2014 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry 0-60 MPH Hybrid Matchup Review

2014 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry 0-60 MPH Hybrid Matchup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid and the 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid directly compete against each other for new car hybrid sedan buyers. …



bdkane721 says:

One thing I’ve noticed about the 2013 and 2014 Accords is that the front
passenger leg room is significantly smaller. I’m 6-foot tall and my legs
are bent at a 45 degree angle when the passenger seat is all the way back.
My 2003 honda accord model has much more leg room. Why????? This is
keeping us from buying a new accord.

AirsoftWarfareHD says:

A camry for 35k? That is a rip off! There are so many other cars out there
that are much better for that price, yes maybe not hybrids but still

HondaPro Jason says:

The new Honda Accord Hybrid is amazing and sets the bar very high for
others to reach. Great review on a great car.

Sportimus says:

I like the styling of the Camry, but I have to give it to the Accord. Every
Honda I’ve had was simply awesome. I’m not a fan of hybrids, but if I were
to get one, it would be the Accord. Very interesting car. I’d still take an
V-6 Accord.

JDM-House says:

i dont know why i even watch tflc videos you guys need to spend less time
on a video that can be summed up in 5 minutes or less

el concordistador says:

Wow, that Accord is just gorgeous. Honda got a little sidetracked at some
point when it comes to the Accord’s styling, but now they seem to be back
in the game – with a vengeance. Finally an Accord that looks as fresh as
the CB7 did in its time.

xXjokerXxify says:

The camry doesnt seem to change, theyre annoying to look at in my opinio.
The accord blows it out of the water 

Jordan Gauger says:

The Camry is ugly, I don’t know how that design made it to America.

Monsieur Africain says:

Both cars are excellent at what they do. Toyota has already promised a
slight model refresh for 2015.

Jonny Draken says:

Kia Optima Hybrid is the best designed hybrid ever hands down, Sonata
Hybrid comes second, and the Accord Hybrid is 3rd

Michael Leers says:

I pledged, Roman!
Thanks for all the vids and keep up the good work. :)

احمد العنزي says:

Like for Accord

Jay Pee says:

My 2013 Camry SE V6 fully loaded makes rattling noise in the roof and the
rear area. I’ve tried so hard for the dealer to inspect and fix it but
they say they cannot duplicate the problem. I brought it to them more than
5 times wasting hours and hours and !hours! and they cannot fix it. Truly
disappointed. I thought I was making a great decision. I’m coming from 3
Toyota hand me downs, 2 other camrys and 1 tercel.
Boy I was so excited to buy my own “new” Camry and now I am stuck with a
lemon p.o.s. I have a video on youtube. Look up “2013 Camry noise roof”.
Don’t hate because if you were in my shoes you would be pissed too.

str33ts3sh says:

13:28… Lol wtf

guru gara says:

why TFL always make the honda wins 

Choua Xiong says:

Honda Accord on screen info is 40/38 MPG and you said combine is 47MPG? I
was confused. Turns out you guys had your on screen information mixed up
between the two. Honda Accord is 50/45 and Toyota Camry is the 40/38 MPG. 


How is the Honda better when the Toyota gets more mpg ? Isn’t that the
PURPOSE of hybridization ?

blackvr4tt says:

Honda has hit a home-run with the new Accord hybrid! Class leading 50mpg
city, and a sharp looking car that is actually fun to drive. I hope Honda
expands its new hybrid system across all of its models in the near future.

John Young says:

They put wrong EPA rating for Honda, it should be 50 / 45 / 47.

Magik Milkman says:

This video should be called “Why I like Honda better”

dany manchster says:

the acord is a littell better, but these folks are just over selling it

Robert Stevens says:

The Camry looks very dated. Actually doesn’t look much different than the

Dyno Don says:

Honda does not stand behind their product. If you have an issue, and you
will, Honda will leave you stranded. These two morons just want to sell the

Iggi Valencia says:

most comparisons the Camry almost always come last or middle of the pack…
but it remains the best selling car in America for the last 10 years or
so… maybe Toyota knows something that every car magazine or car reviewers

Adrian Black says:

The Toyota system is NOT mated to a CVT. All Toyota Hybrids use a gas
internal combustion engine, two electric motors and one (and sometimes two)
planetary gears. Both motors, the wheels and the combustion engine are all
always engaged. Neutral works by free-wheeling both electric motors.
Reverse is achieved by spinning the main drive motor backwards. The larger
engined Toyota Hybrid do use a clutch to achieve a second gear ratio which
allows for a higher top speed than the Prius. 

CharlietoKind says:

somethings sketchy about the mpg… I think they are reversed.. The Honda
is the one that gets 50 mpg city, not the camry

T AN says:

Honda is always on top technology. Kia, has gotten way better in the past
few years, but still years behind Honda and Toyota.

mr010tommy010 says:

The Camry is #1 in sales for a reason. Hondas are to rough and that all
feel really low to the ground

thweepz says:

no transmission? well wouldn’t have to worry about that if my 99 accord had
no tranny XD. how the hell did they manage that. also what happens if the
accord battery dies and no power gets to wheels? O.o

Paul Anderson says:


AwesomeInsaneGamers says:

Camry all the way

MegaTechpc says:

I donated $5 to your kickstarter guys! Really hope you make your goal as I
think that’d be a fun video to watch!

Robert Campbell says:

its not an old car if you aren’t stopping with drum brakes

Robert Montgomery says:

A 10 speed? When did you ride a bicycle last? :-)

brucenash says:

I would like to watch a review of the new Nissan Patrol

TheTruthRock says:

Accord looks better this time, but i’d choose Camry for smooth ride,
durability, and resale value. 

2010V6RAV4 says:

@Johnny Draken, then tell us why the Prius Hybrid has been the best hybrid
for more than 10 years now. This is current. 

crysis860 says:

is the mpg wrong on the accord?
how is it combined 47 when it gets 40/38

Claroboy911 says:

Remember Toyota is reliable its quality its saftey!!!

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