2014 Ford Escape vs. 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

2014 Ford Escape vs. 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Mitul Jariwala says:

2015 accord vs 2015 sonata DO THE REVIEW FAST SO I CAN BUY MY CAR FASTER

juan tafoya says:

The new Highlander is better than the Santa Fe.

wtrdogg20 says:

Sorry, but even though I like the Santa Fe and I think the Escape is good
option for small crossover, that is not a fair comparison for the Escape.
The Ford Escape is not in the same segment with the Santa Fe, actually the
direct competitor from Hyundai for the Escape is the Tucson. The Santa Fe
is a Midsize SUV/Crossover.
I really dont she the point…

Chi Huynh says:

both suck

YoshiFD3S says:

I just did a 12-hour road-trip with my wife and 16-month old son over the
4th of July weekend, too. No problems at all. I love my Hyundai’s. :D

Protector of the Republic says:

You guys are so retarded you don’t even know these two cars aren’t in the
same segment. 

kirbyswarp says:

Do you really NEED a power liftgate? I’d GIVE the Hyundai point for not
having one of those slow, annoying power liftgates.

Yippie says:

The VW Tiguan or Mazda CX-5 are better than either of them. 

RayzaBlayz says:

i can think of a reason why the sante fe is bigger in every dimension
compared to the Ford. Hmm… O yea, this competes against the Ford Edge.
The Hyundai Tuscon competes with this

Kev erino says:

Yeah, you’re comparing two cars in different classes. 

YoshiFD3S says:

I have a 2014 Santa Fe Sport 2.0T and I love it. I dislike Ford styling and
interior with the multiple screens, etc.

I paid ~$31,XXX for mine brand new back in November 2013.

I have a modified 2011 Sonata 2.0T Limited and I also chose the Santa Fe
2.0T because it has the exact same engine. :)

walkthepark says:

$38k for an escape? meh.

ssj4goldengogeta says:

The Hyundai santa fe isn’t a compact crossover. it’s a two row midsizer
that competes with the murano and the ford edge.

Ponygt 662 says:

This is insane comparison, bull shit autoguide u guys gone nuts
Ford Escape competes with Tucson not Santafe at first
secondly how the hell is that Escape has a bad ride quality, I have driven
Escape a lot and its ride is sure stiff but way softer and accommodating
than the Mazda CX-5,VW Tiguan which jarr ur bones and its super comfy at
highway speeds where the SAntaFes soft suspension makes the car bob and
pitch over undulations (makes passengers feel nausea if driven 2 fast as
Interior quality of Escape is too equal to SantaFe its built tough like a
tank and cabin is super quiet with exception of little bit wind and road
noise which I cant complain off cuz its got wider tires and its much more
faster car
Escape averaged 21 mpg same as lighter crappier 265HP SantaFe
Escapes AWD is light years better than SantaFes which feels like a gimmick
Escape Sony Audio system is lightyears better than Hyundais tin can feeling
music system
Escape has way way better driving position as well,SantaFe is better for
back passengers though
And as a compact SUV Escape,Mazda CX-5,Tiguan are the best Escape balances
the qualities of Mazda and Tiguan better as well, no wonder its best
selling compact SUV

when 2015 EDGE is out the SAntaFe is better off dead , new EDGE is leagues
and mighty light years ahead of SantaFe, 

Scott Woods says:

Ford needs to put that mustang 2.7 in that.

Chris Fame says:

thank youuu

Alan H. says:

time to find aut

Barobran92 says:

Are you guys serious, Did you forget that the Hyundai Tucson exists? The
actual competitor for the Escape, the Santa Fe is not an entry level CUV,
so no wonder its bigger!! jeez!!

Chuck Silva says:

Believe it or not I traded in an Audi A4 for a 2013 Ford escape titanium
and I love love love it. It’s been a superb car… I love the interior
finish… seats super super comfortable… gets good gas mileage …
handles well and it’s the most handsome crossover on the road as far as I’m
concerned. Two thumbs up for the four escape

blocksterz says:

Its funny how manufacturer offers you a “technology” package which cost
here 11000$ !! I mean who wants a stone age package !! This is way too much
to make more money out of you

RagdollOnCrack says:


SashMar Robinson says:

I really need to unsubscribe ….

sup DES says:

One of the best objective comparisons viewed on this channel w/o any
annoying subjective inputs. Good job!

Aravinda Dassanayake says:

Hmm.. Wonder why it wasn’t between Santa Fe vs Edge or Tucson vs Escape…

RC MAMBA says:

2014 mercedes e350 vs 2014 cadilac cts 

josh anderson says:

Escape is way better i drive one

dado kroacija says:

BEGINNIG is at 3:20 :)

Samuel Duval says:

that lisp

Terrance Parker says:

You guys should’ve added a Tiguan to the party.

Paultwice22 says:

Santa Fe sport competes with edge, not the escape. 

Michael Freynet says:

This review makes sense to me. Id say the last comment says it all.

Anderson says:

The escape is def the more expensive. At least the Santa Fe is midsize.
These two are in different classes. I would like a roundup with the
Cherokee edge and others!

CrazyDipperNSmoker says:


chosuriki says:

Sufferin’ Succotash!

La la la la…*click*…Boom!

Sankalp Desai says:
Mr99Stingray says:

Isn’t the Escape more of a Tucson, rival?

MrWongnawa says:

Escape VS Tucson and Sante Fe VS new Edge would be more appropriate….

godfatherNYC says:

How the FUCK did we get to the point where cars like this can cost nearly
FORTY GRAND??? That’s insane.

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