2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Detailed Review and Road Test Part 1 of 2

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Detailed Review and Road Test Part 1 of 2

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kooky216 says:

Just my 2¢: i prefer 1 long video instead of multiple parts. I find it
easier to skip ahead or whatever than to find and click one of the other 4
Great reviews! :)

horndogy2k6 says:

Any chance of a review of the 7 seat LWB version?I understand that it’s a
significantly different car from the sport, not just in size; different
drive train, handling and ride. We’re considering it and did our initial
research online. While most reviewers gave it high marks, a few had some
reservations about a ‘crashy’ ride when loaded, lower than expected MPG and
loose trim pieces after only a short time. I want to find out if it was
just these particular reviewers’ early testers that had these problems or
are they more widespread? Afterall, loaded up, it’s a 40K car.

Could also be 2013 (first model teething issues?) vs 2014 model differences
I guess.

booksyn says:

I wish this was a few inches taller 

dennisscipio says:

Good Review I’d love to see you do the Mitsubishi Mirage soon though I kind
of like it’s quirky body design and so-so 3 cyl. engine. :/

mountainhobo says:

+Alex on Autos Since you have mentioned it a few times, is 2015 Ford Edge
review coming up?

raghu ch says:

Great review again Alex.
The “two part” reviews should be fine until you stick with just two parts &
not three or more where people start going crazy searching for other parts.

xienon says:

I prefer the old 1 video format rather than the 2, it’s just easier to
search for.

Where were your legs when u were in the underfloor storage area?

redav says:

The Santa Fe has a fundamental styling flaw, and that’s the shape of the
rear-most side windows. The steep slope-up of the belt line is a plague on
the auto world. Windows that come to a (near) point in the back simply need
to go away.

PunxsutawneyDave says:

I know this might not be high on anyone’s list but I’d love for Alex to
mention the premium stereo. I’ve looked for reviews on the Dimension sound
system and haven’t found any good ones. I want the Santa Fe Sport but I’d
love to know what a professional like Alex thinks about the sound.

Leave the Gun.Take the Cannoli. says:

Great review as always. Thank you… Are you reviewing the new 2015 Lincoln
MKC anytime soon? 

corradomr2 says:

LOL, how did you fit in the underfloor storage? :)

Researcher says:

+Alex on autos. Can you please add closed captions to your videos?

Joel Stein says:

Still waiting for the 2015 sonata limited.

Tech Defender says:

Alex please review the 2015 Kia Sedona when you get the chance! The Sedona
looks more like a mix or minivan and suv while the others have traditional
minivan looks with barely any suv looks 

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