2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Detailed Review and Road Test Part 2 of 2

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Detailed Review and Road Test Part 2 of 2

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Kevin Ahearn says:

Alex, great review. Does the 2014 Santa Fe come with a spare tire?

stephane matis says:

I drove a base model Santa Fe Sport for a day and only the steering did not
meet my expectations. The ergonomics, the dash layout, the posture in seat
all worked very well.
The sheer space and organizational options all were far superiour to my
This is a vehicle that left me impressed. 

TechExplorer says:

looks like a Good Vehicle for the price, just wish it had better fuel
economy. Alex you might try driving with Google Glass ,i’ve seen it used to
show better driver point of view , when driving , not a fan of it ,but in
vehicle reviews it shines.

Thanks for another great review !

Gugl Isevil says:

Excellent, just excellent. Thank you. Would really be interested in more
comparisons b/w the Kia Sorento and this Santa Fe, especially b/c they seem
to share so many similarities. They are of course less so for 2013/14 but
they are in the same class etc… Oh and please, if you find the time, a
review for the Child Seats in a Sorento. Cheers

Titan520 says:

Now that is very fair comment about the steering variables, which a lot of
consumers fail to realize.

tootcliff says:

Hi Alex – seems like the Santa Fe Sport compares closely with the new Lexus
NX…i.e., 2.0 Turbos, loads of features, etc…
After spending time with both, let me know how you think they compare.
Ride, comfort, features, etc. Thanks!

Jan Sivek Hanzilio says:

Alex, you scored this car quite high.

mountainhobo says:

I’d have a problem picking it over RX350, and the price is not that far

Eman Matyas says:

Alex, this is a BOSS review. Congrats you are the best reviewer on YouTube.

Please review the 2015 Subaru Legacy – Limited. Winter is coming, its an
all wheel drive and the gas mileage is very good with the 2.5i. I wonder
how you would rate the power and comfort. Thank you

Daniel Towle says:

Unfortunately I do not personally find this a great value. I believe that
this should be priced a little less than the Honda CR-V because isn’t
Hyundai supposed to be a value brand? I find a value as something that is
cheap. I know that they have the Tucson but that doesn’t do it for me, it
looks like something that would compete with the Nissan Juke, it’s just to
small. I think that this car should start at around $21,000. Why would I
chose this over something else? 

tirthb says:

Waiting for the “Santa Fe” review. I noticed that you “heartily”
recommended the MKZ. Is there any other vehicle you would heartily
recommend? Noticed a typo in the title. “SportDetailed”

act2day2get2morrow says:

Alex, great review, as always. If only you could find a way to mount the
camera to show the driver’s point of view instead of just the road and the
hood (which is kind of uninformative). May be somewhere in between first
row sits, so that the center console and the steering wheel could be seeing
while you are driving. 

Nebo Bo says:

I’ve driven Santa Fe sport 2 times, as a rental vehicle, it is quiet at low
speeds, but I was disappointed with noise at highway speed! So much wind
noise, around the front driver and passenger windows!

shinkum1 says:

I have 2014 Santa Fe XL (6 seats version), as I know it has the same
variable steering system. It is very unconnected feel and continuously
adjust to drive straight!! Horrible… 

Ben Sullivan says:

What about the Nissan Murano?

hansdoreen says:

It’s not in the same class as CR-V. It’s one class bigger. 

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