2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

Join Host Alex Lefriec for a drive and review of the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. The Open Road: The Last Honest Car Review. Follow TOR on Facebook: https://www.fa…



Pogost1ck says:

Top dead center is actually a piston position. You probably just mean
center, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Manny Acosta says:

How about the sound system?

n777ua says:

Great review, keep it up!

Ivan Vojt says:

Since Alex is sick, give Timmy a call.

Just an observer says:

Alex has the flu….may have gotten into some bad beer

Islam Daghestani says:

what is new for 2014 

ChristopherWalkenPUA says:

Oh snap Alex caught the swine flu from the Walking Dead !

Steve Palm says:

At 3 min 17 sec the reviewer notes that his advice is to go with the 18
inch wheels instead of the 19 iinch. I have always been told the larger
wheel gives the better ride. Did he get this statement reversed?

The Open Road says:

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