol

tionicho says:

I did believe we were gonna be suprised and the difference was the 270hp
despite its lack luster suspension tuning…Thanks Roman for the review

Luke Detty says:

Just because it’s turbo does not mean it is just like the Freaken jetta!
It’s a good sleeper how about you know that before you review it. You need
to know your cars before you talk about them. And no I do not drive one I
drive a tuned 350z and I know my quick cars. It more or less competes with
the accord v6 if you look at HP and space.

kane smith says:

Being turbo a mile above sea level has zero bearing on the time. A turbo
will keep compression the same, regardless of the air density.

How can people not use google to understand a LITTLE bit more about turbos?

greenviper46 says:

Nice review, actually surprised by the track time, as it is a heavy car, i
guess those horses are not just for show :p
Good job cant wait for that white x5 to be reviewd

Albaraa Hashim says:

Keep in mind the more laps you do on that track the more skilled you will
be and thus you have to re-test some/all of the early cars you tested and
see how much difference you will get,

Since your a daily driver 🙂

To be fair to them to.

Brandon Martinez says:

You guys need a track driver because I have experience and I can make all
cars even for a better Hot Lap review what do you say

DancinRandy54 says:

now accord v6

Colton Cutbirth says:

Do the Optima Turbo!

Enrique A Thiele Jusino says:

Because you not use brake pedal and gas pedal to rev the engine, I think
you get best time

Fanny, Kam-Fan Chang says:

My bicycle is faster than this Sonata !!!!!

Sept2020 says:

Kills the Mazda 6

liquidsilver1941 says:

Never brake boost these turbo sonatas. The computer detunes the boost by
50%. I ran 14.6 -1/4mile by mashing the gas vs 15.4 by brake boost. No
wonder roman achieved over 8 secs 

Chris McManus says:

I thought the 2014 had the new taillights 

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