2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Review on Everyman Driver

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Review on Everyman Driver

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Ford Fan97 says:

With the back seats on Hyundai’s Canada website says that the seats are
either 40-60 or the other configuration. Its what 40-20-40?

Joe ghu says:

HEY DAVE Where is Melissa 

Anthony Go says:

Hi Dave what’s the name of the Rudy project sunglasses your wearing?

Everyman Driver says:

2014 @Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Video Review on @EverymanDriver

Vinh Lu says:

It’s a stylish vehicle. But that hyundai badge deters me. Has anyone owned
a hyundai long enough to argue that they’re reliable long lasting cars? 

rdelao1287 says:

hello Dave greetings from Costa Rica… Could you please make a review of
the Nissan Qashqai??… your channel is great keep the good work 

723lion says:

Is this the one having recall? Sorry dont mean to say bad thing, im in the
market of getting a suv and this is one i have on my list.

bigbuckoramma says:

My sister is currently in the market for a CUV to replace her aging, and
extremely non fuel efficient, 2003 Ford Explorer. So I hope you get some
more CUV reviews in the coming weeks, because i have been forwarding your
reviews to her, so she can get a general overview of the vehicle before we
go for a test drive.

We drove the SanteFe Sport this weekend, and i was pleasantly surprised by
it. I feel like Hyundai is finally to the point were they can stop being
called an “economy” brand. The fit and finish of the vehicle was really
good, and felt on par with some of the newer Toyota and Honda vehicles i
have been in lately.

We drove both the GDi and the Turbo models, and call me crazy, but i
preferred the GDi over the Turbo engine. The GDi was smoother to drive, and
was IMHO, adequately powerful in the 2WD. Although with the AWD
transmission, it did get a little wheezy in freeway acceleration. But in
regular driving, it offers the better driving experience.
With the Turbo, i honestly dont even know why they bother with a 2WD model
for that engine, there is just way to much torque steer. Its not that its
uncontrollable, it just doesnt feel good, or make for a comfortable driving
experience. The boost builds sharply, and has a “snappy” feel to it, but
not in a good way. For lack of a better word, it makes the car feel a bit
“nervous”. The AWD model tamed the turbo a bit, cured most of the torque
steer, and made the power a bit more manageable, but it still didnt feel
good to drive. Or at least as good as the GDi model. It also exhibited a
tendency to get on boost a lot in city driving, and i feel like that would
really make mileage suffer if you did a lot of stop/go driving. But that is
purely an assumption on my part, i have no numbers to back that up, but as
a rule of thumb More Boost = More Fuel = Significantly Reduced MPG.
So i can see why they would give you the GDi as the tester, i dont think
that was accidental at all, it is, in my opinion, the more refined driving
experience, and according to your finding, returns excellent fuel economy.

If i had one gripe about the SanteFe Sport base trim package, is that the
side mirror turn indicators are an upper trim level option package extra,
that requires the purchase of a base package to “unlock”. So it would,
effectively, cost you $4500 to have. Those are an invaluable piece of
safety equipment, and not having them as standard equipment, or part of a
base trim package, just seems stupid to me. Why would you want to charge to
make a vehicle more visible to drivers around you? Makes no sense to me.

Peter Thuener says:

Dave is super hot

Matthew Lenz says:

FYI…Rear seats slide as well. I have the 2013 fwd 2.0T and it’s been a
great family ride so far. Thing is a great interstate cruiser and just
small enough for easy city traffic as well. The turbo behaves like a 6cyl
and has plenty of punch to get you out of situations! 

carguy812 says:

Great review Dave….Curious to know what how many gallons of gas does it
take to fill up? What is the “cruising range”?

Wesley Harley says:

Hey Dave could u please Do a review on the 2 liter Kia forte 5 Door

Lech Puchalski says:

is this same like 2013 ? what are differences anyone knows ?

moderndesignworks says:

still too small for Costco………..LOL

Yahya Alhakim says:

Hi dave sorry out of topic.. Do you have review about chevrolet Traverse..?
If you have, would you give me link please? Or if not.. Im waitin for
that… Hehe..

Wesley Harley says:

Hey Dave could u please. Do a review on the Kia forte 5 door with the 2
liter engine

brian betha says:

Didn’t you already review this crossover?

DatTriple says:

The most handsome car reviewer on youtube lol. 

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