2014 Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive & Review With Exteriors, Interiors, Ride, Handling And Performance

2014 Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive & Review With Exteriors, Interiors, Ride, Handling And Performance

2014 Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive & Review With Exteriors, Interiors, Ride, Handling And Performance- Both diesel and petrol models driven. We also compared …



zamborghini green says:

hello can you please tell me, how is the stability on highways? i have
touched 150 on my polo and it was very solid. does i20 wobble after 140

Car Blog India says:

Video Review: 2014 Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive & Review by @CarBlogIndia
cc: @HyundaiIndia #Elitei20 #Review #TestDrive #CarReview #Hyundai

Arjun Chhetri says:

hello can you please tell me ,, i am stuck at Polo and elite i20. which one
should I go for?

Lakshya Tayal says:

Is the petrol elite i20 fairly better than the amaze petrol.. that can
change my mind from compact sedan to the premium hatchback????

mayur panth says:

i recently have testdriven the elite i20 and am confused between zest and
elite i20 the spcae inside the zest is more plz suggest me which car to buy
as i have a family of 5?????

ant tg says:

is there any difference in ground clearance of i20 having 14 inch and 16
inch rims.

Shashanth Parsha says:

Any idea when does hyundai i30 will be launched in india……..regards

Rajesh Jain says:

Hi I want to buy a good looking car with excellent pick up Having good
after sales service and mileage too, I have chosen Elite i20 and tata Zest
which one you suggest

Akshay Menon says:

What about the pick up?? Has tht improved? It was horrible in the earlier i
20. Talking about the asta model

Velayudham s says:

Hyundai brand its worth ?
i like i20 elite exterior design so test drive i20 elite i am feeling
uncomfortable seats disappointed premium hatch back comfort is missing
tata zest or hyundai i20elite which one u suggested 

deepak mohapatra says:

If compare grandi10 with elite i20 which one is good to go?I am bit
confused between two of this..

Prudhvi Reddy says:

can u please tell me tht mileage o elite 120 in city with ac on

Deepak Aggarwal says:

may you please let us know the city mileage for magna i20 petrol with ac on


hi wats the bhp on the diesel ?

Don Mustafa says:

I am confused between the Petrol and diesel variants…can you help me pick

janakiram agnur says:

Hi I’m confused between new vw polo and i20 elite. Can u suggest me with
overall rating (servicing, handling, safety, performance and most important

kunal arora says:

Can you please suggest me which car out of the two should I go for?? Elite
i20 D Magna or Zest XM. There is a diff of 40-45K though but can manage
that. I drive 75km a day and about 40 on weekends. I needs FE, features and
comfort as priority(in order). I loved zest’s high sitting position but I
lack trust on Tata and a friend also warned as he is a Manza user. Kindly

Kaushal Chhaya says:

Hi Rohit, thanks for the excellent review. I am planning to buy elite i20
petrol sportz variant. I have question about steering. I red many review
about older i20 regarding its numb/dead steering and steering feedback
issue. Does the new elite i20 still has this drawback or has it been

Anees Ma says:

i wood like to change my Toyota etos GD to Hyundai elite i20 whats u r

Rohit Bhatia says:

Extensive Video Review compared to many I’ve seen on other sites. ‘More of
the car in question than the host’ which I always like on Car Blog India
reviews. This sets you apart as others just yap forever and do not show the
car in the review as much as your videos do. Back to the Car: Simply

Simanta Mukherjee says:

are the daytime running lights removed in this version?

Attitude is everything says:

Im planning to buy the petrol variant … Can u tell me its top speed in
the 4th gear? If possible 

Ritvik Agarwal says:

Can you please tell that is it better than its predecessor in terms of

Suyash gupta says:

What’s the price????

sandeep reddy says:

how is the steering ?i mean does it weigh up on high speeds ? per say like
when you are on 120+???

Rohit Bhatia says:

+Car Blog India Do all dealers provide tyres from the same manufaturer?
Can I as the consumer expect Bridgestone Tyres as shown in the review or
that depends on the dealer? Also do these tyres vary from dealership to
dealership or can I ask for Bridgestone Tyres than the regular Apollo ones
that I’ve seen some dealers in Mumbai provide as “Standard,Factory Fitted”

ant tg says:

sports varaintof i20 is having less mileage than the era and magna models,
though all three have 14 inch tyres. is itthe increase in weight that has
led to decrease in mileage or..

Inam Khan says:

Thank u for ur on road review…. I was confused btwn this car and 1.6. Lt
polo gt tdi for the fact that the polo offers a better ride and handling
experience when compared to the outgoing i20. U have cleared my mind to go
for i20 elite now inspite of the gt tdi being more powerful engine but 1.4
lt engine is also not less in terms of power and torque delivery with i20
being just 2.2 sec short of gt tdi from 0-100 kph 🙂 And also mainly coz
they have improved its suspension and steering handling now in the elite,
i’ll choose it. Thanks again.

Gaurav says:

I am planning to buy a car, My budget is : 5 – 7 L. I live in city and I
have family of 4 person. I usually go for drives once in a month. My
priority will be safety, mileage and look. Please help me to get nice car
in this.

Jatinder Grewal says:

Suggest me i20 elite or swift in diesel??? 

Dheeraj Chahar says:

Hey can u please tell me what is the milege diesel asta can give in city as
well as on highway(Not ARAI) 

raghu ch says:

Excellent review!!

Madhu Kumar says:

Hi, I am planning to buy elite i20 Petrol Asta. I would like to know about
the performance, mileage and Safety…? and it’s going to be my first Car..
Kindly advice…

Shubhendra Bhai says:

The petrol variant of the Elite i20 feels lethargic…it takes a long time
to reach 100 km/hr speed..thats so boring.

Sridhar Balasubramanian says:

I feel like buying automatic variant of this car if its launched soon.but
not sure if that’s worth buying….

Hemant Karale says:

Hi There,
I have decided to go for Elite i20 Asta.
But I am little concern about the mileage this car would offer.
May I know how much I could expect in the City & on highways with AC ? 

Rohit Khurana says:

Video Review: 2014 Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive & Review by @CarBlogIndia
cc: @HyundaiIndia #Elitei20 #Review #TestDrive #CarReview #Hyundai

Vinoth Bubblu says:

nice review kurana ….. Awesom !!!

Attitude is everything says:

Thank you

sarabjit singh says:

Great Sir ji, very well compiled video with details on every topic. Thanx

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