2014 Hyundai Santa Fe DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

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Hassan Thomas says:

Good review Dave. Although it doesnt get much attention anymore, if at all.
I was wondering how you would compare this vehicle or any other in this
class to the Ford Flex? Can you do a Flex review? Thanks, and keep the
reviews coming.

Skyler91 says:

Well… if you have to go on holieday with 5 people (or even 6, but 5 ir
more common) you don’t even have space for luggages since they put only 2
seats in 2nd row… umh… not great :p

Everyman Driver says:

Another GREAT Video: 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe DETAILED Review on
@EverymanDriver with @IMDaveErickson

jason oz says:

15 MPG is definitely not impressive, but 17 MPH is definitely not an ideal
speed to achieve high MPG either. I would be more interested in seeing what
more typical mixed driving would get (usually around an average of 30-35
MPH) with some highway.

Shuichi Legaspi says:

Can you do offroad of that car pls ill be glad :)

Jennifer Bogdonoff says:

I am days away from a new vehicle (in NJ) and cannot decide- Santa fe sport
or Honda CRV. I want some options,and a cool dashboard area. Looked like to
get Navi pkg on SF, I must opt for other 2 pkgs as well- 3 pkgs with things
I don’t care about just to get navi. usually I’d say Honda for reliability
but I see Hyundai has caught up. Any advice which edges out other on
standard/optional features? My car is 15 yrs old, husband and I got
together and he passed in Feb from cancer so now I have to do this alone. 2
kids as well, but they’re not helping me decide…Thanks

CJ VN says:

Dave, how does this Santa Fe compare to the 2014 Toyota Highlander? You
didn’t mention the Highlander as a competitor, but I’d think most people
would cross-shop those two models.

Ivan Vojt says:

AWD and that Panoramic roof is going to suck the gas.

gene978 says:

I seriously think all the SUV’s with 6 CYL or Turbo 4 CYL will only average
about this 15-17 MPG with AWD. Cross shop them all and look at the numbers.

booksyn says:

15 MPG? There are body on frame Jeeps that do better than that!

George Tanev says:

Nice new font.

fsugrad03 says:

Great review, Dave! We looked at one of these, and I watched your last
review on the SF a few times. We ended up going with a 20th highlander, but
the SF was our second choice. Keep up the good work. 

david gicho says:

on 0:55 blind spot monturing

dholli2 says:

You can’t expect decent gas mileage if you’re only averaging 17 mph. That
means you did a lot of idling which is of course 0 mpg. Normal mixed
driving should average somewhere near 34mph not 17 unless you’re in NYC or

Ivan Vojt says:

YEA a review!

Art Hernandez says:

I’m a “bad” driver as far a MPG’s is concerned and I get about 19-20
average mpg. My wife gets 23-24

Gweeper64 says:

Interesting… with 2 rows of seats up in this, the cargo volume is only a
hair more than the 2014 Nissan Rogue or Toyota Rav4. Not too impressive
considering this is a much larger vehicle than those. I agree it is a nice
vehicle overall though.

Rob Hayden says:

Great video and review Dave.. I’m shopping for a 7 seater crossover that’s
stylish, sporty and fuel efficient. Based on my preference I’m thinking
Ford Explorer Sport or Hyundai Santa Fe. Which one do you recommend?

Earl Matthew Avila says:

This Santa Fe also known in Korea as Hyundai Maxcruz and overseas as
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe. This replaces the Hyundai Veracruz.

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