2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Test Drive and Review

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Test Drive and Review

another honest review from an average guy the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport http://www.youtube.com/themediamart http://www.youtube.com/thedrivemart.



chuckwalla says:

I thought it was Johnny Mathis doing the review.

I liked the overall laid back and humorous nature of the video.

biglatin24 says:

Do a review of the Chevy Eqiunox

pedrof830 says:

190 hp for a 4 cylinder?? this would have been science fiction 20 yrs ago!
Tony, there are so many midsize SUV’s on the market, how do you choose?

michal03966 says:

All Hyundai cars look much better when you see them in person, especially
interiors. Videos and pictures don’t give them justice. I just drive one so
I know what I am talking about. Everybody should go to dealership, see and

milek021 says:

I don’t know is something wrong with my eyes but really, what’s different
from 2013 model of Santa Fe Sport ? Anyway excellent review

GamingGuyGus says:

Nice review!

John Nguyen says:

Thanks for the Review! I liked how you used a model with standard features,
really helps me decide if I want any additions 

brian mcgauhey says:

Ehh….who needs a backup camera? I don’t, I’ve driven all sizes of
vehicles and always parked without any problems. I do like what the santa
fe has but I don’t need all the fancy stuff, I just need power windows and
locks and cruise control and the turbo! #realdriver

Michael Esarey says:

Just bought a 14 Santa Fe sport today! We got one that was completely
loaded, though…ventilated seats, navigation, back-up camera, everything.
After trade, we leased it for 349/mo and it feels like a steal.

Basim Hameed says:

NISSAN patherfinder is better than this car. OK try them and decide that my
speech is right 

Руслан Набиуллин says:

OMG! No dislikes!? Great review, awesome vehicle. I agree about backup
camera. It has to be a standard feature for all SUV! 

Jeff Mazzoni says:

Good job once again, Tony.

gene978 says:

Hey Mr. Tony! How is you Brother? haha. I priced a Fully loaded 4X4 Sport
with all the bells and whistles and 264 BHP and 18/24 CITY/HWY MPG at
TRUECAR.COM and you can save $3621 off sticker and get in one for $34K
LOADED. Or Front wheel Drive with Sport save $2500 and get it for $23,300
with no extra’s. Pretty good Deals. And this SUV gets 20 CITY MPG and 27

Hamzeh Al Jawarneh says:

Awsome average guy! I enjoyed it.
I still have a question about the noise inside the room and how much you
feel the street while driving. Appreciate your answer and thank you.

Eddy Marte says:

this or the ford explorer? 

TVfanfanatic says:

No backup camera on the base model? That’s a bummer. Why should you have to
upgrade to a higher trim level just to get a safety feature?

Meela234 says:

Good review and I agree, crossovers should come standard with back up
camera because the back ends are up high and back windows tend to be
small. I got the 2013 leather and premium package with the back up cam and
it’s a big help. I will continue to push play 🙂 

موسى عبده says:


Enoc Viera says:

What’s the intro music called? Good choice, excellent review

777PharmD777 says:

Journalists need to know how to pronounce car names better than the average
guy (among other qualities you need). Otherwise what really distinguishes
you from the rest?
Everyone says “hun-day” or “hon-dye” or “hewn-day”.
But none of these are correct.
And yes I understand that foreign words become localized and there is some
leniency there.
But if you want to really sound like an expert, and I have seen a very few
impressive individuals who gets it right, the correct pronunciation is
The “hyun” rhymes with “shun” as in when you shun something/someone.
And “deh” is just a short ‘de’ without the trailing ‘y’.

موسى عبده says:


Court Mojo says:

here in Canada, you get more on the base model. foglights being one
also, no mention of the 10 year warranty!!! second to none

quietguy1948 says:

Good catch on the “backup cam” feature! I concur, Every four wheel
vehicle should have that standard.
Nice review, thank you…

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