2014 Hyundai Accent Quick Take First Drive Review

2014 Hyundai Accent Quick Take First Drive Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Hyundai Accent is a small and fuel efficient economy car that provides a lot of automotive bang for the buck. While it may…



David Malinovsky says:

The stock Hankooks actually survey pretty well on Tirerack for road noise
Hankook makes good basic tires
Big pain is that 175/70/14 always has a limited selection. I have 185/70/14
now and choices are few.

Quentyn73 says:

What’s that review that does not mention if the engine is chain or belt?

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

I’d agree with the rent it. I rented a 2013 Accent recently and the one
thing I didn’t like was the seats. It was too firm and felt like I was
sitting on the seat instead of in the seat.

sead garanovic says:

The base one simply sucks. I chose this car for my mom, No..No..not the
base one as seen in the video, but the one with the Preferred package. It
comes with some sexy low-profile 16″ rims (wider tires), Bluetooth &
streaming, fog lights, cruise control, hill assist, 4-wheel disc brakes,
better upgraded seats and nicer glossier plastics in the cabin and more
sound insulating. The GDI 1.6 Packs a punch and the 6-speed auto is smooth
and responsive. The base model vs. the loaded Accent at night and day to
each other. We got the Boston red Sedan and tinted the windows. It’s quiet
on the Highway and great around town. I do have a few complaints, the
speakers suck, the steering wheel doesn’t telescope. The TOTAL price of the
car was a little over $16K Which is not bad. The Honda fit was slow, the
versa sucks, the yaris is a joke and mazda 2 is dumb. This can be
classified as a “nice car” everything else in this class qualify’s as a
boring economical box. And did I mention that it turns heads? yeah, people
notice it. :)

Angel Noneya says:

Mine recognizes my iPod 

lupertoagente001 says:

So, where is the full review?

Landrew0 says:

C’mon guys, wind noise in your videos?

adyyy22 says:

Civic or Corolla for me. Proved quality.

ahmed mido says:

9 seconds

PremierAutoMan86 says:

Nathan, Hyundai gets ya, you have to buy their proprietary pigtail for your
iPod to work. Not sure if you had it but the one Apple gives you won’t
work…Great job as always buddy 

Trance88 says:

Before the introduction of the Chevy Spark and Sonic, the Hyundai Accent
was on the top of my list for inexpensive new cars, and that was for the
previous generation Accent! I really like the look of the new accents too,
especially the hatch.

Evan Krosney says:

I’ve got a 2012 Accent hatch, for what it is it’s a great car. It’s not
trying to be fast or super sporty, but it’s peppy enough to get around town
and great on fuel.

shin888 says:

I counted about 11-12 seconds for 0-60…

Jake Gilmour says:

What happened to the audio in this video? It’s not like the others…

palebeachbum says:

Back in 2012 I was looking for a new subcompact and really wanted the
Accent, but it was just too damn expensive considering other choices. I
wasn’t going to buy a car without cruise control, since I use it almost
daily. In order to get cruise on the Accent, I would have had to spend
$3,500 more than on a Nissan Versa sedan. So, I opted for the Versa. It’s a
bit too much of an appliance for my liking, but it’s fantastic subcompact
transportation for people on a budget who still need to carry passengers
and lots of crap on the trunk.

bigd78881 says:

Ew sounds like shit. I’d take a Sentra over this any day.

kia man says:

4:32 when the car rolls back and forth

legaladvocate71 says:

California, Marina Automotive LLC dba LA Hyundai at LAX, previously sued
for racism discrimination, has changed its name to Hooman Hyundai. On
January 10, 2014, a Complaint was filed in the Circuit Court of the city of
Roanoke, Virginia , suing Hyundai Motor America as well as 27 auto dealers,
case no. CL14-68, Abdul-Mumit v. Hyundai Motor America, Inc. Among various
counts for relief , the lawsuit asks for “the full purchase price of the
vehicle including all collateral charges and incidental damages ….[and]
treble damages.” On February 18, 2014 this case was transferred to the Los
Angeles Central District multi litigation case under Judge George H. Wu,
case 2:13-ml-2424-GW, the “Hyundai-Kia Fuel Litigation.” This case, a fraud
and truth in leading case, lists 583 plaintiffs, all by name, one by one.

IMakeOrWatchVideos says:

The camera and sound seem different in this video.

Alice Rwirangira says:

I am going to use my Casio illuminator watch

Killayogi says:

It’s in such shitty quality wtf

aodhanof90 says:

My friends insurance rented me a 2013 Accent as a loaner after he backed
into my ’03 Acura TL – I liked it so much after a week that I went and test
drove one WITH cruise control after dropping it of at Enterprise.
Only complaints with the once I drove was the lack of cruise, gas peddle
was sprung a little to light for me and the plastic on each door by the
window switch was a joke and scratched like crazy! – that 1.6L inline 4 and
the 6 speed auto were amazing and super responsive, I was getting 42mpg at
75mph driving down I-35 🙂 

Solon Tan says:

14″ rims in 2014? I thought all cars had 15″ standard now. even the other
sub-compact have bigger wheels. 

2424Goldie says:

Yeah it doesn’t recognize my iPod in my grand-father’s 2010 Sonata either!?
It says “iPod”, doesn’t work? They didn’t fix it?? Weird!!

TheWetworm says:

Why the fuck is he saying neesarn, its nissan, niss like piss, an like an,

Pas De MD says:

You guys are great. Here’s to another year of TFL!

Christopher Redhead says:

hes right my mom rented it and it was pretty nice for the time we had it

Cuseball121 says:

I hate all cars in this category, but this one is particularly bad. Nobody
ever mentioned the word quality when designing or building this crap.

