2014 Hyundai Elantra Sedan Review – LotPro

2014 Hyundai Elantra Sedan Review – LotPro

LotPro gives a complete walkthrough of the new 2014 Hyundai Elantra Sedan, from a consumer’s perspective. LotPro’s Editor of Automotive Content, Steve Cypher…



lotprocars says:

2014 Hyundai Elantra Sedan

gene978 says:

And Hyundai still has the best Warranty and they still will see the car
cheaper then the sticker price. 

Gary James says:

I had the coupe. It had horrible brakes. It would not stop on a slightly
wet road going 30. I crashed into a Volvo. $20,000 worth of damage in
insurance claim, I got rid of it. Now I drive a 98 Corolla, and it stops in
any weather condition, on a dime. My car makes me happy even if it is 17
years old. It’s reliable, and was took care of so it only has 85,000 on it,
I put 20 on it. I never liked driving the Elantra. It was pretty in dark
gray, with a black interior, just not especially pretty to drive.

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