2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L – Review

2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L – Review

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hnnotyy says:

Cheap men’s Muscle car.. lol

n777ua says:

Looks completely ridiculous. That front end is everything that’s been wrong
with Korean design in years past 

Rodo Sobarzo says:

Good car, but not refined. Just like every korean car. Pass

Soren Lausen says:

Good god. It’s annoying how these car reviewers complain about cars and
understeer. NATURALLY, they make the car understeer from the factory to
prevent idiots from crashing into a tree, which is perfectly OK. It’s
easily remedied with a god set of tires, swaybars, and proper camber

Andrew Paige says:

Wish he talked more about the gearbox. How was clutch take up? Were the
gates well articulated? If they made a revision it would be nice to hear
about it. Against the tyranny of stop and go traffic, these things are
important to buyers. 

Mika Lee says:

1% quicker

TVinmyEye says:

When the V8 is finally put under the hood, this car is def gonna be the
poor mans supercar. Looks like a Maserati grandturismo 

westernprelude says:

That’s why AWD is so much better. The styling is still… Eh. Engine sounds
good, but does it sound like that to everyone else? 

MJ4cars97 says:

this had an aftermarket exhaust..does it belong to the reviewer?

Khalifa Alzaabi says:

This is called Katchraaaa

mak450 says:

Were you guys using a different mic or does that much sound naturally get
into the cabin?

Senhor Exclusivo says:

excellent review and excellent car! you guys just need to get a better
microphone, and your videos are Autocar-level!


earthcry says:

intermittent music makes me skip a good chunk of the video

81GhostSlayer says:

look outdated !

MrGovenator1 says:

Mmmmmm, good stuff.

Mike A. says:

Damn the car sounds awesome.

Easy E-Man says:

There is a much better car in the background at 3:22

Herc Zeus says:

This car is being redesigned anyways. More upscale and with a V8 engine.

Herc Zeus says:

My friend has one and it’s pretty sick!

Ian M says:

Spot on review, looking on trading in my now discontinued 2.0t premium for
the 3.8 ultimate.

adibasdas says:

steering wheel… no word.

dean2663 says:

Really didn’t learn much from this video.

マックス Man says:

hyundai is a terrible brand…
get a camaro ss and call it a day.

MultiKalwin says:

being one of the few newer RWD cars that are affordable… I like!

I’m debating one right now or the other options. FR-S is ideal but more
power would be nice. Mustangs are an option but they are big ugly boats.
Still an option. RWD required.

Einzbern1951 says:

I really want to pimp that car
it would be awesome

Benjamin Navarro says:

I just bought the 2014 2.0T model and I have the LED DRL strip but mines
doesn’t light up

maseratiquattroport says:

he wasn’t really enthusiastic about using the word, ‘yes’ to any of his own
questions but let it just subtly be told.

Robert Vang says:

Oooo Yeah That’s Genesis Coupe 3.8L Exhaust<3

Noshtyyy says:

One of the best cars for the price! 

Euphorica says:

Sounds great 

max audi says:

Looks like a Mazda from the front

Habib Malistani says:

Looks similar to the toyota 86 and subaru brz. Ugly front and awesome

GOBbluthagain says:

sounds better than the 370Z

Adam S says:

Sheesh this thing sounds nice especially the blips at downshifts. 

Coyote Man says:

Works great if you drive around a test track all day?
How about the daily commute to work or grocery getter?
No comment eh?

Paul Hojda says:

<3 dat v6 noise

mustang6035 says:

Hyundai go ahead an stuff your V8 in this. Great price and excellent
warranty you can’t beat this. 

Eric Bell says:

1.5 seconds faster than the 2.0t. For 10.grand? Just buy the base model use
that 10k in a performance shop and destroy the R spec car. If your buying
it for a track car. So my vote would not be worth it. If I am spending mid
30’s on a coupe I would still by mustang GT, or a couple year old G37.

Metra says:

That sound!! Great engine. 

05Forenza says:

Good review, but I can’t quite stand this guy.

buildmorefarms100 says:

Love the color!

dave dunn says:

This car needs a SEVERE refresh on the front end. They ruined the front
with that plastic and fake hood scoops

Eric C. says:

I see those things on the street pretty often, but I never heard one like

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