2424Goldie says:

I guess it took 9.28 seconds!!

FrancineRA1970 says:

I had a 02 Accent and it was cute, in a sad puppy sort of way. Thanks for
the review Nathan! Ps I traded it in with 99000 miles on it. Never had any
problems or any fun;p

Barobran92 says:

I have a 2013 Accent GLS (otherwise known as the SE in the US, Im Canadian)
hatchback and I love it, great on gas, looks pretty good in my opinion,
although I have the 16″ rims and fog lights which do wonders over the base
model in the styling department, just a really good car!

sancakbe says:

Never been a fan of Hyundai due to their cheap quality cars. I’d not even
rent it out. Thanks for the video Nathan! You guys rock!

Rudy Trudel says:

I have a 2012 hatchback that I bought brand new .. this car suck. Maybe I
got a lemon in the bunch, but since i bought it in may 2012, I went to the
dealership about 25 times easily and they never fixed anything, poor gas
milleage, coolant smell, alignment always gone, tire tread ripping out
because of the alignment Bumper are way too low, anything more than 12-15cm
high (snow as example) wiill rip out the under bumper.. I am at 52000kms
(around 32500 miles) and I had more issue with this car than with my old
sunfire 04 with 371000kms on it. 

anthony sena says:

forget it. too many cons. my 2012 Honda civic is way better. quieter,
better equipped , better MPG and it only has a 5 speed. I get 33 to 36 on
average. depending on how I drive crazy or conservative.

George Missonis says:

I had a 2013 until it was totaled in an accident. Good: fuel economy,
audio, performance. Not so good: poor rear visibility (common with this
shape), red speedometer needle “Hard to see for us color-challenged,
Officer”. Replacing with a 2014. Had a Sonata rental in the interim, but
it’s too big to squeeze through our snowbanks in the city and the mileage
is noticeable worse. Whatever works for you….

John R Scorsese says:

get the preferred package, well worth it as another poster already stated.
Replaced stock tires with 195/55/16 yokohama avids. Much better ride and
handling, much quieter, and odometer/speedometer are much more accurate.

CaseyD says:

It was a Rental car:P I work at the company they rented this from. We have
a ton of these freaking cars. Still better than the Nissan Versa. 

GT7786 says:

Good honest review Nathan.

MJ4cars97 says:

I got around 9 seconds

680ecks says:

I had great luck with kias .got the 1.6 in my wife’s soul it is great with
the six speed auto .never have any problems with the kias . Optima started
running funny at 98000 miles and kia fixed it for free took a week major
problem no charge.

rcorrea26 says:

I hope you guys get the highest end model with the short shifter and
projector lights when you guys test it out in Colorado 

Alice Rwirangira says:

I got 10.00 flat

John R Scorsese says:

another tip to improve handling: install a donut or full size spare. Rear
suspension has no anti-sway bar , hyundai went el-cheap-o beam rear axle.
spare will give you flat/blowout protection besides helping with handling.

John R Scorsese says:

to adyyy22: proven quality? Then, why won’t toyota and honda back their
cars with 5yr/60 k and 10yr/ 100k powertrain warranty? Hondas are good
cars, but grossly over-priced. If you want GDI engine, you have to buy
accord! Toyota is priced better, but still not as much for your money as
hyundai, plus much shorter warranty.

Timothy Wood says:

Happy New Year first of all. I have to say, I really enjoy your car reviews
that I watch here on You Tube. Both you and Roman. However, I prefer, and
actually love your approach to Automotive engineering. You always go for
that under Dog of a car. I love that. Like myself, you always seems to
search far beyond all of the Bling in a car, and appreciate the machine for
the machine as I do as well. You LOVE the DODGE DART. Awesome. I own one. I
have a 2014 Dodge Dart GT. Sweet Ride. Its the Blue Streak Pearl color.
Just like the one you tested here on you Tube. I also just purchased a 2014
VW Passat SE 5 Speed manual with the 1.8 Turbo engine. SWEET ENGINE.
Beautiful power Delivery…and produces it all over the place throughout
its entire rev range. NICE ENGINE. It feels just like my 2006 GLI 2.0 TSI,
with just a bit less muscle. I love this review your doing on the 2014
Accent. I love it. Its is a cute car for sure. I Love it !! Nice piece of
engineering Hyundais got there, especially for only $15,000 bucks. Yeah,
lets what I am talking about. Don’t get me wrong. The Bling is awesome,
though I have a tendency to stray toward extremes with my choice of cars.
But, I believe stripping a car of all the bling, you best appreciate its
engineering and don’t get so caught up in all the 10 plus 9 inch touch
screen interfaces and blue tooth devices the car has. Bling is great, but
its only Great on a Great car. I am a car enthusiast for sure. Its my thing
man. Buying cars. The next Mare I will be adding to my stable will be the
2014 Chevrolet Impala LS. Yes the Base Model I will buy on purpose because
she stripped of all her make up and eye liner, and still a Beautiful car. A
natural Beauty in her rawest form that only attests to Chevys engineering
Sophistication and refinement. Part of me even likes the big 2.5 liter 200
HP 4 cyl. engine better than the V6. Reason being, you expect that sort of
power and performance in the V6, but what do not expect is how powerful a
performer the 2.5 4 cylinderl is. I was impressed. I drove one 6 times
since its debut last July. Yes, the V6 is an Autobahn burner for sure, but
for some reason the Big 4 feels more brisk at step off just above idle.
With just a soft application of my foot on the throttle, I was impressed on
how she burned rubber with hardly any effort. But anyway you guys are the
best. Keep the reviews coming.

fernando montano says:

Good for rental only!

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