2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Snowy & Ice Drive & Review

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Snowy & Ice Drive & Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe is a mid-sized crossover that can be purchased with a 3rd row seat. This exceptionally roomy family haule…



Andrew Moore says:

Nice work on the wildlife harassment.

Geke Cains says:

Hyundai shit

Bobby0345 says:

I had a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe until it was totaled by a minor fender
bender. It was an awful vehicle. It was the 4cyl base model and only got
about 20mpg. The engine burned through 2qt of oil every 3000 miles and the
transmission was messed up and the vehicles cpu wasn’t working properly.
The power steering pump had to be replaced. The automatic locks would not
work properly and would always lock then unlock and I had to remove the
fuse to lock the vehicle. All of these problems were present at only
50,000 miles. 

fvgotch says:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen TFLC give Hyundai or Kia with decent rating
review. They’ve always nick picked and amplified just the negatives.

SonzillaGTR says:

that mom jean suv is crap

Eugene Parkerson says:

Observed MPG is a bit let down. Driving in a cold weather plumets the gas
mileage. I think Santa Fe is still a great SUV.

Marc Jones says:

Just bought a 14 Hyundai myself. No complaints about the heated seats but
the heater does seem I’d say average at best. Mind you I’m normally making
short trips.

Andre N says:

“Lease it” just because you live in a freaking cold place.

kevbrix says:

39k and no AWD? That’s absurd.

ELF Kids Videos says:

Ending was not so cool. :-(


I dunno in the U.S but in EU this car has been an huge fiasco.

RCH45ACP says:

The heating system was sub par? Why do people say that like it’s a bad
thing? Sub par is what golfers strive to achieve. If a golfer is above par
his score is too high and he is losing.

MrNicholg says:

Blue everywhere?

khlash says:

Since when is 39k for a car cheap?…

Jacob Dunn says:


n777ua says:

Oh my gosh, LOVED IT!! Emmy was such a fantastic addition, she always makes
me genuinely smile and laugh. The end was one of the most epic TFL moments
ever. Haha! Keep it up Emmy, we all love you!!! 

WiseGuy02 says:

Enough of the yaaaaaaay!! already

Eric D. says:

You know, Emme … These geese are coming up here in Canada for
spring/summer, by the millions … it’s kinda there Daytona bike week …
Now a bunch of ’em are POed ’cause you scared ’em and I beleive they eat
elk & moose judging by the “gifts” they leave on my car … So … THANKS !

Jonathan Altieri says:

My ford fusion has squeaks and rattles. It’s normal on some cars, cause
they put them together so quickly sometimes. 

SuperWHIZZO says:

I thought the birds were hiding Monty Pythons NAKED ORGANIST that played a
irritating ditty as an underlay all the way through the
ladies commentary !! 

ViewerVerdict says:

she wants her butt to get warmer, well u r choosing the wrong car ! my lady
ehehh eh ehhhhh ehh

Eric Legend says:

Nice car.I have a hyundai ix35

yugantha ranwala says:

hezz hezzzz

emattful says:

THIS CHICK’S AWESOME! *talking about her scaring the geese at the end* 

1addictsad78 says:

We just got the highlander 2014 and it’s amazing. 


Why,You have to represent the car on un-washed condition as normally
american car does? i believe american car feels intimidated and copy the
sanat fe,thats why ford edge copy the santa fe

thomas4776 says:

Price is high for this model. Good review, you always are entertaining.

Kalahari Willis says:

My mother needs a new car and i told her a mid size hyundai santa fe and
her old about to reach 200k miles !! 

iquix says:

Thanks for the review. Btw you guys are funny 😉 

Ben Franklin says:

Is it me or are the front bumper and fender two different shades of red?

nathanbeaner928 says:

Fck your laundry basket put nathan back there

Cristian Moncayo says:

In have thatbexact same car and in the freeway I get 26 MPG and The 21 mpg
combined that is advertized and here in Idaho is also 10 degrees or below.
The heating is working great for me it heats up in less than 3 min after
that I turn it off it gets too hot.

T Rex says:

YES! This is how a motor vehicle review ought to be done. Kick those two
fatsos in their b&^^%$% and start reviewing cars becasue they don’t know
what they are doing

Subaru Racer says:

I thought there was going to be a sliding around fun portion since the
title said snowy and ice. :-(

DroverChicago says:

Stupid geese

Chaim Loecher says:

sorry- this review was extremely subjective. After Emma reviewed this car I
am no more informed than when i started watching. i would prefer Ronan
review this. 


nasty car

NuclearGrizzly says:

Emme, here in Morocco it’s been a frigid 75 degrees fahrenheit all week. I
can’t wait for the spring thaw ;-)

Paul Kirby says:

Background music too loud.

Carlos Moreira says:


EliteMmbiz says:

she’s alot of fun!!!! 39k for a car cheap?….. you could get a Ford
EXPLORER Limited for 38K. Your really gotta like Hyundai to buy this

Mahmoud Suliman says:
Billy Sou says:

Emme – cold weather will zap fuel economy. 

kombat medic says:

just get a 4 door jeep

fatboy19831 says:

For 40k, I would give up the two back seats and get a Q5 or X3. Or save a
few grand and get the larger and more efficient Transverse or Durango.

david dykeman says:

zzzz… fell asleep half way through!

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