2014 Hyundai Equus vs Lexus LS-460 series

2014 Hyundai Equus vs Lexus LS-460 series

2014 Hyundai Equus vs Lexus LS-460 series.



Evans Cheruiyot says:

is the ride quality in the f sport harsh and jarring compared to the
regular lexus or is it so similar you can’t tell the difference ? what
about body roll in corners, is that fixed completely in the f sport ?

LthrncknDshwshr says:

another candid, informative, entertaining review. why isn’t he syndicated?

Greg25RS says:

I’m a technician at a Hyundai dealer in New Jersey and I can tell you guys
from personal experience that Hyundai’s and Kia’s (Hyundai owns Kia) are
both poorly made cars. To save money, Hyundai and Kia use cheap metal that
rust almost immediately off the showroom floor. The rims that Hyundail and
Kia use are made out of cheap, soft aluminum that bends on even the
smallest of pot holes. The engines are not very well tuned from the factory
and are blowing up all over the place. I can not tell you how many engines
I’ve had to replace in the last year. They also have at least three recalls
a month over the dumbest things. And finally the interior may look nice but
behind the dashboard are cheap components that I’m always having to

Tracci Quartermaine says:


Kenji Yamamoto says:

It’s hilarious because the First generation of Hyundai Equus is actually a
Mitsubishi Dignity!! Isn’t it hilarious?

TheTruthRock says:

Yes, Equus has identity crisis and it looks like a copy of certain car at
certain angle but not exactly a Lexus, at least not majority part of it,
but looks more like mixture of BMW 7 series, Lexus LS, Mercedes, Bentley,
Austin martin, Audi and all mixed blend. And it looks better than Lexus
LS460 in my opinion. Mixed blend looks pretty good not bad. I am a LS fan
because the car I think is the world’s most reliable car, and it just
doesn’t break down like any other cars. Anyway, Hyundai Equus i think has
the best value. Actually there is no car at this price range that can
compare this much options and value. Both LS and Equus are not sports cars
as you know even if you get F sport, they are just too heavy. If you are
buying Lexus, you are buying the brand plus reliability, durability,
longevity, and resale value, and if you are buying Equus, you are buying
more than you bargain for the price and because you can not get options and
engines at that price range although the reliability of the car is still
questionable. Lexus and Toyota have proved to be world’s most reliable cars
proven for last 20 years on the road…. 

bada bing says:

An awesome review by a stupid redneck. Thank you for the video fuckface.

Robert Bryant says:

I like the Lexus better for looks inside and out, but can’t adjust to the
price. Way back when this model started life it was much more attractively

jtstar10 says:

Good review!!..and I must admit the Equus is an excellent car for the
price. Hyundai has come a long way in terms of quality and refinement. 

flyingcow 32 says:

You should adjust the camera angle so we could see the driver driving

Colton Marti says:

He just has to bring up Obama in his comments, ha. 

D'Travyun Moore says:

I’d go with hyundai equus because it’s a cheaper price and it has a more
stuff and the base less ls460


Why these commi says Equus looks like LS..?>>??
Equus is targeting LS’s comfy mute ride unlike European’s but
I just don’t see Equus design resembles LS? and certainly it’s not
better looking begin with.
It may say Equus is that Good ~ !

sbkarmen sbk says:

oh wait with the Hyundai you don’t get 20 plus years of R & D like you do
with Lexus. people you can’t compare a luxury car to a company that just
barely started making “luxury” cars. 

osvaldo martinez says:

Lexus = Toyota 

Cleve Troslcair says:

OMG I love this guy…. he really keeps my attention while providing
valuable info, kinda reminds me of one of my professors in college. Great
review THANK YOU!

be7uplifting says:

Hey Chad, the 4.6L in the LS460 and the 5.0L v8 in the IS F are NOT
related. The 5.0 was purpose built by yamaha for racing.

Ricardo Robinson says:

This guy is sooo boring

Gry Walcott says:

Lexus vs Hyundai? LOL

nuttybudy says:

However still informative 

osvaldo martinez says:

All that does not impress everyone knows that lol 

Stefan Reina says:

The transmission heating the cabin is what they like to call a “feature”

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