2014 Hyundai Azera Limited Test Drive Video Review

2014 Hyundai Azera Limited Test Drive Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/hyundai/azera/2014/?id=32972 You probably don’t know what the Azera is. Hyundai does not sell many of these models in a calendar yea…



timcp1 says:

How would a 2.0 turbo move that car at part throttle with little boost if
any? All that Hwy mpg will be eaten up by having to plant your foot into
the throttle 80% of the time you’re outside of boost.

jesse vassallo says:

Dude you must have a lead foot because you never get the EPA estimates. 

fvgotch says:

Obviously you did not get the epa rating because you weigh over 250 pounds.

hpdv74060us says:

the genesis should replace this car 

Michael Bowdish says:

This is a great car. I have now owned for just over 3 months. Many of you
say it should go away and be replaced by the Genesis. I agree, the Genesis
is a nice car but there is a huge price difference between it and the
Sonata. In my case, I was driving an Infiniti G37, which I loved. I had to
get a bigger car as my family has grown. The G was way to small. The
Sonata, not much bigger. I considered an M37, but way to expensive for what
you get as well as a stiff, uncomfortable ride. You get so many luxury and
technology features in this car, considering the price. Sure it lacks some
of the modern safety features, as mentioned in the video, but I neither
need nor want that. This is a very comfortable and spacious car, lots of
features and a great price.

youtubasoarus says:

Great presentation. Looks like a really nice car. Just that there’s a lot
of competition at that price point.

ahastar1141 says:

To me it’s nice to see a decent quality car that doesn’t a bunch of extra
safety features lighting up and beep while you driver. Personally I think
people need to learn to be their own safety feature and not rely on sensors
to drive, nothing beats using your mirrors and actually taking a look at
your blind spots. I will be adding this car to my test drive list, but that
poor gas mileage is kinda a bummer

Jake Meltzer says:

I think its pretty obvious why this car doesn’t get get sold. THERE IS NO
ADVERTISING for this car. 

Natural11001001 says:

Pretty weak fuel economy, even for a V6. But if you’re into cars that not a
lot of people drive, you could definitely do worse. Good review.

Azlan Mohammad says:

U guys can see this car a lot in Saudi as Taxi!!

NYGiants Champs says:

” if you don’t care about it its a REALLY good car..”( not having high tech
safety gear .. )
Get a clue guy…. for 38,000$ u can keep it 

Jonathan Altieri says:

That Azera is nice, but I don’t really think Hyundai needs this car
anymore. The Genesis is much better. 

Drake3498 says:

thanks for the review, do you review Audi A6 2015 models? Im really
thinking about purchasing the 2015 a6

TheSpritz0 says:

HARD to understand why Hyundai doesn’t at the very least offer the safety
items for extra $$, for people who want it!!

Ford Fan97 says:

The Santa Fe Sport corners really well for a CUV. My family and I took it
on a 1100Km trip from south coast BC to Alberta well eastern Alberta and I
was really happy on how well the body roll is minimal, gets awesome
mileage, very roomy and comfy, heated rear seats got to be used, and
overall I was really happy in the Santa Fe. Also they should make the 2.4L
turbo. I feel like!e it needs more torques but the power is there. It has
good passing power and the 6 speed auto does a really nice job. It goes
over the mountain passes really good and at high eletude it does really

n777ua says:

God that interior looks ridiculous. Cheap, forgettable me-too styling that
is already aging. 

thomas4776 says:

Nice car, a little over priced but good!

pedrof830 says:

Hyundai vehicles always seem to come up short on the mileage dept. I recall
the 40mpg debacle of a couple of years ago.

Louis Mai says:


Tristan Rios says:

That car is waaaaay overpriced. 

dave dunn says:

I would buy this car but they DONT SELL IT IN CANADA for some reason!!!!
Wtf we have every other hyundai

tonythebox fill says:

Thats my car

fvgotch says:

Good review though.

Perviz Hüseynli says:

Super maşindi 

Ford Fan97 says:

I agree with you for the steering. Around town I find the steering in the
Santa Fe too light. Sport mode makes it very precise and it stiffens it up
really good.

king xj says:

Very good review, highlighting many things a buyer would notice after the
purchase of a new vehicle√ 

dave dunn says:

This car is confusing between the sonata and genesis! I like it though

dave dunn says:

Everyone will just think its a sonata if you buy it 

PussMag says:

sonata is nearly as big, gensis is about the same price, why do you need
this car Hyundai?
awesome looking car with tons of features, with the best warranty, the only
reason you would buy because you don’t want an Avalon or Impala.

Gilbert Mendez says:

i get better mpg on my 2012 land rover lr 2

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